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Are Fictional Characters Protected Under Copyright Law?

Creative Law Center

The post Are Fictional Characters Protected Under Copyright Law? appeared first on Creative Law Center. The independent life of fictional characters. Consider them an additional creative asset in a writer’s intellectual property portfolio.

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Copyright Law and BodyCam Video

JD Supra Law

It raises some very interesting and timely questions about the scope and reach of copyright law in our modern age. Many people want to know, is police footage or vehicle cam video from law enforcement in the public domain. I saw this question online and decided to answer it here on my blog. I would state "it depends.".


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Digitalization And Copyright Law

IP and Legal Filings

The availability of a large variety of information has also increased the risk of Copyright Infringement due to its easy accessibility and dissemination. This has led to varying degrees of copyright infringements in this digital era.

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AI and Copyright Law in 2023: Federal Government Activities

Copyright Alliance

That was especially true for copyright issues related to AI, which sparked several Congressional hearings, a study by the U.S. […] The post AI and Copyright Law in 2023: Federal Government Activities appeared first on Copyright Alliance. 2023 was an extremely busy year for artificial intelligence (AI).

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Recent Developments Related to Generative AI and Copyright Law

JD Supra Law

The increasing sophistication of generative artificial intelligence (AI) has had widespread effects on fields ranging from art and film to law and healthcare.

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AI Machine Learning:  Remedies Other Than Copyright Law?

The Illusion of More

Citing the class action lawsuits Andersen and Tremblay, I predicted that if the courts do not find that ML unavoidably violates the reproduction right (§106(1)), copyright law may not offer much relief […] The post AI Machine Learning: Remedies Other Than Copyright Law? appeared first on The Illusion of More.

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Book Review: Music Borrowing and Copyright Law

The IPKat

This is a review of Music Borrowing and Copyright Law, a Genre-by-Genre Analysis , edited by Enrico Bonadio (City, University of London) and Chen Wei Zhu (University of Birmingham). An ambitious aim that Barrett achieves in an engaging and candid chapter.

Music 70