Do News Publishers “Own” the News? (And Should They be Compensated when Others use News Content they Publish?)?

Hugh Stephens Blog

The issue of whether news publishers should receive compensation when their content is used by “others” (such as internet platforms, specifically Facebook and Google) has become a hot topic in a number of countries of late.

The Publishers Association Ramps Up Site Blocking to Reduce Piracy


The Publishers Association Seeks to Limit Workarounds. Until recently, there had been no public sign to suggest that The Publishers Association intended to take things further. Publishing Anti-Piracy Groups Remain Active.


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Data Direction for Publishers

Velocity of Content

For generations, editors and publishers have relied on gut intuition when making book acquisitions and sales projections. Data Direction for Publishers. Dr. Rachel Noorda is director of book publishing and an assistant professor in English, at Portland State University.

The Growing Threat of Trademark Scams – article published by ABA

Erik K Pelton

Published in Landslide , Vol. The post The Growing Threat of Trademark Scams – article published by ABA appeared first on Erik M Pelton & Associates, PLLC. I recently co-wrote and article with Olivia Muller about the never ending threat of trademark scams.

Defensive Publishing Mistakes (and Potential Consequences)

The post Defensive Publishing Mistakes (and Potential Consequences) appeared first on - IP Innovation and Analytics. Writing a great defensive publication, or defensive disclosure, is more than checking for spelling mistakes and grammatical errors.

Saving Copyright for UK Authors & Publishers

Velocity of Content

Already, the government is considering post-Brexit changes to copyright that authors and publishers fear may hit them hard. The issue that’s being looked at here is an author or a publisher’s fundamental right to control the distribution of their books in the UK.

Ranks of Top Publishers in 2020 Announced

Velocity of Content

The arrival of October usually would mean the publishing world starts packing for Frankfurt Book Fair. The world’s largest publishing trade show went virtual in 2020. Ranks of Top Publishers in 2020 Announced.

Global publishing post-COVID: an interview with Bodour Al Qasimi

WIPO Magazine

President of the International Publishers’ Association, Sheika Bodour bint Sultan Al Qasimi discusses the challenges confronting publishers in the post-COVID era

Peer Review, a Critical Step in Scholarly & Scientific Publishing

Velocity of Content

Scientific peer review may be thought of as something a lot like the QA component of the software development process – that is, it is essentially the QA step for the production of high-quality articles which are published in high quality journals.

Hollywood and Publisher Injunctions Lead to New UK ISP Piracy Blocks


Additional copyright holders have also blocked sites that offer live sports and publishing content such as scientific papers and books. Publishers Maintain the Pressure.

An Open Letter to Justin Trudeau: Canada’s News Publishers up the Pressure on Facebook and Google

Hugh Stephens Blog

The kind you … Continue reading "An Open Letter to Justin Trudeau: Canada’s News Publishers up the Pressure on Facebook and Google Source: National Post I was at my local newsstand the other day, perusing the morning papers.

Internet Archive Wants Publishers’ Sales Data to Show Digital Library Doesn’t Hurt Sales


The service was not appreciated by book publishers. Publishers Sue IA For Copyright Infringement. HarperCollins Publishers LLC, John Wiley & Sons, Inc., Thus far, however, the publishers haven’t been prepared to offer data, at least to the extent requested by IA.

Partnering for Innovative Business Models for Open Access Publishing at Frankfurt Book Fair

Velocity of Content

From 11-15 October, Frankfurt will offer its new Masterclasses, 60-minute lectures featuring insights into exciting future markets as well as topical issues in publishing.

Publishers: Internet Archive’s Sales Data Demand is “Burdensome and Irrelevant”


Last June, publishers Hachette, HarperCollins, John Wiley and Penguin Random House sued the Internet Archive for copyright infringement , describing its ‘Open Library’ as operating like a pirate site. Publishers Respond to Internet Archive’s Request.

Rare Books Publisher Valancourt Versus The Deposit Requirement

The Illusion of More

On July 23, the District Court for the District of Columbia denied publisher Valancourt’s claims that the requirement to provide deposit copies of U.S. The post Rare Books Publisher Valancourt Versus The Deposit Requirement appeared first on The Illusion of More.

Songwriters and Publishers Ask the MLC: Where’s my money?–MusicTechPolicy

The Trichordist

For seven months, The MLC has sat on $424 Million of songwriters' money. Songwriters ask, "Where's My Money?". Black Box MLC Meltdown Redesignation of The MLC Songwriter News Songwriter Rights The MLC

Australian High Court Says Facebook Accountholders “Publish” Third-Party Defamatory Comments–Fairfax Media v. Voller

Technology & Marketing Law Blog

A dispositive legal question is whether or not the Facebook accountholders “published” the users’ allegedly defamatory comments. The lower court held that the accountholders did publish the users’ comments.

Government publishes legislation programme for Autumn 2021

LexBlog IP

The Government has published its legislation programme for Autumn 2021. The Heads of Bill were published on 9 January 2020, with additional provisions approved on 8 December 2020 and 18 May 2021. The General Scheme of the Bill has been published for public consultation. In 2016, the government published a policy document discussing why this area of law needs to be amended (discussed here ).

When Is a Song Published?

Dear Rich IP Blog

Dear Rich: I'm about to submit a copyright application and have a question about whether or not a song is considered published. If I send copies to a few people, is that considered "published," or does it have to be a mass distribution, like a sale?

Eighth Circuit to Realty Companies: Try Fair Use Next Time to Legally Publish Floorplans

IP Watchdog

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit yesterday reversed a Missouri district court’s grant of summary judgment for a group of real estate companies relating to copyright infringement claims brought by an architect over floorplans.

Applicants watch out – TIPO publishes stricter examination guidelines

IAM Magazine

The Taiwan Intellectual Property Office has tightened its rules on amending claims and specifications. In particular, it is vital that applicants disclose the correct numerical values and ranges of values in the original claim, as any amendments to these will no longer be accepted.

Reasons for an EBA referral on plausibility, post-published evidence and problem-solution

The IPKat

During appeal proceedings, the patentee provided post-published documents which contained further data showing synergy between thiamethoxam and compounds of formula 1a. As such, it was argued, the post-published documents should not be taken into account.

Publisher’s Co-Authorship Claim Arises Under Copyright Act, Invoking Exclusive Federal Jurisdiction

JD Supra Law

The US Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit reversed a district court’s dismissal of a copyright authorship dispute, finding that the district court had exclusive jurisdiction over the case because a book publisher’s claim of co-authorship arose under the federal Copyright Act, not state contract law. Di Angelo Publ’ns, Inc. Kelley, Case No.

New referral expected to the EBA on the use of post-published data to support inventive step

The IPKat

Chilo suppressalis ~ Target of insecticides The decision to refer the question of post-published evidence to the EBA is provided in the minutes of oral proceedings of the appeal case (T 0116/18).

European Commission publishes finalised Article 28 SCCs

LexBlog IP

In addition to issuing new Standard Contractual Clauses ( SCCs ) for international transfers of personal data to a third country outside the EEA, the European Commission has also published the finalised Article 28 SCCs for use between controllers and processors.

TTAB Publishes Form for Nominating a Decision for Designation as "Precedential"

The TTABlog

A number of trademark practitioners believe that the TTAB should be issuing more precedential decisions.The Board has recently made available a form for nominating a Board decision as precedential. link here ). This submission form allows nomination of an issued decision of the Board for designation as precedential. A nomination may be anonymous.

IP STARS 2021: firm rankings for patent work published

Managing IP

Find out which firms were ranked for patent protection and litigation work in the 2021 edition of IP STARS

Kee Published in New Orleans CityBusiness on Non-Competition Agreements Under Louisiana Law

LexBlog IP

Kee, a partner in the Labor & Employment Practice Group and a member of the trade secrets and fair competition team, authored the article “ Do’s and Don’ts for Non-Competition Agreements Under Louisiana Law ” featured in New Orleans CityBusiness. provides an outline of La.

Acquisition of Prince’s Disputed Estate is Key to Unlocking His Diverse IP Holdings

IP Close Up

Litigation News People Places Research Transactions Uncategorized Comerica Bank & Trust copyright IP Watchdog IRS Love Symbol #2 music publishing music royalties Primary Wave Prince the Artist Formerly Known as Prince trademark Welcome 2 America

Music 88

Copyright Ownership in State Board Textbooks: Impediments to Accessibility


Government’s Role as Publisher and Copyright Owner. The Government’s involvement in publishing is historically rooted in increasing accessibility of knowledge for the public [pgs 63-68]. The government’s role as a publisher can allow it to set affordable prices and distribute widely.

CMS has Published the 2022 Medicare Physician Fee Schedule Proposed Rule

LexBlog IP

The 2022 Medicare Physician Fee Schedule was proposed and published by CMS on Friday, July 23, 2021. Here is the link: [link]. Employment & Labor Intellectual Property Personal Injury

Roblox is Latest Online Platform to Settle NMPA Copyright Claims with Collaborative Music Licensing Agreement

IP Watchdog

On September 27, the National Music Publishers’ Association (NMPA) and online game platform provider Roblox announced that the two parties had settled ongoing copyright litigation in the Central District of California over Roblox’s unauthorized use of copyrighted music on its online gaming platform.

Music 70

Terminate Copyright Grants Correctly or Risk Losing Your Rights

Trademark, Copyright, and Unfair Competition Law B

Rowling was famously paid just 2,500 pounds (3,500 dollars at today’s exchange rate) for the right to publish the first Harry Potter manuscript after being rejected by one dozen publishers. Copyright entertainment published works termination rights

Pandemic Push: Royalty-Based Business Model for Better Downstream Revenue for Musicians


As a practice, artists enter into contracts with publishers which grant them ownership of the work to commercially exploit it and collect the royalties it earns. Then these earnings are split between the publishers and artists based on the terms of the contract between them.

Other Barks & Bites for Friday, October 15: TRIPS IP Waiver Negotiations Heat Up, CAFC Finds No Due Process Violations in Mobility Workx, and the Copyright Office Will Study Copyright Protections for News Publishers

IP Watchdog

This week in Other Barks & Bites: the U.S.

“OK Boomer, Trademark Try For ‘COVID’ Is A Real Karen Move” Published in Law360

Greenspoon Marder LLP

The post “OK Boomer, Trademark Try For ‘COVID’ Is A Real Karen Move” Published in Law360 appeared first on Greenspoon Marder LLP. Greenspoon Marder IP attorneys Sharon Urias and Justin McNaughton were featured in Law360‘s article “OK Boomer, Trademark Try For ‘COVID’ Is A Real Karen Move” summarizing their You, Me & IP webinar which covered some of the latest trademark application trends. Click here to view the full article.

Towards the national transpositions of the DSM Directive: various techniques to. do as you please

The IPKat

The proposed Italian press publishers’ right One of most visible examples of the above is the proposed Italian transposition of Article 15 (the press publishers’ right. This said, the proposed Italian press publishers’ right looks rather different from Article 15 of the Directive.

Is Your Brand Protection Strategy Defamation-Proof?

IP Watchdog

Copyright Courts Guest Contributors IP News IPWatchdog Articles Litigation Trademark brand protection copyright defamation Guest Contributor intellectual property Internet litigation platforms publishing Social Media trademark

Decision Summary: Publishers v. Georgia State University


This article discusses the impact of a the recent federal district court decision [pdf] that, for the first time, provides colleges and university with some guidance on the use of copyrighted works for instructional purposes. Case Summary In April 2008, Cambridge University Press, Sage Publications and Oxford University Press sued officials at Georgia State University […]. Uncategorized Cambridge University Press Copyright Copyright Clearance Center Dr. K.

Does TuneCore Charge a Commission?

Dear Rich IP Blog

However, if you sign up for TuneCore Publishing Administration -- a separate arrangement that covers publishing and sync royalties -- TuneCore acquires exclusive synchronization rights and the company takes a commission of 20% for fees and royalties related to synchronization uses.

Proof of Insurance - Beware of Acord Forms (Adapted from an article to be published in the New York Business Law Journal)

GDB Firm Blog

Banks are often given an ACORD 25 "Certificate" of Liability Insurance and an ACORD 28 "Evidence" of Commercial Property Insurance as proof of insurance. ACORD is an insurance industry trade group that creates forms designed to satisfy the insurance industry, not bank mortgagees or and insurance consumers. An ACORD certificate summarizes information about insurance coverage.

John Degan’s Twitter Broadside on the Access Copyright v York University Copyright Case: Right Message; Wrong Target?

Hugh Stephens Blog

I don’t know Mr. Degan nor have I ever met him but I do know that he is a passionate defender of the interests of authors, as well as being a successful published novelist and poet himself. John Degan is Executive Director of the Writers’ Union of Canada.

Clipping Limit Exceeded


Uncategorized "Piracy" Barnes & Noble Books & Publishing Copyright DRM & Copy Protection E-Books First Sale & Exhaustion Kindle Michael Lewis The Big Short W.W. Just as K. Matthew considers moving further into the e-book world, W. Norton mucks up. Norton