YouTube Aims to Simplify Music Licensing

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Specifically, YouTube is taking steps to make it easier for YouTubers to license popular music for their videos. Entitled Creator Music, the system makes it easy to for YouTubers to license available songs and maintain monetization of their videos.

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NFT License Breakdown: Exploring Different Marketplaces and Associated License Issues

Intellectual Property Law Blog

As content creators get more creative, as business models change, and as NFTs represent more than static digital art, the licenses will evolve. The attached article explores just a snapshot of some of the licenses and license terms that are currently used.


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Licensing of Trademarks


Businesses own valuable trademarks, which, once registered, can be licensed out. The rights that flow from a trademark can be licensed to others to receive royalties for commercialization. What is Trademark Licensing? Advantages of Trademark Licensing. Exclusive License.

My Concerns with the ‘Can’t Be Evil’ NFT Licenses

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Last month, a study published by The Galaxy examined the top 25 most valuable NFT projects and found that, despite many understanding that NFTs transferred either the copyright or the license in the original work, only 1 in 25 of those projects even attempted to do as such.

Three Letters Summarize the March-In/ Compulsory Licensing Debate

IP Watchdog

That triggered an immediate rebuttal from six associations representing research universities and hospitals (including the Bayh-Dole Coalition, which I lead) and another from the Licensing Executives Society, USA & Canada, Inc. LES), representing the licensing profession.

Compulsory Licensing vs. Exclusive Licensing

Dear Rich IP Blog

Dear Rich: I was wondering how compulsory licensing fits with exclusive licensing. In other words, if a song is exclusively licensed for a movie, for example, can someone still license it to record another version? It would not qualify for the compulsory license.

Copyright and Licensing Around the World

Velocity of Content

A lot has been happening in the world of copyright and collective licensing since my last update. At Copyright Clearance Center, we continue to monitor the copyright landscape as part of our mission to support copyright and licensing around the world. Collective Licensing

Compulsory licensing for expensive medicines: KCE report


The Belgian Health Care Knowledge Centre (KCE) recently released an interesting report titled ‘Compulsory licensing for expensive medicines’. Ordinarily, patentees voluntarily decide whether or not and on what conditions to grant licenses to third parties.

How to Ensure Your Retroactive Foreign Filing License Petition Isn’t Dismissed

IP Watchdog

As outlined in our article, The Good, the Bad and the Missing: Findings from a Review of the Data on Granted Retroactive Foreign Filing Licenses,’s s subscribers’ most searched patent petition type is for retroactive foreign filing licenses (RFFLs).

3 Count: Music Licensing is Strange…

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The 3 Count Logo was created by Justin Goff and is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License. The post 3 Count: Music Licensing is Strange… appeared first on Plagiarism Today. Have any suggestions for the 3 Count? Let me know via Twitter @plagiarismtoday.

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Can I Make Money Through Copyright Licensing?


Firstly, let’s define what “licensed revenue” is: money earned through the licensed use of intellectual property that has a copyright attached to it. This amount of money is called a “licensing fee.” Consequently, money collected from this is called “licensing revenue.”.

Library Associations Pursue Misguided eBook Licensing Laws

The Illusion of More

Recently, the New York and Maryland state legislatures passed nearly identical eBook licensing bills (and Rhode Island had a sister bill in the works) responding to complaints of inequity by various library associations.

How Do I License My Creative Design?

Art Law Journal

Licensing a creative design can provide you with additional income, branding and partnership opportunities. Here we review what licensing is and how to do it. The post How Do I License My Creative Design? Finances licensing freelance

Russia’s Forced Licensing Plan For ‘Enemy’ Content “Legalizes Piracy”


Sony, Universal, and Warner, for example, aren’t releasing new movies or music but existing contracts are being honored, meaning that older content is still licensed and legally available. Law and Politics licensing piracy russia Ukraine

Russia Considers Introducing Compulsory Licensing for Copyrights

JD Supra Law

On August 19, Russian State Duma member Andrey Kuznetsov introduced a bill on compulsory licensing of copyrights that allows the courts to approve compulsory licenses for content and other copyrightable objects not available in Russia.

Early patent licensing strategy, investment helped GE Licensing revolutionise LED displays

IAM Magazine

As its PFS licensing programme turns 10, GE’s IP executives reflect on lessons learned in cracking a brand new market

Copyright Office Issues NPRM to Correct MLC’s ‘Erroneous’ Dispute Policy on Post-Termination Blanket License Royalties

IP Watchdog

Copyright Office issued a notice of proposed rulemaking (NPRM) in the Federal Register to clarify the application of the derivative works exception to copyright termination rights within the context of blanket licenses administered under the Music Modernization Act (MMA).

AAP Sues Maryland over eBook Licensing Law

The Illusion of More

The post AAP Sues Maryland over eBook Licensing Law appeared first on The Illusion of More. Copyright eBook licensing Featured libraries Maryland Publisher

Invention Licensing Today May Be Easier for Some Without Patents Than With

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Litigation News People Research Transactions Uncategorized Videos 7-Eleven Disney entrepreneur From creator to entrepreneur inventor Inventors inventRight licensing Michael Jordan open innovation patents Taylor Swift the Center for Intellectual Property Understanding Understanding IP Matters Walmar

Publishers Win Preliminary Injunction Against Maryland Law that Requires Licensing Digital Works to Libraries

IP Watchdog

District Court for the District of Maryland when the court granted their request for a preliminary injunction enjoining enforcement of the Maryland Act, which essentially calls for compulsory licensing of electronic literary works to libraries on “reasonable terms”.

[Guest post] 'Can't Be Evil' NFT license - A tentative NFT worldwide license standard

The IPKat

Here's what Paolo writes: 'Can't Be Evil' NFT license – A tentative NFT worldwide license standard by Paolo Maria Gangi Can't Be Evil. Universal license - a set of NFT CC licenses under the name 'Can’t Be Evil'. Why a CC license?

Patent Licensing is a Risky Business: Let the Market Strike the Balance

IP Watchdog

Patent licensing and technology transfer is a cornerstone of modern economies, where the efficiencies of collaboration and division of labor do not require firms to be vertically integrated.

NFT Licensing: Three Mistakes to Avoid

JD Supra Law

Introduction - The non-fungible token, known as the “NFT,” has risen to prominence in the digital assets market as a new asset class. NFTs saw US$17.7 billion in sales in 2021 alone. By: K&L Gates LLP

IP Forecast: Jury To Hear Apple-Ericsson Licensing Battle

IP Law 360

A federal jury in Marshall, Texas, next week will hear long-simmering arguments from Apple that Ericsson isn't licensing its assortment of cellular patents considered essential to 4G and 5G standards at fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory rates

Open Licenses: An Overview of Open Licenses for Images, Photos, Videos, and Software

JD Supra Law

This article aims to shed some light on various open licenses and how to. Non-profit organizations often use third-party images, photos, videos, or software in their everyday operations.

Ensuring Access to TB drugs: Is Compulsory License the Way?


Ensuring Access to TB drugs: Is Compulsory License the Way? As pointed out above, the petitioner in the case suggested that compulsory license is the “only way” to ensure accessibility to the drugs in contention. This Post has been co-authored by Rahul Bajaj and Praharsh Gour.

Merchandise License Agreements

JD Supra Law

Rights holders are almost always looking for ways to monetize the intellectual property (IP) that they own or license.

How patent pools have fuelled technology licensing

IAM Magazine

As Via Licensing marks its 20th anniversary, its journey illustrates the importance of collaborative working – as well as the challenges to overcome

Licensing Strategies for the Visual Artist

Art Law Journal

Corporate Law Book Authorship Contract Negotiation Contracts LicensingSteve Schlackman. Don't be at a disadvantage when negotiating against an experienced opposing party. Here a few things to consider to even the playing field.

Supreme Court of Canada Decision Undermines Canada’s Collective Licensing System: A Parliamentary Fix is Needed

Hugh Stephens Blog

Why Songwriters Should Care About Inflation Protection for Mechanical Licenses

The Trichordist

In more words, classic stagflation occurs when supply side shocks lead to the… Read more "Why Songwriters Should Care About Inflation Protection for Mechanical Licenses". [This post first appeared on MusicTech.Solutions] By Chris Castle In a word: Stagflation. Maybe.

Evolving Trends For IP Licenses in NFT Terms and Conditions

JD Supra Law

With the proliferation of non-fungible tokens (“NFTs”), particularly in the art space, an interesting and potentially groundbreaking practice has developed where certain intellectual property (“IP”) pertaining to the NFTs is licensed to the NFT buyers and their subsequent transferees.

Adapting Opera in the Age of COVID: From “Grand Rights” to “Synchronization Licenses”

Hugh Stephens Blog

The operas have been selected— Die Walküre, Death in Venice and Don Giovanni–costumes and properties designed, lead … Continue reading "Adapting Opera in the Age of COVID: From “Grand Rights” to “Synchronization Licenses

SpicyIP Tidbits: Compulsory License on Mira Behn’s Autobiography, and Stricter Test of Similarity of Marks for Medicinal Products


Kirloskar Press, the Bombay High Court (BHC) began proceedings on what may become the first instance of a literary work being compulsory licensed in India. As such, the petitioner approached the court under Section 32 of the Copyright Act for a compulsory license.

How to License Your Art Successfully

Art Law Journal

Art licensing today is a lucrative industry and a great way to supplement your art income. Find out how to approach buyers that may want to license your art or whether it is better for you to just hire a licensing agent to do it for you. Steve Schlackman.

Understanding Compulsory Licensing and Access to Essentials


This is where the concept of compulsory licensing gains popular attention. What is Compulsory Licensing? Where it is known as compulsory licensing in reference to patents, it is known as statutory licenses in reference to copyright and related rights.

LES 2021 Royalty Survey Reports: Licensing Market Update, a Look Back, and an LES Royalty Valuation Method in the Making

IP Watchdog

On September 26, Licensing Executives Society (LES) USA and Canada published the LES High Tech Sector Royalty Rates & Deal Terms Survey Report 2021.

Creative Commons and NFTs – is CC licensing compatible with the new technologies?

Kluwer Copyright Blog

This article provides a brief overview of the use of Creative Commons licensing in relation to NFTs based on the Creative Commons’ FAQ page linked above. Creative Commons Licensing. Another curious question arises when someone mints an NFT of a CC-licensed work.

Copyright and Licensing Around the World

Velocity of Content

The long-awaited decision from the Copyright Tribunal on license tariffs in the university sector has not yet been delivered. . The post Copyright and Licensing Around the World appeared first on Copyright Clearance Center

Zolgensma and the Inadequacies of the Compulsory Licensing Regime


Zolgensma and the Inadequacies of the Compulsory Licensing Regime. Compulsory Licensing: Chinks in the Armor. The TRIPS Agreement has incorporated certain fail-safes in the form of Compulsory Licenses for when patents are seen to be acting contrary to public need.