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Government Departments Pressure Social Media Sites to Censor News Links, Mean Tweets

Michael Geist

8555-441-1219) raises new concerns about efforts to censor social media. The written question asked the government for “requests made by the government to social media companies to take down, edit, ban or change in any other way social media content, posts or accounts since January 1, 2020.”

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Who Owns Social Media Accounts?–In re Bang Energy Drinks

Technology & Marketing Law Blog

The categorization of social media accounts into “business” and “personal” accounts was a hot issue a decade ago, when states across the country passed laws to protect employees from invasive employer demands to access or control their personal social media accounts. See Musk, Elon).


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Social media ‘influencers’ are often lacking trademark protection

Erik K Pelton

On social media these days, much of the content and the news that I see relates to influencers. The post Social media ‘influencers’ are often lacking trademark protection appeared first on Erik M Pelton & Associates, PLLC. The following is a transcript of my video Influencers Need Trademark Protection Too.

Trademark 182
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Development of laws and their implications on Social media

IP and Legal Filings

Today, social media has become a vital part of our lives. Before, there were various print media outlets that we could rely on such as newspapers, television, and radio. However, now, with the rise of social media, users can now create their own content and spread it with thousands of people. What is Social Media?

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Press publishers’ right: social media enter the stage

Kluwer Copyright Blog

Social media (aka Facebook) were not a part of the conversation. This raises the question: does the press publishers’ right apply to social media? While social media were not explicitly singled out, they seem to comfortably fall within the ISSP definition. Do social media make content available?

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Anti-Piracy Group Recruits Teens to Keep Up with Social Media Piracy Trends


Social Media Piracy Panel To help with this ongoing process, Danish anti-piracy group Rights Alliance plans to involve youth directly. “We want to know more about young people’s ways of being and behaving on social media – and online in general. Online piracy remains a major challenge in Denmark.

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Defamation Alternatives For Suing Hoax Social Media Users

IP Law 360

A recent proliferation of false or hoax social media content has targeted public figures and corporate accounts, and for plaintiffs seeking redress there are three types of claims that may be less-risky alternatives to defamation and libel litigation, say Charles Schafer and Ross Kloeber at Sidley.