Is Your Website Published or Unpublished?

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That question is whether the descriptions were “published” or “unpublished” according to the law when they were put on FDN’s website. However, applying terms like “published” and “unpublished” to a website is complicated. The post Is Your Website Published or Unpublished?

Publishing & Antitrust

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On May 15, as part of the 2022 BIO Conference , cosponsored with the Leon Levy Center for Biography , I hosted a panel discussion on the future of publishing. Publishing & Antitrust. “If The post Publishing & Antitrust appeared first on Copyright Clearance Center.


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Small Batch Publishing

Velocity of Content

So why not “small-batch publishing”? Caleb Mason runs Publerati , his independent publishing enterprise, from his home on Vinalhaven , a coastal Maine island reached by a 75-minute ferry ride. Small Batch Publishing.

Publishers Win Preliminary Injunction Against Maryland Law that Requires Licensing Digital Works to Libraries

IP Watchdog

Publishers scored a win yesterday in the U.S. The lawsuit was brought by the Association of American Publishers (AAP) against the state of Maryland and charged that the Maryland Act was preempted by the U.S.

UK – DCMS publishes an updated Digital Strategy

JD Supra Law

On 13 June 2022, the UK’s Department of Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) published its 2022 Digital Strategy (the Strategy). By: Allen & Overy LLP

Books, e-Books, Authors, Publishers and Libraries: A Complex Relationship?

Hugh Stephens Blog

… Continue reading "Books, e-Books, Authors, Publishers and Libraries: A Complex Relationship

Major Publishers Expand Sci-Hub, Libgen and Ebook Piracy Blocking


Publishers are therefore desperate to prevent people from accessing their premium content from pirate sites. The Publishers Association. The Publishers Association is not the only group of its type utilizing blocking orders in the UK.

Publishing Unites Against War, Putin

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Publishing Unites Against War, Putin. The international publishing community reacted similarly. The post Publishing Unites Against War, Putin appeared first on Copyright Clearance Center

Do News Publishers “Own” the News? (And Should They be Compensated when Others use News Content they Publish?)?

Hugh Stephens Blog

The issue of whether news publishers should receive compensation when their content is used by “others” (such as internet platforms, specifically Facebook and Google) has become a hot topic in a number of countries of late.

Ethics in Publishing Gets Its Own Journal

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Fraud, plagiarism, misinformation, and misdirection – they are all toxins polluting scholarly publishing like chemicals tainting a water supply. Ethics in Publishing Gets Its Own Journal. First of all, we’re really into niches here in the publishing program.

ResearchGate Wins (& Loses) Scientific Publishers’ Copyright Lawsuit


Its users, which currently number around 20 million, are able to upload content to the platform, which at times includes published research papers. Publishers: ResearchGate is Responsible For Illegal Content. From the publishers’ side, this is a victory for them.

The Publishers Association Ramps Up Site Blocking to Reduce Piracy


The Publishers Association Seeks to Limit Workarounds. Until recently, there had been no public sign to suggest that The Publishers Association intended to take things further. Publishing Anti-Piracy Groups Remain Active.

Music Publishers Launch Crackdown on Copyright Infringing Apps


In recent years music publishers have repeatedly spoken out against online platforms that use their music without a proper license. As compensation for the alleged infringing activity, the music publishers demand compensation.

Music 100

Press publishers’ right: social media enter the stage

Kluwer Copyright Blog

On 21 st October 2021, Facebook announced that it has reached an agreement with APIG , an association of French press publishers, committing itself to the payment of licensing fees pursuant to the press publishers’ right introduced by the 2019 Copyright Directive.

Books and Supply Chains: A Christmas Challenge for Authors, Publishers and Booksellers

Hugh Stephens Blog

Two days later a fire broke out aboard the … Continue reading "Books and Supply Chains: A Christmas Challenge for Authors, Publishers and Booksellers

Publishing Research Directions

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Publishing Research Directions. The post Publishing Research Directions appeared first on Copyright Clearance Center

How Can News Publishers Best Protect Their Content? The US Copyright Office Explores Options

Hugh Stephens Blog

This past October, the US Copyright Office (USCO) announced it would be undertaking “a public study to evaluate the effectiveness of current copyright protections for publishers in the United States, with a focus on press publishers.”

US Copyright Office advises not to introduce ancillary copyright protection for press publishers in the US

The IPKat

But is the EU press publishers’ right a model for other legislatures to follow too? In a report released last week, the Copyright Office advised against adopting additional rights for press publishers.

Another Poke in the Eye for Authors and Publishers from New Zealand’s Libraries?

Hugh Stephens Blog

Guest Post: Press Publishers’ Rights In Indian News Media Digital Space


We are pleased to bring you a guest post by Mili Baxi, on the development of a publisher’s right in digital media. European Union and Australian Approach for Press Publishers’ Interest. Copyright copyright press publisher's right

A New Normal Emerges for Publishing

Velocity of Content

A New Normal Emerges for Publishing. When the pandemic struck the year in 2020, forecasts for publishing were dire. Thad McIlroy , co-author of COVID-19 and Book Publishing: Impacts and Insights for 2021 , reviews publishing’s pandemic performance from multiple angles.

Major Manga Publishers Prepare to Sue Cloudflare Over Pirate Sites


Major Manga Publishers Prepare to Sue Cloudflare. Major manga publishers Shueisha, Kodansha, Shogakukan and Kadokawa are no strangers to legal action against pirate sites and their operators.

Data Direction for Publishers

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For generations, editors and publishers have relied on gut intuition when making book acquisitions and sales projections. Data Direction for Publishers. Dr. Rachel Noorda is director of book publishing and an assistant professor in English, at Portland State University.

Publishers Team Up Against Apparent Counterfeit Distributor

BYU Copyright Blog

On August 13, 2021, McGraw Hill LLC; Bedford, Freeman & Worth Publishing Group, LLC d/b/a Macmillan Learning; Cengage Learning, Inc.; collectively, the “Publishers”) filed a lawsuit against Radius International, Inc.

Defensive Publishing Mistakes (and Potential Consequences)

The post Defensive Publishing Mistakes (and Potential Consequences) appeared first on - IP Innovation and Analytics. Writing a great defensive publication, or defensive disclosure, is more than checking for spelling mistakes and grammatical errors.

The Growing Threat of Trademark Scams – article published by ABA

Erik K Pelton

Published in Landslide , Vol. The post The Growing Threat of Trademark Scams – article published by ABA appeared first on Erik M Pelton & Associates, PLLC. I recently co-wrote and article with Olivia Muller about the never ending threat of trademark scams.

Browser Extension Adds Sci-Hub Download Links to Publishers’ Websites


Praised by all who find its services useful or even vital, Sci-Hub also has to deal with attacks from publishing giants who would prefer to see the platform taken offline, or blocked by ISPs wherever that is a viable option. “Inject freedom into science publisher websites, with style.

Publishers Further Delay Office Return

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Publishers Further Delay Office Return. As 2022 opens, the major publishers here in NY have delayed plans to come back to the office,” Albanese tells CCC. “In The post Publishers Further Delay Office Return appeared first on Copyright Clearance Center

Saving Copyright for UK Authors & Publishers

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Already, the government is considering post-Brexit changes to copyright that authors and publishers fear may hit them hard. The issue that’s being looked at here is an author or a publisher’s fundamental right to control the distribution of their books in the UK.

Publishers & Internet Archive Both Seek Piracy Lawsuit Win Without Full Trial


In the summer of 2020, publishers Hachette, HarperCollins, John Wiley and Penguin Random House filed a copyright infringement lawsuit against Internet Archive (IA). Publishers: IA’s Use is Not Fair.

Publishing Takes On Climate Change

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When the United Nations Climate Change Conference ( COP26 ) opens in Glasgow, Scotland on October 31, the international publishing community stands ready for action. Publishing Takes On Climate Change. In October 2020, he launched the SDG Publishers Compact with the UN.

Indian publishers call for overhaul of copyright fair use

Managing IP

Academics and publishers demand lawmakers take a balanced approach when amending the fair use provision of India’s Copyright Act

An Open Letter to Justin Trudeau: Canada’s News Publishers up the Pressure on Facebook and Google

Hugh Stephens Blog

The kind you … Continue reading "An Open Letter to Justin Trudeau: Canada’s News Publishers up the Pressure on Facebook and Google Source: National Post I was at my local newsstand the other day, perusing the morning papers.

Global publishing post-COVID: an interview with Bodour Al Qasimi

WIPO Magazine

President of the International Publishers’ Association, Sheika Bodour bint Sultan Al Qasimi discusses the challenges confronting publishers in the post-COVID era

Sci-Hub Only Option For Academics In Russia After Major Publishers Pull Out


Major Academic Publishers End Sales in Russia. In line with other Western entities choosing to boycott Russia, 15 major companies with a virtual monopoly on scientific publishing decided that enough is enough. The publishers put their ban in place before it could renew its licenses.

Why the implementation of the Italian press publishers’ right might not be compatible with EU Law

Kluwer Copyright Blog

Much has been said about the press publishers’ right, introduced by Article 15 of the Directive on Copyright in the Digital Single Market (CDSM). The Italian press publishers’ “creative” negotiation and licensing scheme. Image via needpix.

Supply Chain Issues Worry Publishers

Velocity of Content

On Tuesday, the Book Industry Study Group hosted a webinar and discussion that outlined concerns for publishing’s supply chain in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic. Supply Chain Issues Worry Publishers. Publishers were told to consider domestic digital printing, for example.

Tackling Publishing’s Supply Chain Struggles

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Indeed, given ongoing supply chains troubles, many authors and publishers around the country could sympathize with her predicament. Tackling Publishing’s Supply Chain Struggles. Chris Lyons, president and publisher, Book Business , moderated the discussion.

Empowered to negotiate or obliged to contract? Lessons from the Italian implementation of the press publishers’ right

Kluwer Copyright Blog

By introducing the press publishers’ right in art. 15 of the Directive on Copyright in the Digital Single Market (CDSM), the EU legislator wanted to aid press publishers in licensing and enforcing their rights in press publications.

Proposed Amendments to the Canadian Copyright Act: A Much Needed or Rushed Saviour for the Educational Publishing Industry?


In particular, the federal government pledged to amend the Copyright Act to protect and ensure the longevity of the educational publishing industry. However, I also recognize the sense of urgency from the Canadian educational publishing industry.