Seven Veteran Inventors Named to National Inventors Hall of Fame

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The 2022 class of inductees into the National Inventors Hall of Fame (NIHF), announced earlier this week, includes the inventors of the foundational technology for messenger ribonucleic acid (mRNA)-based vaccines, the Super Soaker, and Laserphaco cataract surgery.

Conception for Joint Inventors


Most patents involve two or more joint inventors who all claim to have contributed significantly to the invention. The MPEP, for example, includes a statement in all-caps that “CONCEPTION MUST BE DONE IN THE MIND OF THE INVENTOR.” by Dennis Crouch.


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Should AI be an Inventor?

JD Supra Law

But, can an AI be an “inventor” within the meaning of U.S.

US Court Rules Artificial Intelligence Systems Are Not 'Inventors'

JD Supra Law

On September 2, 2021, the US District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia granted the United States Patent and Trademark Office’s (USPTO’s) motion for summary judgement, finding that an artificial intelligence (AI) system cannot be named as an inventor on a patent.

DABUS: An AI inventor or the Emperor's New Clothes?

The IPKat

The question of whether it should be possible to name artificial intelligence (AI) code as an inventor on a patent application continues to dog patent offices and courts around the world. The inventor of DABUS, Dr Thaler, claims that his AI invention has extraordinary powers (for a machine).

U.S. Court Rules Artificial Intelligence Cannot be an Inventor (Again)


The latest decision from the United States, Thaler v Hirshfeld , comes off the heels of recent judgements in South Africa and Australia asking if AI can be considered the inventor in patent law. Rules Against AI as an Inventor. The Future of AI as an Inventor.

Artificial Intelligence as the Inventor of Life Sciences Patents?

JD Supra Law

The question whether an artificial intelligence (“AI”) system can be named as an inventor in a patent application has obvious implications for the life science community, where AI’s presence is now well established and growing.

Innovating the Term ‘Inventor’: AI and Patent Law


Under patent law, it is the general expectation that inventors are humans, not robots. Dr. Stephen Thaler created DABUS (‘Device for the Autonomous Bootstrapping of Unified Sentience’), an artificial neural system, and claimed that DABUS was the sole inventor of the patentable invention.

Humanizing Technology: Back to Basics on DABUS and AI as Inventors

IP Watchdog

With South Africa’s patent office having recently granted the first patent to an AI inventor, and an Australian court ruling in favor of AI inventorship, it’s time to review how we got here—and where we’re going.

U.S. District Court Holds that AI Algorithms Cannot Be Listed as Inventors on Patents

IP Watchdog

District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia issued a decision granting a Motion for Summary Judgment for the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) and upholding the Office’s view that AI algorithms cannot be listed as inventors on U.S. On September 2, the U.S.

DABUS Will Need to Wait—U.S. District Court Affirms USPTO's Denial of AI System as Inventor

JD Supra Law

Earlier this month, a federal district court issued the first judicial decision in the country addressing whether an AI system can be an "inventor" under U.S.

There’s More to Being an Inventor than Butterscotch Ripple

JD Supra Law

South Africa and Australia have removed the “perspiration” requirement allowing AI to be named the inventor on a patent. Willie Wonka famously said that invention is 93% perspiration, 6% electricity, 4% evaporation, and 2% butterscotch ripple.

Update on Artificial Intelligence: Court Rules that AI Cannot Qualify As “Inventor”

JD Supra Law

District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia ruled on September 3, 2021 that an AI machine cannot qualify as an “inventor” under the Patent Act. Striking a blow to patent applicants seeking to assert inventorship by artificial intelligence (“AI”) systems, the U.S.

Artificial Intelligence system as inventor in South African patent application: The case of DABUS

The IPKat

Late last month, South Africa's Companies and Intellectual Property Commission (CIPC) became the first Patent Office in the world to award a patent that names an artificial intelligence as the inventor of a product. a machine/device) to be named as the inventor in a patent application.

AI As A Patent Inventor – An Update From South Africa And Australia

JD Supra Law

and UK Patent Offices have denied patent applications on the grounds that an AI system cannot be listed as an inventor, not every country seems to be following that approach and some may be set to buck the trend. Although the European, U.S.,

Federal Court Rules that Artificial Intelligence Cannot Be an Inventor under the Patent Act

Delaware Intellectual Property Litigation Blog

In Thaler , the Court confronted, analyzed and answered the question of “can an artificial intelligence machine be an ‘inventor’ under the Patent Act?”

In the Courts: Australian Court finds AI systems can be “inventors”

WIPO Magazine

In a world first, a judge of the Federal Court of Australia has found that artificial intelligence is capable of being an “inventor” for the purposes of the Australian patent regime.

Australian court says that AI can be an inventor: what does it mean for authors?

Kluwer Copyright Blog

Thaler [2021] APO 5 , which allowed listing AI system DABUS as an inventor in a patent application. The DABUS case refers to an international patent application where AI DABUS was listed as an inventor. Image by chenspec on Pixabay.

Assignor Estoppel: When Are Inventors Allowed to Attack Their Own Inventions?

JD Supra Law

An inventor develops an invention, files a patent application and assigns the application for value to the company they founded. Later, the inventor founds another company and develops an improved version of their original invention. Should the inventor be able to do so?

The America Invents Act, Ten Years After Enactment - Part 1: “First Inventor to File”

JD Supra Law

Ten years ago, on September 16, 2011, the America Invents Act (“AIA”) became law. This article is the second in a multi-part series of articles on the significant changes introduced by the AIA and the results of those changes. By: Nexsen Pruet, PLLC

UK Court of Appeal says AI is not an Inventor & is split on allowing applications for AI inventions

JD Supra Law

2) Patents Act 1977 i.e. to name a “Person” as the “Inventor” and to explain how Dr Thaler.

Federal Court Rules That Artificial Intelligence Cannot Be An Inventor Under The Patent Act

JD Supra Law

The Future of Invention: Should Artificial Intelligence be Considered Inventors?

Intellectual Property Brief

Continued advancements in artificial intelligence may force Congress to reevaluate what entities can be inventors. Daily Blog Issues Patents #AI #artificialintelligence #intellectualProperty IP patent USPTO

AI Can't Be Patent Inventor In UK, Appeals Court Rules

IP Law 360

An appeals court ruled Tuesday that an artificial intelligence machine cannot be listed as an inventor on a patent application, saying only a "person or persons" are allowed under British law, in a landmark judgment in a worldwide battle over the technology

Top IP owners have pledged to boost inventor diversity, but more must follow

IAM Magazine

Companies such as AT&T, Cisco Systems, Facebook and Google are among those that have agreed to track patenting performance among women and other under-represented inventor groups, and to share the data.


JD Supra Law

U.S. District Court Holds that AI Algorithms Cannot Be Listed as Inventors on Patents

JD Supra Law

As we discussed earlier, a variety of artificial intelligence (AI) technologies exist and are being used in biopharma (e.g.,

Inventor Argues Assignor Estoppel Does Not Apply to “Materially Broader” Claims

JD Supra Law

Put simply, “[i]f Hologic’s new claim is materially broader than the ones [the inventor] assigned, then [the. As we previously reported, the Supreme Court narrowed the doctrine of assignor estoppel. The Supreme Court remanded to the Federal Circuit Minerva Surgical, Inc.’s

Update: Federal Judge Rules That Only Natural Persons Can Be Inventors

JD Supra Law

Recently, a federal judge in the Eastern District of Virginia issued a memorandum opinion in the ongoing dispute over whether artificial intelligence (“AI”) machines may be properly identified as inventors on U.S.

Michigan Jury Backs Pro Se Inventor In Mudflap Patent Trial

IP Law 360

A pro se inventor scored a victory in a long-running patent dispute against a Michigan trucking parts maker after a federal jury found that one of the company's mudflap products infringed his patented technology, although the jury refused to award triple damages or lost profits

Judge Rules Against AI as an Inventor in Patent Case

LexBlog IP

Patent and Trademark Office brought by an inventor that wanted his creation to be recognized as a creator itself. The problem, as you might imagine, is that the rules governing who can and cannot be an inventor are limited to humans.

Supreme Court Rules that Inventors Can Contest the Validity of Patents After Assigning Them

JD Supra Law

Supreme Court on June 29, 2021 held that, when fairness requires, a patent inventor can contest a patent's validity after assigning it to a third party. Prior to this decision, the doctrine of "assignor estoppel" prohibited inventors from doing so under Federal Circuit law.

3 Types of Patents Inventors Need to Know

Larson & Larson

With a patent, an inventor can exclude competition by enforcing the patent, license the invention to other parties for royalty payments, sue for damages in the case of infringement, and sell the invention to a third party. Unlike the other patents, a plant patent can have two named inventors.

Inventors, Disaster Scientists and Entrepreneurs: Commerce Home to Diverse-Range of Hispanic Pioneers

U.S. Department of Commerce

Inventors, Disaster Scientists and Entrepreneurs: Commerce Home to Diverse-Range of Hispanic Pioneers. ELLEN OCHOA, INVENTOR AND PATENT HOLDER. LUIS VON AHN, INVENTOR AND PATENT HOLDER. To see more Hispanic inventors and patent holders, please visit the U.S.

Ruling Against AI 'Inventors' Brings Patent Law Reform Calls

IP Law 360

A landmark ruling that an artificial intelligence machine can't be considered an inventor highlights the potential need for changes to U.K. patent law, intellectual property lawyers said, as the British government eyes reforms to boost AI investment

Amazon Beats Inventor's Internet Of Things Patent Suit

IP Law 360

An Arizona federal judge has ruled against an inventor claiming that Amazon's "internet of things" interface infringed his patents on how to apply swarm intelligence to microchip processing, finding that the patents cover nothing more than abstract ideas

New Tillis-Leahy Bills to Boost Innovation: The Good, the Bad and the Nonsense

IP Watchdog

Earlier today, U.S.

Thomas Edison and the Consumer Welfare Benefits of Patent Enforcement

IP Watchdog

Would you believe the following scenario could happen under our patent system?

10-Year AIA Anniversary Draws Inventor Protests Over PTAB

IP Law 360

As the America Invents Act turned 10 Thursday, two dozen independent inventors and activists gathered outside the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office in Alexandria, Virginia, to demonstrate against one of the law's major impacts: the creation of the Patent Trial and Appeal Board

Bitcoin 'Inventor' Can't Jump Into Cryptocurrency IP Case

IP Law 360

A judge has rejected a bid from someone claiming to be Satoshi Nakamoto, the pseudonymous inventor of Bitcoin, seeking to overturn a default judgment over the copyright for the cryptocurrency's founding white paper, filed by another person claiming to be Nakamoto

Fed. Circ. Told Inventor Limits Don't Bar Validity Challenge

IP Law 360

Supreme Court narrowing when a doctrine preventing inventors from challenging their own patents can be invoked, a Hologic Inc. Surgical device company Minerva has told the Federal Circuit that in light of the U.S. patent covering an endometrial treatment must be invalidated

There’s More to Being an Inventor than Butterscotch Ripple

LexBlog IP

South Africa and Australia have removed the “perspiration” requirement allowing AI to be named the inventor on a patent. however, are still insisting on a human inventor — or in terms of Wonka’s definition, some “perspiration.” ” The Eastern District of Virginia cemented the human inventor requirement, saying in a September 2 opinion in Thaler v.

Judge Says Leaving Inventor Off Patents Was No Mistake

IP Law 360

A federal judge in Wisconsin has invalidated a dozen patents covering a plastic water bottle part, finding that the record is "robust with evidence" that the patent owner improperly failed to name one of the European inventors of the patents