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Copyright in the Age of Bots

Plagiarism Today

If you’ve had any issues with copyright over the past few years, whether you are on YouTube, Facebook or even operating your own website, it’s probable that your issue didn’t start with a human, but with a bot.

Third Circuit Says Section 230 Doesn’t Apply to Publicity Rights Claims–Hepp v. Facebook

Technology & Marketing Law Blog

The Third Circuit ruled today that Section 230 doesn’t preempt publicity rights claims because they qualify as “intellectual property” claims. This ruling directly conflicts with the Ninth Circuit’s rule, which says that all state IP claims are preempted by Section 230.


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Michelle’s Country Music Murals: An Update?

Hugh Stephens Blog

Some readers may recall two blogposts (Mural, Mural on the Wall and Were They Commissioned, One and All?) that I wrote a couple of years ago about muralist Michelle Loughery and her copyright dispute with the Merritt Walk of Stars Society.

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NFT License Breakdown: Exploring Different Marketplaces and Associated License Issues

Intellectual Property Law Blog

At least three different types of marketplaces facilitate the sale and/or resale of NFTs. These include open marketplaces, curated marketplaces and proprietary marketplaces. Other variations do exist, however, and it is likely that other alternatives will be developed.

Anatomy of a podcast brand: Trick of the trade(mark)

Erik K Pelton

Tricks of the trade(mark)® is my podcast on branding and trademark topics. You can listen to episodes (be sure to subscribe!) here: Web. Apple iTunes. Spotify. The post Anatomy of a podcast brand: Trick of the trade(mark) appeared first on Erik M Pelton & Associates, PLLC

3 Count: Embedding Battle

Plagiarism Today

Have any suggestions for the 3 Count? Let me know via Twitter @plagiarismtoday. 1: Instagram Dodges Photogs’ Copyright Lawsuit Over Embedding Feature.

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Video Gaming / E-Gaming Law Update – September 2021

JD Supra Law

Main Quest - ‘Mint’ Conditions: NFTs and Video Games - Over the course of the past year, nonfungible tokens (NFTs) have transformed from a relatively niche product for those in the cryptocurrency sector to an increasingly common way for creators and rights holders to market digital goods.

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My Declaration Identifying Emoji Co. GmbH as a Possible Trademark Troll

Technology & Marketing Law Blog

There are dozens of federal lawsuits captioned “ Emoji Company GmbH v. The Individuals, Corporations, Limited Liability Companies, Partnerships, and Unincorporated Associations Identified on Schedule A Hereto.

Monitoring for trademark infringements doesn’t need to be costly or expensive

Erik K Pelton

The following is a transcript of my video, How to Monitor for Infringements. In the past, I’ve talked about some of the ways to keep a trademark strong over time, and some of the things that brand owners must do with their trademarks even after they’re registered.

When Should You Run a Plagiarism Check of Your Work?

Plagiarism Today

As more and more schools and private companies begin using automated plagiarism detection tools, it’s becoming increasingly common for students, authors and journalists to run plagiarism detection software on their work.

Webinar on ‘Trade Secret and Access to Medicine’ by CUSAT and TWN [September22]


We’re pleased to inform you that the DPIIT IPR Chair of the Inter University Centre for IPR Studies at the Cochin University of Science and Technology and the Third World Network are jointly organizing a free webinar on “Trade Secret and Access to Medicine ” on September 22, 2021.

Art meets crypto – traditional copyright issues in a tokenized world

JD Supra Law

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) are the latest development in disruptive blockchain technology innovations, this time in the world of digital art, collectibles, and even luxury goods.

Pride in Patent Ownership Act


by Dennis Crouch. A bipartisan pair of Senators have proposed the “ Pride in Patent Ownership Act.” ” The premise is that if you own a patent, you should be proud to own the patent — and actually record your ownership interest.

Appeals Court Revives Canadian Reverse Class Action Against BitTorrent Pirates


Movie studio Voltage Pictures has gone after alleged movie pirates for many years now. The company and its subsidiaries have filed numerous lawsuits against alleged pirates in the United States, Australia, and Europe, which likely brought in substantial revenues.

Disney+ ‘Behind the Attraction’ Accused of Plagiarism

Plagiarism Today

In July 2019, YouTuber James St. Onge published a video to his YouTube Channel Art of Engineering explaining the inner workings of the Disney’s Tower of Terror thrill ride.

How to Water Your Brand for Growth

Erik K Pelton

A plant needs water to grow. What does a brand need for growth? Listen as former USPTO trademark examiner Erik Pelton shares the five key elements to watering a brand for growth. The post How to Water Your Brand for Growth appeared first on Erik M Pelton & Associates, PLLC. A plant needs water to grow. What does a brand need for growth? Listen as former USPTO trademark examiner Erik Pelton shares the five key elements to watering a brand for growth. Podcast Series: Tricks of the TRADE(MARK

Northern District of Illinois Holds That a Biosimilar Applicant Is Not a Necessary Party to a BPCIA Lawsuit

JD Supra Law

On Aug. 23, 2021, the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Illinois denied Alvotech hf.’s s motion to dismiss AbbVie’s biosimilar lawsuit involving its blockbuster arthritis drug, Humira. AbbVie Inc. et al. Alvotech HF, No. 21 C 2258, 2021 WL 3737733, at *1 (N.D. 23, 2021).

Best of 2012: Sing, sing, sing!

Likelihood of Confusion

First published August 1, 2012. John Welch suggests the musical question, “How is Section 2(a) false association like 43(c) dilution protection?” ” Great question. In other words, are the famous — The post Best of 2012: Sing, sing, sing!

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Movie Companies Demand Over $10m in Piracy Damages from LiquidVPN


A few years ago piracy-related lawsuits were pretty straightforward. Copyright holders would either sue alleged file-sharers or the operators of pirate sites.

3 Count: Swimsuit Edition

Plagiarism Today

Have any suggestions for the 3 Count? Let me know via Twitter @plagiarismtoday. 1: ‘ Sports Illustrated’ Model Sues Twitter for $10 million, Accusing its Algorithm of Contributing to Copyright infringement.

Getting a Gig: Print Promo Strategy

Art Law Journal

Take a look at our comprehensive list of printables you need to promote yourself as an artist! The post Getting a Gig: Print Promo Strategy appeared first on Art Business Journal. Marketing portfolio freelance advertising

ToolGen Files Reply Brief to CVC's Opposition to its Substantive Preliminary Motion No. 2

JD Supra Law

In June, Senior Party ToolGen filed its Substantive Preliminary Motion No. 2 to deny Junior Party the University of California, Berkeley; the University of Vienna; and Emmanuelle Charpentier (collectively, "CVC") priority benefit to its U.S. Provisional Application No.


Locking it down

Likelihood of Confusion

Every lawyer who practices in the intellectual property area is asked frequently how to go about protecting a unique or creative idea that someone fears is at risk of being. The post Locking it down appeared first on LIKELIHOOD OF CONFUSION™.

U.S. Copyright Holders Want Tougher Anti-Piracy Measures in China


The American copyright industry generates billions of dollars in annual revenue and is generally seen as one of the primary export products. Whether it’s movies, music, software or other goods, US companies are among the market leaders.

3 Count: Falling Down

Plagiarism Today

Have any suggestions for the 3 Count? Let me know via Twitter @plagiarismtoday.

Understanding the Relevance of IPR in the Fashion Industry

IP and Legal Filings

The intersection of fashion and IPR. Fashion, in 2021, has evolved to become a form of art that acts as a vehicle for cultural commentary and is not just merely restricted to the process of manufacturing apparel.

The Effect of Proposed Legislative Reform at the ITC

JD Supra Law

Last week, for the second time in two years, members of the House of Representatives proposed legislation limiting the ability of certain entities to file complaints for unfair trade practices at the U.S. International Trade Commission (“ITC”). First introduced in August 14, 2020 as H.R.


Looming Leahy Bill Would End Fintiv Practice at PTAB

IP Watchdog

IPWatchdog has obtained a draft summary of the “Restoring the America Invents Act” bill that Senate IP Subcommittee Chair, Senator Patrick Leahy (D-VT), is purportedly expected to introduce shortly.

Grand Jury Charges ‘Omi in a Hellcat’ With Conspiracy to Pirate Xfinity & Spectrum TV Services


A little under two years ago, the federal government shut down Gears-branded IPTV services operated by Bill Omar Carrasquillo (aka Omi in a Hellcat). IRS and FBI agents seized “at least” $5.2m

3 Count: Weeknd Blues

Plagiarism Today

Have any suggestions for the 3 Count? Let me know via Twitter @plagiarismtoday. 1: The Weeknd Sued for Copyright Infringement Over ‘Call Out My Name’. First off today, Justin Curto at Vulture reports that The Weeknd has been hit with a copyright lawsuit over his song Call Out My Name.

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Research Results, Replicability, & Retractions

Velocity of Content

Earlier in this series, I talked about the “quality assuring” (QA) aspects of formal peer review; and then we took a look at preprints, postprints and Versions of Record. In this post, I’m focusing on the Why and the How of replication studies.

CVC Files Opposition to ToolGen Substantive Motion No. 1

JD Supra Law

On July 15th, Junior Party the University of California/Berkeley, the University of Vienna, and Emmanuelle Charpentier (collectively, "CVC") filed its Opposition to Senior Party ToolGen's Substantive Motion No. 1 for benefit of priority to U.S. Provisional Application No.


Instagram Defeats Copyright Claim Over Its Embedding Feature–Hunley v. Instagram

Technology & Marketing Law Blog

“In-line linking” uses the Internet’s magic to let a web page incorporate a file, such as a photo or video, into a page’s display without actually hosting it. In 2007, in Perfect 10 v.

RIAA and Rightscorp Counter Renewed ‘False and Fraudulent’ DMCA Notice Claims


Under US copyright law, Internet providers must terminate the accounts of repeat infringers “in appropriate circumstances.”. In the past such drastic action was rare but, backed by several court orders, ISPs are increasingly being held to this standard. Music Companies sued RCN.

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