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How the Warhol Ruling Could Change Fair Use

Plagiarism Today

Here's what it says and what it means for fair use moving forward. The post How the Warhol Ruling Could Change Fair Use appeared first on Plagiarism Today. The Supreme Court has handed down its decision in the Andy Warhol case.

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Will eBook Ruling Impact Fair Use Analysis for Generative AI?

Intellectual Property Law Blog

Scanning books to create a searchable database of books constitutes fair use. Will scanning images (or other copyright-protected content) to create a generative AI model for use in creating images be deemed fair use? Scanning books to create eBooks does not. In Authors Guild v. Google, Inc., (the Google, Inc., (the

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Fair Dealing, Fair Use…and Fair Play

Hugh Stephens Blog

Credit: author Yes folks, it is Fair Use/Fair Dealing Week again (Feb 20-24, 2023). As I wrote last year at this time, the activity is promoted by the Association of Research Libraries in the US, with separate components labelled Fair Dealing Week in Canada and the UK.

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Landmark Warhol Decision Reins in Transformative Fair Use

Copyright Alliance

Yesterday, the Supreme Court, in a 7-2 opinion written by Justice Sonia Sotomayor, found that the purpose and character of the Andy Warhol Foundation’s (AWF) use of Lynn Goldsmith’s photograph […] The post Landmark Warhol Decision Reins in Transformative Fair Use appeared first on Copyright Alliance.

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Court to Revisit Fair Use in Tattoo Infringement Case

Copyright Lately

Fischer denied both parties’ motions for summary judgment, finding triable issues of substantial similarity and fair use. Among other things, the court held that there was a factual dispute as to whether or not defendants’ purpose in using Sedlik’s image of Miles Davis was “commercial.”

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Copyright and Transformative Fair Use


On October 12, 2022, the Supreme Court will hear oral arguments in the fair use copyright case of Andy Warhol Foundation, Inc. Andy Warhol admittedly used Lynn Goldmith’s copyrighted photographs of Prince as the basis for his set of sixteen silkscreens. by Dennis Crouch. Goldsmith , Docket No. 21-869 (2022). 569 (1994).

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New Fair Use Guidelines: the Defense Narrows

Creative Law Center

Fair use guidelines are evolving. The post New Fair Use Guidelines: the Defense Narrows appeared first on Creative Law Center. You can't just slap your style on someone else's creative work and call it transformative.

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