Misleading Bloomberg Law Post Claims IP Litigation Finance is for Investors, Not Inventors

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Opinions run hot and facts loose when it comes to describing providers of litigation capital, especially if the funds are used in support of plaintiffs Continue reading.

SEP litigation

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This litigation began in 2019, when Optis accused Apple of infringing 8 of its patents, claiming to be essential for the 3G and 4G standards. La entrada SEP litigation se publicó primero en OlarteMoure | Intellectual Property. Litigation and ADR News Newsletter Patents


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Dualism in IP litigation

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La entrada Dualism in IP litigation se publicó primero en OlarteMoure | Intellectual Property. Litigation and ADR News Newsletter ip litigation litigation

Ramey & Schwaller is Seeking a Litigation Attorney

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Ramey & Schwaller is looking for a litigation attorney with 3-5 years of litigation experience in federal court. This is a fun, very active position with immediate exposure to all aspects of patent litigation.

IPWatchdog’s Patent Litigation Masters: Waving a Wand to Fix U.S. Patent Litigation

IP Watchdog

Day two of IPWatchdog’s Patent Litigation Masters Program yesterday included panels on IP Finance, Mega Verdicts in Patent Litigation, Expert Witnesses and the Fintiv Saga.

Report: ANDA Litigation is Declining

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Last week, Patexia released its second annual ANDA Litigation Intelligence Report in which we covered the rankings, statistics and comprehensive analysis of abbreviated new drug application (ANDA) and Hatch-Waxman stakeholders.

Blockchain Patents and Litigation

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Blockchain has the potential to be the new frontier of innovation and a disruptor of existing technologies, and with this, has the potential for significant patent litigation.

Some common outcomes when pursuing patent litigation

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Patents protect intellectual property, but they are most effective when the holder is willing to defend them using litigation. It may involve jury trials, bench trials or even a subsequent appeal to the Circuit Court. By: Hudnell Law Group

mRNA Patent Litigation: The ‘Sport of Kings’


Some argue that neither Moderna nor BioNTech-Pfizer nor Curevac and others who are litigating this tech own the technology – it belongs to the world and is in public domain ( here also). Image from here.

Understanding the Challenges of Patent Litigation Discovery


The post Understanding the Challenges of Patent Litigation Discovery appeared first on IP.com - IP Innovation and Analytics. Patent Filing & Litigation

Litigation as a Source of Profit? Non-Practicing Entities and Patent Litigation


Litigation is almost always recommended to be avoided , whether because of the sheer amount of time needed to get a court date, the expensive costs for the client and law firm, or the risks associated with receiving an unfavorable judgement.

Benefits and pitfalls of alternative litigation funding

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Intellectual property litigation is expensive. And while such pragmatism has its place, many litigants find themselves wishing there was a way to fund litigation without putting significant financial resources at.

Patent Litigation in the United States, 1980 to 2020

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Is patent litigation out of control? Has patent litigation ever been out of control? I initially started this research in 1997, while working on my Master’s thesis, which dealt with patent litigation and the use of alternative dispute resolution.

NFT Litigation From Around the World

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We’ve previously written about the rise in NFT litigation in the United States. Not surprisingly, the global interest in this new genre of cryptographic assets has occasioned an inevitable increase in disputes involving NFTs in other parts of the world.

Ramey & Schwaller is Seeking a Litigation Attorney

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Ramey & Schwaller, LLP is looking for a litigation attorney with 3-5 years of litigation experience in federal court. This is a fun, very active full-time permanent position with immediate exposure to all aspects of patent litigation.

Faegre Drinker Biddle & Reath is Seeking an IP Litigation Associate

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Faegre Drinker is actively recruiting a litigation associate to join their thriving Intellectual Property practice. jobs Legal Position Litigation Attorney Position Litigation Attorneys litigation jobs Litigation Lawyers

How China counsel budget for IP litigation and control costs

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Counsel at four companies discuss litigation budgets, recession, external funding options, and how they control costs. Default Analysis Asia Pacific China IP Strategy Trademarks Patents

Litigation Under COVID 19 in Colombia

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COVID 19 quarantines and social distancing have upset every single part of our lives, and litigation in Colombia has definitely not been the exception. So, how is litigation being handled at the moment in Colombia? Partner | Litigation and ADR Director.

AIPPI Congress (Report 2): Ethics in Funding IP Litigation

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One panel session she was unable to get to was on the Ethics in Funding IP Litigation moderated by Gustavo de Freitas Morais ( Managing Partner at Dannemann Siemsen ). Over to Emily : "The panel started by introducing the different structures for financing litigation.

Tysabri® (natalizumab) Litigation Begins

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On September 9, 2022, Biogen Inc. and Biogen MA Inc. Plaintiffs”) filed suit against Sandoz Inc., Sandoz International GMBH, Sandoz GMBH, and Polpharma Biologics S.A. collectively, “Defendants”) in the District of Delaware concerning twenty-eight different patents.

Hermès’ Challenge of ‘MetaBirkin’ NFTs Foretells Future Trademark Litigation Trends

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Business Guest Contributors IP News IPWatchdog Articles Litigation Technology & Innovation Trademark Birkin Guest Contributor Hermes intellectual property Metabirkin metaverse NFTs non-fungible tokens Rogers v.

Brazil: Patent litigation

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Additionally, there are courts specialised in IP matters, such as the state courts of Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo, where most litigation is filed

Greece: Patent litigation

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The complexity of most patent disputes makes it imperative that litigants entrust their cases to lawyers who specialise in IP protection Only lawyers (ie, attorneys at law) who are members of a Greek bar association may represent parties before the Greek civil courts, without restriction.

Litigating Patents in Texas: IPWatchdog LIVE Panel Notes Order Curbing Albright May Soon Be Revoked

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Courts IP News IPWatchdog Articles Litigation Patents Technology & Innovation

Presenting the Evidence for Patent Eligibility Reform: Part III – Case Studies and Litigation Data Highlight Additional Evidence of Harm

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As another form of harm, the vagueness and breadth of the Alice/Mayo framework have also enabled accused infringers to transmogrify Section 101 into a litigation weapon in inappropriate cases that has created unnecessary burdens and costs on innovators and the courts.

Remote litigation divide may shape court selection: counsel

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Litigators debate what proceedings are best done remotely and whether courts’ differing approaches will affect forum shopping. Default Analysis United States IP Strategy Patents

New-Parent Attorneys Need Automatic Litigation Stays

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To facilitate parental leave for solo practitioners and small-firm attorneys excluded from the Family and Medical Leave Act's protections, the American Bar Association should amend its rules to implement automatic litigation stays for attorneys welcoming a new child, says attorney Gabriel Levy

Is Commercial Agency Litigation in Colombia over?

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Such broad definition traditionally implies that almost every commercial relationship will end in a Commercial Agency litigation if not properly limited by the parties from its beginning. Felipe Acosta Partner | Litigation and ADR Director felipe.acosta@olartemoure.com.

Litigation Funders Seek Transparency In Disclosure Debate

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Litigation funders want to correct the record on calls for funding disclosure in the name of transparency, as this purported justification obscures the disclosure's adverse effects — prejudicing plaintiffs' cases and discouraging the assertion of meritorious legal claims, say Dai Wai Chin Feman and William Weisman at Parabellum Capital

Cooperative v. Kollective CAFC Decision Demonstrates Virtues of Consistent and Candid Patent Prosecution and Litigation

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This case demonstrates how an invention that is potentially assailable on eligibility grounds can be given its best chance by a focused, consistent and synergistic patent prosecution and litigation strategy.

SEP/FRAND Disputes: Arbitration or Litigation?

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Disputes as to the licensing of standard-essential patents (SEP) and determination of fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory (FRAND) terms are typically resolved through either negotiation or litigation in national courts.

Qualcomm legal counsel: ‘we seldom bring plaintiff-side litigation’

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Qualcomm’s vice president and legal counsel, John Scott, reflects on the rise of litigation finance and what he wants in private practice lawyers. Default Interviews United States Patents IP Strategy

Life Sciences Litigation Update - October 2022

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See Carbon Offsets: A Coming Wave of Litigation? USPTO Climate Change Mitigation Pilot Program - Mitigating climate change has become a key issue in many areas of the law.

Litigation Blackmail: Sanctions for Gaming IPR System


by Dennis Crouch. OpenSky Indus v. VLSI , IPR 2021-1064 (Before Dir. Vidal). Stepping-in like a court of equity, Dir. Vidal today issued a Precedential Order finding that OpenSky had abused the IPR process. OpenSky filed its IPR petition soon after VLSI won a $2 billion judgment against Intel.

Ramey LLP is Seeking a Litigation Attorney

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Ramey LLP is looking for a litigation attorney with at least 3 years of litigation experience. This is a fun, very active position with immediate exposure to all aspects of patent litigation.

Mexico: Patent litigation

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In our experience, a tailor-made mix of enforcement actions (eg, infringement claims, preliminary measures and public-awareness campaigns) provide the best results

New IP Monetization Models Will Rely Less on Litigation in 2022

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Business Guest Contributors Holiday Posts IP News IPWatchdog Articles Licensing Litigation Patents 2022 outlook Guest Contributor innovation intellectual property IP monetization NFTs patent Patent Litigation Social Media technology The Intangible Investor

United States: Patent litigation

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The various types of US patent tribunals – district courts, the ITC and the PTAB – are not bound by rulings from others of those bodies unless affirmed on appeal. Rulings from foreign jurisdictions typically have little persuasive value unless the issues under consideration are virtually identical

Japan: Patent litigation

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Japanese courts have highly specialised divisions dedicated to IP-related cases. In particular, a chief judge of each division has extensive experience in patent infringement lawsuits

Germany: Patent litigation

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The ‘silver bullet’ for patent owners is an infringement action on the merits, filed with one of the top German courts for patent infringement (ie, Dusseldorf, Mannheim or Munich