Is "The Naked Kiss" Missing Copyright Notice?

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There are very clear records in the post-1978 Copyright Office database indicating copyright ownership but this person is insisting it is an invalid copyright because there is no “©” insignia anywhere on head or tail. Is the copyright notice missing?

How to protect your photos from unauthorized use online


Copyright infringement of digital photos differs in important ways from infringement in the markets of music and movies. Get proof of ownership by registering your copyright. Even though it is not mandatory, copyright registration provides valuable legal protection.


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Legal Protection for the Software Arts — Part 5

JD Supra Law

Copyright protection is, generally speaking, formality-free in the US and other member states of the Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works.

Which trademark or copyright symbol do I use?

Erik K Pelton

For more, see my video: The post Which trademark or copyright symbol do I use? One of the most common questions I get is about which symbol to use. Here is a handy cheat sheet I made: ® – a.k.a “circle-R” – Registered trademark with the USPTO.

3 Count: Polar Thawing

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1: Sinclair, Photographer Resolve Copyright Dispute Over Polar Bear Video. 2: Le Tigre’s Kathleen Hanna and Johanna Fateman Sue Over “Deceptacon” Copyright Infringement Accusation. 3: Back 4 Blood Streamers Will Have to Turn Off Licensed Music to Avoid Copyright Strikes.

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3 Count: Finally Settled

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1: Cox Settles Dispute with BMG, Rightscorp Over Copyright Notices. Cox filed counterclaims alleging that Rightscorp, a rights management company employed by BMG, was knowingly filing false takedown notices. Copyright NewsHave any suggestions for the 3 Count?

Foreign Works, US Rights: The 7th Circle of Copyright Hell?

Copyright Lately

Here’s why determining the copyright status of old foreign works can be a hellish undertaking. The new lawsuit raises a host of complicated legal issues that, while exciting for copyright nerds like me, are often a nightmare to litigate. copyright law. Copyright Office.

Does Failure to Submit Copies to Copyright Office Put an End to Copyright?

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Each issue of the print magazine had a copyright notice ("© Krause Publications, Inc.") 3) If the publisher did submit the copies to the LoC, is it possible to find out if the publisher renewed the copyright? So, who owns the magazine copyright?

Shelbyville-Based Photographer Sues Dr. Brite for Alleged Copyright Infringement

Indiana Intellectual Property Law

Copyright Office as Group Reg. Further, Haehl claims she posted a copyright notice alongside each photograph posted on her Facebook page. Haehl claims Dr. Brite used one of her copyrighted photographs to advertise Dr. Brite’s products as shown below (the “Dr.

Public Domain of The Living Dead


The release, paired with the copyright error, changed the horror movie genre and the independent film industry forever. At the time of the film’s theatrical release, the US Copyright Act of 1909 required notice to maintain enforceable federal copyright protection.

Movie Companies Want VPNs to Log User Data and Disconnect Pirates


Over the past years, we have seen copyright holders take several ISPs to court, accusing them of failing to disconnect repeat copyright infringers. However, based on these notices, the accused VPNs can’t pinpoint individual subscribers.

Strategic Legal Algorithms Against Public Participation: YouTube Disables Newslaundry’s Account Following Copyright Claims from Aaj Tak


In a new low for Indian media, Aaj Tak (owned by the media conglomerate Living Media) has allegedly taken to using copyright claims to prevent criticism of its reportage by media watchdog Newslaundry. New Social Media Rules, But No Clarity for Copyright Claims.

SpicyIP Weekly Review (September 27 – October 3)


Next Radio set aside the Madras High Court’s judgment that had modified the application of Rule 29(4) of Copyright Rules, 2013 applicable to the statutory licensing regime under Section 31D of the Copyright Act, finding that it rewrote the words of the statute [September 29, 2021].

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TTAB Denies Petition to Cancel "ONEPACKET" Registration: Failure to Prove Nonuse

The TTABlog

Text Copyright John L. Respondent's rope-a-dope defense proved to be successful in this cancellation proceeding aimed at a registration for the mark ONEPACKET (standard form) for computer-related services.

Copyright Ownership in State Board Textbooks: Impediments to Accessibility


In this post, I look at the question of the government’s copyright ownership in State Board textbooks, and its implications on access to knowledge and education. Government’s Role as Publisher and Copyright Owner. Copyright Policies that Impede Access. Image from here.

Enforcing Copyright Outside the Courtroom – The New Notice Regimes

Canadian Intellectual Property Blog

With the ever-increasing presence of social media, including websites like YouTube where content can generate income, copyright infringement is escalating at alarming rates. Unfortunately, it is no secret that the cost of enforcing copyright through the courts is expensive.

Trademarks vs. Copyrights for Startups

TraskBritt Intellectual Property

Intellectual property law includes patents, trademarks, copyrights, and trade secrets and is an important consideration for any new business. This article will address trademarks and copyrights, but the law firm of TraskBritt can assist with any intellectual property law needs.

Is the Best Defense to a Copyright Infringement Claim No Defense at All?

The IP Law Blog

We recently discussed a new trend in celebrity copyright litigation on our YouTube channel and podcast ( The Briefing on YouTube ). I am writing today to discuss what may be a new strategy in such copyright litigation.

How Lulu Lost Her Mark

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My understanding is that all publicity photos taken back in the 1920s and 1930s were never copyrighted, therefore, in the public domain, especially if the photographer is unidentified.