December, 2021

Understanding the Shopify Textbook Piracy Lawsuit

Plagiarism Today

Last week, five major education publishers filed a lawsuit against Shopify alleging that the ecommerce service provider has enabled rampant commercial textbook piracy on its platform.

Books and Supply Chains: A Christmas Challenge for Authors, Publishers and Booksellers

Hugh Stephens Blog

On October 22, the Malta registered giant container ship Zim Kingston, enroute from South Korea to Vancouver, lost 109 containers overboard in heavy seas off the coast of Vancouver Island. Although four containers washed ashore further north up the coast, most are assumed to have sunk.


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Benefits and Considerations for Patent Prosecution Under Patent Prosecution Highway in Australia, Canada, South Korea, and Japan

Intellectual Property Law Blog

Introduction. This is the second article of the multi-part series discussing benefits of prosecuting patents under Patent Prosecution Highway or PPH. The first article can be accessed here.

‘Widevine Dump”: Leaked Code Downloads HD Video from Disney+, Amazon, and Netflix


With more ways to stream online video than ever before, protecting video continues to be a key issue for copyright holders. This is often achieved through Digital Rights Management, which is often referred to by the initials DRM.

IPO Diversity in Innovation Toolkit

Women and diverse employees have the technical skill and knowledge, yet their contributions are not patented at the same rate as those of their male counterparts.This toolkit can help organizations move the needle on achieving gender parity in innovation.

A Split Develops: Can Artificial Intelligence Invent Stuff?

JD Supra Law

There is a split developing in the world over whether artificial intelligence software (AI) can be listed as an inventor on a patent application. A recent U.S. district court decision illustrates the consistent position taken in the U.S.

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7 Takeaways from YouTube’s Copyright Transparency Report

Plagiarism Today

Yesterday, YouTube published its first every Copyright Transparency Report. With that step, it follows in the footsteps of Google , Facebook , Reddit and other major industry players in publishing such a report.

Some Copyright Highlights in 2021-Around the World and in Canada?

Hugh Stephens Blog

Historic $130m+ Patent Infringement Award Against the United States of America

Intellectual Property Law Blog

A Sheppard Mullin trial team led by partners Brad Graveline and Laura Burson obtained one of the largest patent infringement damages awards against the United States of America for client SecurityPoint Holdings, Inc (SecurityPoint).

‘Wandavision’ Is The Most Pirated TV-Show of 2021


At the end of every year, we take a look at the most-downloaded TV episodes among torrenting pirates. For several years in a row the list was headed by Game of Thrones but that reign came to an end last year after the series ended.

Artificial Intelligence and Intellectual Property: what next for the UK?

JD Supra Law

There is still time to provide input to the UKIPO on copyright protection of computer-generated works, copyright exceptions for text and data mining and AI inventorship of patents as the government bids to make Britain a global AI superpower within the next ten years. By: Allen & Overy LLP

Trademarks in outer space: supporting the off-world economy

WIPO Magazine

As private companies like Virgin Galactic, SpaceX and Blue Origin signal a shift from space exploration to commercialization, is the time ripe to re-visit trademarks and other intellectual property rights in space

We Need to Rethink YouTube

Plagiarism Today

The stories have become incredibly common. Last week, it was YouTuber Mark Fitzpatrick, better known as Totally Not Mark, who faced some 150 copyright claims on his channel from Toei Animation.

How Can News Publishers Best Protect Their Content? The US Copyright Office Explores Options

Hugh Stephens Blog

This past October, the US Copyright Office (USCO) announced it would be undertaking “a public study to evaluate the effectiveness of current copyright protections for publishers in the United States, with a focus on press publishers.”

Two Supreme Court IP Cases to Watch in 2022

IP Watchdog

As of today, the 2022 Supreme Court docket is light on intellectual property cases, with the Court having granted review of only one copyright case.

IP 102

Sci-Hub Founder: Academic Publishers Are the Real Threat to Science, Not Sci-Hub


By offering free access to millions of ‘paywalled’ research papers, Sci-Hub is often described as “The Pirate Bay of Science”. The site is used by researchers from all over the world, to access papers they otherwise have a hard time accessing. For some, the site is essential to do their work.

2021 Year in Review: Noteworthy Precedent for Patent Litigators

JD Supra Law

As the world marched forward in the face of the lingering covid-19 global pandemic, the Supreme Court and Federal Circuit followed suit, issuing several noteworthy decisions of which patent litigators should be aware in 2022. Selected decisions are summarized below.

Yo Ho! A Copyright Pirate’s Life In 2021

Copyright Alliance

Since the passing of the original Copyright Act in 1790, developments in copyright law in the United States have been influenced by many civil disputes—lawsuits where one private party sues […]. The post Yo Ho! A Copyright Pirate’s Life In 2021 appeared first on Copyright Alliance. Education

What Mr. Beast’s Squid Game Video Says About Originality

Plagiarism Today

Beast, real name Jimmy Donaldson, is a YouTuber who has earned a reputation for his massive giveaways, massive projects and expensive stunts. However, one of his most recent videos has been drawing some criticism over allegations that it is plagiarizing its source material.

Another Poke in the Eye for Authors and Publishers from New Zealand’s Libraries?

Hugh Stephens Blog

Becoming Harder to Justify a One-Size-Fits-All Patent System

IP Watchdog

Meanwhile, all patents— good, bad, revolutionary, and stupid— have eroded to the point where continued use of the U.S. patent system must be questioned.

Twitch Users Can Now ‘Stream’ Movies & TV Shows Without Fear of DMCA Strikes


The idea that regular internet users could find themselves regularly concerned at the thought of being targeted by a copyright complaint would’ve been dismissed as scare tactics just a few short years ago. In 2021, the reality is all too clear.

An Ounce of Prevention: Preparing for Your Pre-Seed Financing Round

JD Supra Law

Benjamin Franklin famously cautioned that “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Although Franklin was warning the people of Philadelphia that preventing a fire is better than fighting one, the same admonition holds true when seeking financing at any stage of your company’s life cycle.

Law 104

Top Trademark Trends of 2021 (Meta TMA edition)

Erik K Pelton

Top Trademark Trends of 2021. By Erik Pelton®. 2021 was a busy year in the world of trademarks. The uncertainties of COVID in a second year couldn’t stop huge application filing numbers and many developments in the world of trademarks.

Why Spotify Removed So Many Comedy Albums

Plagiarism Today

Last week, Spotify removed a slew of popular comedians from their service including John Mulaney, Kevin Hart, Lewis Black and Tiffany Haddish to name just a few. The move was abrupt and left both the comedians and their fans in a lurch. However, the move didn’t come completely out of nowhere.

The (Still Secret) Online Harms Consultation: What the Government Heard, Part One

Michael Geist

The results of this summer’s online harms consultation remains largely shrouded in secrecy as the Canadian government still refuses to disclose the hundreds of submissions it received.

The Year in Copyright: From Google v. Oracle to the Takings Clause

IP Watchdog

One of the greatest attributes of copyright law is the never-ending abundance of exciting new developments, including those in Congress, the courts, and at the Copyright Office. On the surface, copyright seems straightforward in that it advances the public good by securing property rights to authors.

U.S. Indicts Two Men for Running a $20 Million YouTube Content ID Scam


To protect copyright holders YouTube uses an advanced piracy recognition system that flags videos or music used on users’ channels without permission.

Music 113

Artificial Intelligence as an Inventor on Patents – The Global Divide and the Path Forward

JD Supra Law

DABUS (Device for the Autonomous Bootstrapping of Unified Sentience) is an artificial intelligence (AI) system created by Dr. Stephen Thaler.

Trademark protection is a brand’s best friend

Erik K Pelton

Dogs might be man’s best friend, but trademark protection is a brand’s best friend. Here are some fun canine themed trademarks we’ve helped protect: The post Trademark protection is a brand’s best friend appeared first on Erik M Pelton & Associates, PLLC

3 Count: Mythical Infringement

Plagiarism Today

Have any suggestions for the 3 Count? Let me know via Twitter @plagiarismtoday. 1: Steam Removes Popular Chinese Strategy Game After Ark: Survival Evolved Studio Claims it Stole Their Source Code.

Unlocking IP-backed financing in Singapore*

WIPO Magazine

Andre Toh, the author of a new report, the first in a new WIPO series, discusses Singapore’s experience in developing a multifaceted ecosystem to help businesses maximize the potential of their IP assets

USPTO Imposes Sanctions on Flagrant Fraudulent Filer

IP Watchdog

On Friday, December 10, the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) issued a “Show Cause Order” imposing sanctions against Huanyee Intellectual Property Co.,

Fakku Sends DMCA Takedown Request Targeting TorrentFreak


When Fakku launched 15 years ago, it was an aggregator for unlicensed scanlations of adult manga, also known as hentai.