A Bigger Exception to the Rule? Attorneys’ Fee Awards in Trademark Cases

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Traditionally, attorneys’ fees were notoriously difficult for a prevailing party to recover in a trademark action. The United States Supreme Court’s 2014 opinion in a patent case, Octane Fitness, LLC v.

Shades of GrayerNext Stop: IP Domination

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We are pleased to announce the formation of Shades of Gray Law Group, P.C., a boutique law firm focusing on intellectual property and commercial prosecution, litigation, and counseling, with a particular emphasis on copyrights and trademarks. Please visit our website at www.shadesofgray.law. The post <strong>Shades of Grayer<br/><font size=4px>Next Stop: IP Domination</font></strong> appeared first on Shades of Gray

Monkey Business at the Ninth CircuitThe Monkey Selfie Strikes Back

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I previously blogged about my favorite copyright dispute of all time, the infamous Monkey Selfie, here and here. As a quick refresher, British photographer David Slater traveled to Indonesia to photograph macaque monkeys. He left his camera unattended on the jungle floor, where a monkey grabbed it and took a series of handsome selfies, including this one. Slater returned to the U.K.,