How to Use Proper Copyright Notice

Erik K Pelton

There is a lot of confusion about the benefits of using a copyright notice, and when and how to properly use the copyright symbol and notice. In this episode, Erik clarifies the how, when, and why to use copyright notice.

Is "The Naked Kiss" Missing Copyright Notice?

Dear Rich IP Blog

There are very clear records in the post-1978 Copyright Office database indicating copyright ownership but this person is insisting it is an invalid copyright because there is no “©” insignia anywhere on head or tail. Is the copyright notice missing?


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Copyright Notice was Sufficient Copyright Management Information to Survive Motion to Dismiss

Chicago IP

12(b)(6) motion to dismiss in this copyright infringement and Digital Millenium Copyright Act (“DMCA”) claims involving a picture of the inside of a restaurant bar. Southall v. Force Partners, LLC , No. 20 C 3223, Slip Op. 31, 2021) (Chang, J.).

Copyright Notice was Sufficient Copyright Management Information to Survive Motion to Dismiss

LexBlog IP

12(b)(6) motion to dismiss in this copyright infringement and Digital Millenium Copyright Act (“DMCA”) claims involving a picture of the inside of a restaurant bar. Southall v. Force Partners, LLC , No. 20 C 3223, Slip Op. 31, 2021) (Chang, J.).

How to protect your photos from unauthorized use online


Copyright infringement of digital photos differs in important ways from infringement in the markets of music and movies. Get proof of ownership by registering your copyright. Even though it is not mandatory, copyright registration provides valuable legal protection.

3 Count: False Takedown

Plagiarism Today

First off today, Zuhaad Ali at The Games Post reports that video game maker Bungie has filed a lawsuit against an individual named Nicholas Minor over allegations that Minor pretended to be a Bungie representative to file false copyright notices against other YouTubers. Copyright News

3 Count: Truth Settles

Plagiarism Today

1: Lizzo Settles Truth Hurts Copyright Battle with Former Collaborators. In a tweet, the company said that the notices were not from them or their partners. Copyright NewsHave any suggestions for the 3 Count? Let me know via Twitter @plagiarismtoday.

7 Takeaways from YouTube’s Copyright Transparency Report

Plagiarism Today

Yesterday, YouTube published its first every Copyright Transparency Report. While it’s interesting to see the amount and kinds of copyright notices other providers see, YouTube has faced far more copyright criticism than those companies.

Reddit Banned 2,625 Subreddits For Excessive Copyright Infringement in 2021


For the purpose of this report, however, we’ll home in on the copyright issues faced by Reddit during the last year and how the site responded to them. Copyright Removals. “In 2021, Reddit received 177,450 copyright notices reporting 920,672 pieces of content.

Which trademark or copyright symbol do I use?

Erik K Pelton

For more, see my video: The post Which trademark or copyright symbol do I use? One of the most common questions I get is about which symbol to use. Here is a handy cheat sheet I made: ® – a.k.a “circle-R” – Registered trademark with the USPTO.

3 Count: Frequent Flyer

Plagiarism Today

First off today, Kim Lyons at The Verge reports that American Airlines has filed a lawsuit against the travel tips website The Points Guy alleging that the site has violated their copyrights, trademarks and the terms of service of their frequent flyer program. Copyright News

3 Count: Finally Settled

Plagiarism Today

1: Cox Settles Dispute with BMG, Rightscorp Over Copyright Notices. Cox filed counterclaims alleging that Rightscorp, a rights management company employed by BMG, was knowingly filing false takedown notices. Copyright NewsHave any suggestions for the 3 Count?

3 Count: Polar Thawing

Plagiarism Today

1: Sinclair, Photographer Resolve Copyright Dispute Over Polar Bear Video. 2: Le Tigre’s Kathleen Hanna and Johanna Fateman Sue Over “Deceptacon” Copyright Infringement Accusation. 3: Back 4 Blood Streamers Will Have to Turn Off Licensed Music to Avoid Copyright Strikes.

3 Count: Calling Duty

Plagiarism Today

First off today, Otto Kratky at GameSpot reports that video game publisher Activision has filed yet another lawsuit against an alleged cheat distributor, this one citing violations of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). Copyright NewsHave any suggestions for the 3 Count?

3 Count: Not Very Private

Plagiarism Today

The move is not directly copyright-related and actually is meant to better empower the Indian Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-In) to deal with cybersecurity and to unmask criminals. Copyright NewsHave any suggestions for the 3 Count? Let me know via Twitter @plagiarismtoday.

Foreign Works, US Rights: The 7th Circle of Copyright Hell?

Copyright Lately

Here’s why determining the copyright status of old foreign works can be a hellish undertaking. The new lawsuit raises a host of complicated legal issues that, while exciting for copyright nerds like me, are often a nightmare to litigate. copyright law. Copyright Office.

3 Count: YouTube Battles

Plagiarism Today

1: YouTuber Hit With Ungodly Number Of Anime Copyright Strikes Gets A Win For Everyone. This prompted Toei to issue more than 150 takedown notices against his channel and even caused Fitzpatrick to step away from his channel for a time. Copyright News

3 Count: Bowser’s Millions

Plagiarism Today

1: YouTube Says it Receives Millions of Incorrect Video Copyright Takedown Requests. First off today, Aimee Chanthadavong at ZDNet reports that YouTube has released its first every copyright report and, in doing so, has shined a light on the number and kinds of copyright requests it receives.

How to Defeat an AI-Powered DMCA Scam

Plagiarism Today

On April 13, Ben Dickson at The Next Web received an email from a lawyer with the name Nicole Palmer with the subject “DMCA Copyright Infringement Notice”. First, the subject of DMCA Copyright Infringement Notice is strange. It would be a copyright infringement case.

Computer and Internet Weekly Updates for 2021-07-31

Barry Sookman

Supreme Court to release Access copyright decision this week, Judgment to be Rendered in Appeal – SCC Cases [link] 2021-07-26. Commission starts legal action against 23 EU countries over copyright rules [link] 2021-07-28.

Is Your Website Published or Unpublished?

Plagiarism Today

It deals with whether Amazon and/or CCA infringed FDN’s copyrights by scraping descriptions from their website for use as part of Amazon’s product listings. It’s a confusing question with no easy answer, but it’s an issue that puts the copyright registration of every website at risk.

The Streamlabs (SLOBS) Plagiarism Scandal

Plagiarism Today

This is usually done with a copyright notice, but, in some cases, is done by working directly with the site that uploaded the content. Streamlabs, a company that provides software that enables livestreaming, has long been a somewhat controversial figure in the streaming marketplace.

Does Failure to Submit Copies to Copyright Office Put an End to Copyright?

Dear Rich IP Blog

Each issue of the print magazine had a copyright notice ("© Krause Publications, Inc.") 3) If the publisher did submit the copies to the LoC, is it possible to find out if the publisher renewed the copyright? So, who owns the magazine copyright?

Shelbyville-Based Photographer Sues Dr. Brite for Alleged Copyright Infringement

Indiana Intellectual Property Law

Copyright Office as Group Reg. Further, Haehl claims she posted a copyright notice alongside each photograph posted on her Facebook page. Haehl claims Dr. Brite used one of her copyrighted photographs to advertise Dr. Brite’s products as shown below (the “Dr.

Facebook’s Plagiarism Problems Are Deeper Than You Realize

Plagiarism Today

Back in September , I reported on Facebook’s Widely Viewed Content Report and how Casey Newton, a reporter at The Verge, noticed that nearly all the top posts on Facebook for the quarter were plagiarized. .

Records Labels and ISP Seek Summary Judgments in Piracy Lawsuit


Under US copyright law, Internet providers must terminate the accounts of repeat infringers “in appropriate circumstances.”. ‘Copyright Claims Should be Dismissed’ Bright House requests the court to dismiss the only remaining copyright infringement claim.

Music 93

Digital Trails: How Bungie Identified a Mass Sender of Fake DMCA Notices


Using the DMCA’s takedown process as a weapon, persons unknown sent copyright notices to YouTube, claiming that the targeted videos should be taken down for infringing Bungie’s rights. The accounts were then used to send masses of fraudulent takedown notices to YouTube.

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Kat Von D Tattoo Lawsuit Appears Headed to a Jury

Copyright Lately

When lighting technician Blake Farmer got a tattoo of Miles Davis from celebrity tattoo artist Kat Von D in 2017, he never could have imagined that the image on his right arm would one day become Exhibit A in a copyright infringement lawsuit.

Not Invincible: A Cautionary Tale for Creators

Copyright Lately

As a new lawsuit involving the popular comic book and animated series “Invincible” shows, the failure to properly document the copyright status of a jointly-created work at the beginning can lead to messy consequences later.

Public Domain of The Living Dead


The release, paired with the copyright error, changed the horror movie genre and the independent film industry forever. At the time of the film’s theatrical release, the US Copyright Act of 1909 required notice to maintain enforceable federal copyright protection.

VPNs: Russia Forces Google to Delete Masses of Links Amid Ukraine Invasion


Over the previous two years, Roscomnadzor had ordered Google alone to remove more than half a million links from its search engine, with a single notice sometimes targeting thousands of URLs. The day before the invasion, additional notices targeted another 1,300+ URLs.

Movie Companies Want VPNs to Log User Data and Disconnect Pirates


Over the past years, we have seen copyright holders take several ISPs to court, accusing them of failing to disconnect repeat copyright infringers. However, based on these notices, the accused VPNs can’t pinpoint individual subscribers.

Strategic Legal Algorithms Against Public Participation: YouTube Disables Newslaundry’s Account Following Copyright Claims from Aaj Tak


In a new low for Indian media, Aaj Tak (owned by the media conglomerate Living Media) has allegedly taken to using copyright claims to prevent criticism of its reportage by media watchdog Newslaundry. New Social Media Rules, But No Clarity for Copyright Claims.

DISH Wins $31m Judgment & Injunction Against Pirate IPTV Service & Resellers


In an effort to shut the service down, DISH said it sent at least 134 copyright infringement notices to Chitram between July 2014 and November 2015. From: TF , for the latest news on copyright battles, piracy and more.

When a vampire not called Dracula bested the copyright system, and what it tells us about derivative works

The IPKat

But for IP types, perhaps their most notable accomplishment was the revenge that they took upon the copyright system. And, while the copyright laws were used to try to keep the film from public view, ultimately it failed, to the continuing benefit of cinematic creation.

Copyright Ownership in State Board Textbooks: Impediments to Accessibility


In this post, I look at the question of the government’s copyright ownership in State Board textbooks, and its implications on access to knowledge and education. Government’s Role as Publisher and Copyright Owner. Copyright Policies that Impede Access. Image from here.

SpicyIP Weekly Review (September 27 – October 3)


Next Radio set aside the Madras High Court’s judgment that had modified the application of Rule 29(4) of Copyright Rules, 2013 applicable to the statutory licensing regime under Section 31D of the Copyright Act, finding that it rewrote the words of the statute [September 29, 2021].

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Rightsholders See Iraq as a ‘Corrupt’ Hotbed for Online Piracy, Ask the U.S. to Step In


In Iraq, tackling copyright infringement appears to have very little priority. As a result, “copyright notices” were sent to US bases and even United States Central Command was put on high alert. That’s a concern for copyright holders.

Enforcing Copyright Outside the Courtroom – The New Notice Regimes

Canadian Intellectual Property Blog

With the ever-increasing presence of social media, including websites like YouTube where content can generate income, copyright infringement is escalating at alarming rates. Unfortunately, it is no secret that the cost of enforcing copyright through the courts is expensive.

Which Type of Intellectual Property Protection Do I Need?

Art Law Journal

Unfortunately, Intellectual Property law has gotten so complicated that many people aren’t even sure which type of Intellectual Property (copyright, trademarks, or patents) protects their creative work. Copyright. How do I get a Copyright?