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Fundamental Right to Privacy

IP and Legal Filings

Introduction Although there isn’t a clear legal definition of “privacy,” some legal experts define it as a human right that each and every person has simply by virtue of their existence. The right to privacy must, in other words, be evaluated case-by-case. Privacy enjoys a robust legal framework internationally.

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Nonprofit CRMs: How to Navigate Data Privacy and Compliance

Cogency Global

However, in an age where privacy is a growing concern, it’s essential to safeguard personal information and maintain compliance with data protection regulations. Whether you use Blackbaud , HubSpot, Salesforce or another CRM provider, these insights will help you navigate the complex landscape of data privacy.

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Differential Privacy: The Big Tech Solution to Big Data Privacy


The AI revolution has brought about significant concerns about the privacy of big data. Thankfully, over the past decade, big tech has found a solution to this problem: differential privacy, which actors have implemented in various ways. government has implemented differential privacy for their 2020 census data.

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Navigating Data Privacy & Security In India’s Digitalised Entertainment Sector

IP and Legal Filings

With the growth of abovementioned platforms, driven by digitalization, concerns for data privacy and security and, potential misuse of the data has steeped in the minds of people who share personal information to access such platforms. Image Sources: Shutterstock] This situation gave rise to a conundrum surrounding the issue of data privacy.

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The Law Bytes Podcast, Episode 196: Vibert Jack on the Supreme Court’s Landmark Bykovets Internet Privacy Ruling

Michael Geist

The federal government has struggled to update Canadian privacy laws over the past decade, leaving the Supreme Court as perhaps the leading source of privacy protection. Vibert Jack is the litigation director of the BC Civil Liberties Association, which successfully intervened in the case.

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Supreme Court of Canada Affirms Privacy Rights for IP Addresses

Nelligan Law

The convicted individual contended that the police’s action of requesting IP address information without a warrant breached their privacy rights, as stipulated by the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. The claimant’s subjective expectation of privacy. The claimant’s interest in the subject matter.

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Five Key Points from the Invasion of Privacy Lawsuit Against OpenAI

IP Watchdog

On September 6, OpenAI faced its second invasion of privacy lawsuit filed in the U.S. Here are five key allegations from the privacy suit against OpenAI. District Court for the District of Northern California, for allegedly stealing private information from millions of internet users.

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