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Nonprofits’ Use of Artificial Intelligence Systems: Intellectual Property and Data Privacy Concerns

JD Supra Law

As nonprofit executives, you may be wondering how AI intersects with intellectual property and data privacy law, and how it could affect your organization. To be sure, AI provides a powerful tool to nonprofits in creating content and exploiting for countless cost-effective purposes. By: Farella Braun + Martel LLP

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Differential Privacy: The Big Tech Solution to Big Data Privacy


The AI revolution has brought about significant concerns about the privacy of big data. Thankfully, over the past decade, big tech has found a solution to this problem: differential privacy, which actors have implemented in various ways. government has implemented differential privacy for their 2020 census data.

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Financial consumer privacy protection

Olartemoure Blog

The Colombian Congress has enacted Law 2300 of 2023, aimed at safeguarding the privacy of financial consumers. Additionally, these entities must respect individuals’ privacy and refrain from contacting them through multiple channels within the same week or more than once in a single day. Original source in Spanish.

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Which VPN Providers Really Take Privacy Seriously in 2023?


All claim to be the best, but some are more privacy-conscious than others. When it comes to privacy and anonymity, an outsider can’t offer any guarantees. Many of these questions relate to privacy and security, and the various companies answer them here in their own words. The VPN review business is flourishing as well.

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Delaware Consumer Privacy Law Effective in 2025

LexBlog IP

This week, Delaware Governor John Carney signed the Delaware Personal Data Privacy Act into law. Delaware is yet another state to follow the trend of consumer privacy bills after the passing of the California Consumer Privacy Act in 2018.

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Privacy Suit Says AI Could 'Decide To Eliminate The Species'

IP Law 360

OpenAI violated the copyrights and privacy of hundreds of millions of internet users to create ChatGPT and other artificial intelligence products, pursuing profits at the expense of privacy, ethics and potentially even the existence of the human race, according to a proposed class action filed Wednesday in California federal court.

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Instacart’s Privacy Policy Protects Stripe from Consumer Privacy Claims–Silver v. Stripe

Technology & Marketing Law Blog

Instacart purports to bind consumers to its privacy policy via this screen: (Sorry for the poor image resolution. The court says Instacart creates an enforceable sign-in-wrap (ugh): The Court finds Instacart’s privacy policy conspicuous and obvious for several reasons. Airbnb , the green font for the privacy policy link is NBD.

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