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Space Jam and the Future of Sync Licensing

Plagiarism Today

The post Space Jam and the Future of Sync Licensing appeared first on Plagiarism Today. The owners of the theme from Space Jam have filed a series of lawsuits targeting those who use the song in videos. Here's why that matters.

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3 Count: Nonexclusive License

Plagiarism Today

The post 3 Count: Nonexclusive License appeared first on Plagiarism Today. Lawsuit against artist dismissed, filmmakers want former VPN operator arrested, and Nickelback wins long-running case over Rockstar.

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YouTube Aims to Simplify Music Licensing

Plagiarism Today

Specifically, YouTube is taking steps to make it easier for YouTubers to license popular music for their videos. Entitled Creator Music, the system makes it easy to for YouTubers to license available songs and maintain monetization of their videos. To that end, there are two ways that video creators can license the traciks.

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NFT License Breakdown: Exploring Different Marketplaces and Associated License Issues

Intellectual Property Law Blog

In the attached article , we examine some of the differences between these types of marketplaces and business models, highlight some of the varying license terms of these marketplaces and discuss why IP owners who license their IP for NFTs often are best served by developing their own licenses to be used in connection with sale of their NFTs.

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My Concerns with the ‘Can’t Be Evil’ NFT Licenses

Plagiarism Today

Last month, a study published by The Galaxy examined the top 25 most valuable NFT projects and found that, despite many understanding that NFTs transferred either the copyright or the license in the original work, only 1 in 25 of those projects even attempted to do as such. Understanding the “Can’t Be Evil” Licenses.

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Top legal issues to think about in China-related licensing transactions

JD Supra Law

This article provides a general overview of certain Chinese legal considerations for licensing and collaboration deals in the life sciences industry. In particular, this article focuses on two types of transactions. By: Hogan Lovells

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Limited Licensing: An introductory overview

IP and Legal Filings

Intellectual Property License is an agreement between the owner of the Intellectual Property and the party to whom the rights are being given in exchange for a fee or royalty. The present article looks into a comprehensive landscape of Limited License. The IP Owner and the third party are the licensor and the licensee respectively.