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Uffizi museum sues Jean Paul Gaultier over unauthorized reproduction of Botticelli’s Venus on fashion garments

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Not a copyright dispute … and the non-role of Article 14 of the DSM Directive In sum: the CHC provides a way to control for-profit reproductions of Italian cultural heritage, irrespective of their copyright status (it is in any case worth recalling that under Italian copyright law moral rights protection is … perpetual).

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Generative AI and Copyright

IP and Legal Filings

The introduction and advancement of generative AI technology, which is capable of producing everything from research articles to realistic artworks, has brought a revolution in the field of creativity. This way of doing things with the help of generative AI technology carries numerous legal challenges of intellectual property violation.


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WIPIP Session 8 (copyright)


Karp agrees that (c) is not like land, which preexisted the public domain and was acquired and distributed by gov’t. (c) c) does grant authors “rights in something he created” and that “already belong to him” at common law and is taken after a few short years from him and his heirs. Natural or moral right to own fruit of labors.

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A Brief Thematic Review of Non-Fungible Tokens and their Copyright

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An illustration of this idea is that, unless the owner of the copyright expressly grants such a right in writing, a buyer of a sculpture only receives the right to exhibit it, not to make copies of it or derivative works. vii] NFTs are prone to “copyfraud” and other violations of the moral rights of the inventor.