Russian Cinemas Are Showing Pirated Movies Downloaded From Torrents


Russia’s Cinema Industry Sounds Alarm Bells. In the wake of Hollywood’s unprecedented suspension of new releases, Russia’s Association of Cinema Owners issued a powerful statement. Cinema Industry Condemnation.

Cinema 114

Russian Cinemas Resort to Pirated Films to Stay Alive


Moreover, Russia’s cinema market seemed to also be bouncing back since the start of COVID. According to data from the International Union of Cinemas (UNIC), represented in the table below, Russia was one of the major territories that performed strongly in its recovery in cinema admissions.


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Fed. Circ. Nixes Comcast Bid To Stop Cinema's 'Sky' TM

IP Law 360

The Federal Circuit has backed a Trademark Trial and Appeal Board ruling that Comcast's Sky Group can't block a movie theater from registering its "Sky Cinema" name as a trademark

CAFC Affirms TTAB's Dismissal of SKY CINEMAS Opposition: Not Confusable with SKY NEWS for News Reporting Services

The TTABlog

In a nonprecedential ruling, the CAFC upheld the Board's decision dismissing an opposition to registration of SKY CINEMAS for "movie theaters" [CINEMAS disclaimed], finding the mark not likely to cause confusion with SKY NEWS for radio and television news services.

Art or IP? What Amazon’s Acquisition of MGM Teaches Us

Acclaimed filmmaker Martin Scorsese noted in a Harper’s Magazine essay earlier this year that “the art of cinema is being systematically devalued, sidelined, demeaned, and reduced to its lowest common.

Fed. Cir. Rejects PTAB Decision on Mystery Shopper Patent; Returns to Sender

JD Supra Law

The Federal Circuit in AMC Multi-Cinema, Inc. Fall Line Patents (Fed. September 30, 2021, op. 21-1051) held that the PTAB partially abused its discretion when upholding one claim of U.S. Patent No. 9,454,748 for which the patent owner Fall Line alleged that AMC raised new issues in its reply….

UK Litigation Roundup: Here's What You Missed In London

IP Law 360

This past week in London has seen the world's second largest cinema chain sued by its insurer, a new lawsuit filed against Clydesdale Bank and its former owner over business loans, and sustainable crustacean farming companies fight in the intellectual property courts.

Around the IP Blogs

The IPKat

The TTABlog summarised a recent Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit decision that found no risk of confusion between the marks “Sky News” (for news reporting services) and “Sky Cinemas” (for… cinemas).

Police Arrest Man For Uploading ‘Parasite’ Movie Edit to YouTube


‘Fast Cinema’ Uploader Speaks With The Media. In the wake of these arrests, 48-year-old YouTuber Yukio Takasugi, who uses the name ‘Fast Cinema’ online, was approached by local media outlet MBS.

Iconic “Piracy Is a Crime” Domain Now Redirects to IT-Crowd Parody


“A new cinema trailer also launches on 12th July, supporting the campaign message ‘piracy is a crime’,” one of the press releases read at the time. Over the past decades, the entertainment industries have tried out numerous anti-piracy PSAs.

Cinema 114

Reddit Bans ‘No Way Home Leaks’ For Excessive Copyright Complaints


At least some of these appear to have been obtained from cinema footage captured with cell phones. When it is released this Friday in the United States, the much anticipated Spider-Man: No Way Home is almost guaranteed to become one of the highest grossing movies in recent years.

US Court Orders Every ISP in the United States to Block Illegal Streaming Sites


Earlier this year, producer and cinema investor Moshe Edery fired warning shots across the bows of Mastercard, Visa and American Express for continuing to provide payment processing to pirate streaming sites.

Cinema 114

US Calls Out Countries For Failing to Tackle Pirate IPTV & Movie ‘Camming’


This means that the unauthorized recording of movies in cinemas is set to bounce back. While COVID-19-related cinema closures suppressed this activity during the pandemic, camcords have reportedly reappeared as theaters have started to re-open,” the Special 301 Report reads.

13 Spooky Copyright Cases, Just in Time for Halloween

Copyright Lately

The case is New Line Cinema v. Cinema Secrets (2000). In 1999, Cinema Secrets licensed the right to sell a Michael Myers Halloween mask from the film’s copyright owner. The only thing scarier than a slasher flick is a lawsuit.

Cinema 112

When a vampire not called Dracula bested the copyright system, and what it tells us about derivative works

The IPKat

It was one thing to get excited about the possibility of making a vampire movie; it was another when the focus was taking the best of the German expressionistic cinema tradition, then in vogue, to do a movie version of Dracula. The movie had entered cinema oblivion.

Tarantino: Pulp Fiction NFT Sale Lawsuit is “Offensively Meritless”, Won’t Succeed


In his answer to the complaint filed with the court Thursday, the film legend’s lawyers begin by emphasizing not only his contribution to cinema, but also to the success of Miramax.

Pirate IPTV Services Disrupted By Dozens of Rightsholders On Multiple Fronts


In January it was revealed that French anti-piracy group ALPA, the National Cinema Center, and several major rightsholders had obtained a similar order to block pirate IPTV platforms.

Cinema 100

Dune Leaked on Pirate Sites Before US Theatrical & HBO Max Release


Villeneuve says that the big enemy of the cinema “is the pandemic” but right now, another type of viral distribution could be an even bigger concern.

Cinema 114

Guest Post: Old Designs, New Design Patents


It’s clear from the definitions that one form of projected creativity, cinema, was very much on Congress’ mind. By Sarah Burstein, Professor of Law at the University of Oklahoma College of Law. In December 2020, the USPTO put out a request for comments on “The Article of Manufacture Requirement.” (For For prior PatentlyO coverage, see here.) Last week, at Design Day 2022, the USPTO announced that it had completed its summary of those comments. That summary is available here.

MPA: Piracy is Hollywood’s Greatest Threat But Site Blocking Helps


CineEurope is a trade show for the cinema industry. Over the past two decades, online piracy has proven a massive challenge for the entertainment industries. It’s a global issue that’s hard to contain, but various anti-piracy group are doing their best to fight back.

Miramax, Tarantino and a Fight Over Bright Shiny Objects

Copyright Lately

Buy a piece of cinema history: [link] — Tarantino NFTs (@TarantinoNFTs) November 18, 2021. Breaking down Miramax’s copyright infringement lawsuit against Quentin Tarantino, a dispute about NFTs that isn’t really about NFTs.

Startup Uses Blockchain and Pirate Sites to Pay Filmmakers Directly


“When users search for these films they are redirected to the film on the official streaming platform or to the cinema to buy a ticket.

Cinema 112

[Guest Post] The wisdom of Dune and copyright litigation

The IPKat

Kat friend Hans Eriksson discusses an interesting decision (only available in Swedish) concerning copyright protection and originality, namely whether the sequence of twenty words in an instruction manual may be regarded as being enough for copyright to arise.

Dairy, LLC v. Milk Moovement, Inc.: Identifying Software Trade Secrets With Particularity to State a Claim for Trade Secret Misappropriation

LexBlog IP

Cinema Techs., A recent decision from the Eastern District of California illustrates the sometimes fine line between the need for plaintiffs to allege a claim for trade secret misappropriation in sufficient detail, while avoiding disclosing the trade secret in so much detail as to destroy it.

TTABlog Quarterly Index: October - December 2021

The TTABlog

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Evel Knievel's Estate Loses Trademark Suit Against Disney

LexBlog IP

If you’re a company as large as Disney, with as much ownership over wide swaths of TV and cinema and other media as they now possess, you’re going to have some fairly frequent IP run-ins.

Virgin Media ‘Pirates’ Told They’re Also Liable For Other People’s Movie Piracy


“In terms of our client’s loss, our client’s film was originally planned to be released in cinemas in the first quarter of 2020.

Cinema 105

Protection of Domain Name In the Indian Context

Biswajit Sarkar Copyright Blog

The plaintiff was using its domain name for the purpose of booking movie shows in cinema halls. In a recent case of M/ Limited v.

[Guest post] Craftsman vs visionary – the Kippenberger authorship dilemma in copyright

The IPKat

Wanting to make a statement, he hired an advertising company which hand-painted advertisement tabloids for cinemas. Is authorship about vision or penmanship?

The football game as a copyright work (Part II)

Kluwer Copyright Blog

I would put it on a level with a great piece of music or a great piece of cinema. Image by Keith Johnston via Pixabay. This post is based on the chapter “The Football Game as a Copyright Work” in Natalie Helberger, Joost Poort, Martin Senftleben, Mireille van Eechoud, Stef van Gompel (eds.).

Case study: “copyright-free” in-store music and collective management

LexBlog IP

Facts. Company A (a Greek company) provides music programmes – based on a specific repertoire and intended to function as background music – to retail stores and, more broadly, to commercial or workplaces.

Music 52

Trademark Classes – Complete 45 International Classes List (Video Update)

LexBlog IP

cultural and entertainment services such as photography, cinema, and dance. There are 45 total Trademark Classes, also known as “International Classes” or simply “Classes.”

International Trademark Classes Guide: All 45 Classes

LexBlog IP

cultural and entertainment services such as photography, cinema, and dance. There are 45 total International Trademark Classes. The United States Patent and Trademark Office (“USPTO”) uses these Classes to categorize trademarks.