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Some Copyright Highlights in 2021-Around the World and in Canada?

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Benefits and Considerations for Patent Prosecution Under Patent Prosecution Highway in Australia, Canada, South Korea, and Japan

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Introduction. This is the second article of the multi-part series discussing benefits of prosecuting patents under Patent Prosecution Highway or PPH. The first article can be accessed here.


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Sci-Hub Founder: Academic Publishers Are the Real Threat to Science, Not Sci-Hub


By offering free access to millions of ‘paywalled’ research papers, Sci-Hub is often described as “The Pirate Bay of Science”. The site is used by researchers from all over the world, to access papers they otherwise have a hard time accessing. For some, the site is essential to do their work.

The Trichordist Poll: 83% say Streaming is Unsustainable for Artists and Songwriters

The Trichordist

Rather surprising unanimity that streaming is not sustainable for artists or songwriters! Artist Rights Music Streaming Polls Spotify streaming meltdown

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Artificial Intelligence as an Inventor on Patents – The Global Divide and the Path Forward

JD Supra Law

DABUS (Device for the Autonomous Bootstrapping of Unified Sentience) is an artificial intelligence (AI) system created by Dr. Stephen Thaler.

Yo Ho! A Copyright Pirate’s Life In 2021

Copyright Alliance

Since the passing of the original Copyright Act in 1790, developments in copyright law in the United States have been influenced by many civil disputes—lawsuits where one private party sues […]. The post Yo Ho! A Copyright Pirate’s Life In 2021 appeared first on Copyright Alliance. Education

Hollywood & Netflix Win High Court Order to Block 15 Major Pirate Sites


One of the key anti-piracy strategies of the movie and TV show industries is site blocking, whereby internet service providers are compelled via court order to deny subscriber access to specified domains.

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Expired Patents Can Be Challenged

JD Supra Law

Although it may seem counterintuitive, the PTAB has jurisdiction over expired patents, and patent owners may need to defend their expired patents in inter partes review. The PTAB recently reiterated this in Apple, Inc. Gesture Tech. By: Jones Day

Most Cited Supreme Court Patent Cases Since 1952


by Dennis Crouch. Lots of the new learning in patent law over the past decade has focused on patent eligibility. But, none of the eligibility cases (new or old) show up in my list of the most cited Supreme Court cases. Markman v. Westview Instruments, Inc., 517 U.S. 370 (1996) (claim construction); Christianson v. Colt Industries Operating Corp., 486 U.S. 800 (1988) (arising under jurisdiction); eBay Inc. MercExchange, L.L.C., 547 U.S.

Pirate Party Fills Three Ministerial Positions in New Czech Government


When the Swedish Pirate Party was founded in early 2006, the majority of the mainstream press was skeptical, with some simply laughing it away. But they were wrong to dismiss this political movement right off the bat.

$550M Springsteen Catalogue Sale is Biggest Ever; Capital Gains Taxes and Low Interest Rates May Have Played a Role

IP Close Up

With the backing of leading private equity funds and record labels, celebrity singer-song writers such as Bob Dylan, Prince and Neil Young, are cashing in on strong long-term demand Continue reading.

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Anchovy News, November / December 2021

JD Supra Law

This is the November/December edition of Anchovy News. Here you will find articles concerning ICANN, the domain name industry and the recuperation of domain names across the globe. In this issue we cover: DOMAIN NAME INDUSTRY NEWS.EU

43(a)? It’s not for me to say

Likelihood of Confusion

I’m kind of tired of In re Tam also. But I have been a bit surprised that there has not been a more discussion, or as far as I can. The post 43(a)? It’s not for me to say appeared first on LIKELIHOOD OF CONFUSION™.

Fakku Sends DMCA Takedown Request Targeting TorrentFreak


When Fakku launched 15 years ago, it was an aggregator for unlicensed scanlations of adult manga, also known as hentai.

WIPO Launches New Global Awards Program


The pandemic has impacted everyone, but one group, particularly small and micro enterprises, has been particularly badly struck. Most small businesses had to close their doors due to a lack of digital infrastructure and finance.

MarkIt to Market® - December 2021

JD Supra Law

The December 2021 issue of Sterne Kessler's MarkIt to Market® newsletter discusses new enforcement tools courtesy of the Trademark Modernization Act; Pfizer's acquisition of Arena Pharmaceuticals; the latest developments in Canopy Growth's patent infringement suit against GW Pharmaceuticals; and the open gTLD Sunrise period.

The Law Bytes Podcast, Episode 113: The Year in Canadian Digital Law and Policy

Michael Geist

The past year has been an incredibly active one for Canadian digital law and policy with legislative battles over Bill C-10, controversial consultations on online harms and copyright, important Supreme Court decisions, new digital taxes, and an emerging trade battle with the United States.

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Nintendo Wins High Court Injunction to Block Access to Pirated Switch ROMs


Over the past several years Nintendo has been pouring resources into its fight against those who help to bypass security measures in its Switch console.

Can QR Codes Be Trademarked?


A QR code is a machine-readable matrix barcode (short for “Quick Response”). QR codes were first utilised in the automotive business, but they are now widely used in advertising, payments, product tracing, and counterfeit detection, among other things.

Federal Circuit Patent Watch - December 2021 #2

JD Supra Law

Precedential Federal Circuit Opinions - TEVA PHARMACEUTICALS USA v. CORCEPT THERAPEUTICS, INC. OPINION] (2021-1360, 12/07/2021) (MOORE, NEWMAN, and REYNA) - Moore, C.J. The Court affirmed the PTAB’s IPR decision that claims directed to a specific dosage of mifepristone were not invalid as obvious.

Competitive Keyword Advertising Claim Fails–Reflex Media v. Luxy

Technology & Marketing Law Blog

The plaintiff runs Seeking Arrangements. The defense runs Luxy, a competitor.

Aussie Federal Court Orders ISPs to Block 101 Pirate Movie & TV Show Domains


In December 2016 and after substantial work to amend the law, an Australian court ordered the blocking of several pirate sites headed up by the infamous The Pirate Bay.

Current Developments Requiring Covid-19 Masking and Vaccinations

GDB Firm Blog

Both New York State and New York City have responded to the recent outbreak of the Omicron Covid-19 variant by requiring masking and vaccinations in certain situations


When and Where to File Patent Applications

JD Supra Law

Excerpt: "In general, a patent is only valid in the country (or, in some cases, countries) where the patent office that issued it has responsibility.

Patent Translation: Good and Bad?

IP and Legal Filings

Malaysia Passes Bill to Imprison Illegal Streaming Pirates For Up To 20 Years


Laws that forbid the illegal uploading and downloading of copyrighted content are common around the world but the rise of streaming has sometimes exposed gaps in legislation.

MLM's essential oils claims were puffery


Macnaughten v. Young Living Essential Oils, LC, 2021 WL 5965195, No. 5:21-cv-00071 (BKS/ML) (N.D.N.Y.

Miramax/Tarantino Suit Highlights NFT Difficulties in Mysterious Suitcase of Copyrights Rights

JD Supra Law

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) have made another court appearance, with Miramax, LLC filing a complaint in the Central District of California in an attempt to stop Quentin Tarantino from auctioning off seven Pulp Fiction-based NFTs.

Tips for Brainstorming New Business and Brand Names

Erik K Pelton

Building strong and protected brand names begins with developing creative names. In this episode Erik reveals several tips for brainstorming brand names and trademarks. The post Tips for Brainstorming New Business and Brand Names appeared first on Erik M Pelton & Associates, PLLC. Building strong and protected brand names begins with developing creative names. In this episode Erik reveals several tips for brainstorming brand names and trademarks. Podcast Series: Tricks of the TRADE(MARK

U.S. Govt Launches Consultation on Upload Filters and Other Anti-Piracy Tools


A year ago, Senator Thom Tillis released a discussion draft of the “ Digital Copyright Act ” (DCA) a potential successor to the current DMCA. The DCA envisions thorough changes to the way online intermediaries approach the piracy problem.

Antitrust Law Doesn’t Prevent Apple From Rejecting Apps From Its App Store–Coronavirus Reporter v. Apple

Technology & Marketing Law Blog

This case involves two apps that Apple rejected from its app store. The Coronavirus Reporter app “sought to collect ‘bioinformatics data’ from users about COVID-19 symptoms that it would then share with ‘other users and [unidentified] epidemiology researchers.'”

New possibilities for data : European Union legal developments

JD Supra Law

The EU has moved up a gear in recent times, and it is producing new legal tools for companies to maximize the possibilities to collect and make use of data (including personal data) in the context of its European Strategy for Data.

Position Marks


Some marks that label a product become distinctive just because of how they are positioned in a product.

Judge Recommends $83 Million ‘Piracy’ Damages Award Against YouTube Rippers


The major record labels believe that YouTube rippers are the most significant piracy threat on the Internet. These sites, which can be used for a variety of purposes, are used by some to convert free YouTube videos into MP3s.

4 Intellectual Property Management Best Practices

Intellectual property is, for many companies, an irreplaceable asset. Strategic IP management allows businesses to reap the full benefit of their investments in research and development as well as mergers.

Federal Circuit Jumps to Step Two To Rescue Authentication Patent

JD Supra Law

In Cosmokey Solutions Gmbh & Co. Duo Security LLC, on October 4, 2021, the Federal Circuit jumped straight to Step Two of the Supreme Court’s two-step method for determining patent eligibility and upheld a user authentication patent.

Becoming Harder to Justify a One-Size-Fits-All Patent System

IP Watchdog

Meanwhile, all patents— good, bad, revolutionary, and stupid— have eroded to the point where continued use of the U.S. patent system must be questioned.