3 Count: Grand Theft Copyright

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1: Apple Drops iPhone Copyright Lawsuit Against Cyber Startup Corellium. This prompted Apple to file a lawsuit in August 2019 alleging both direct copyright violations and violations of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) for the circumvention of copyright protection tools.

Copyright in the Age of Bots

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If you’ve had any issues with copyright over the past few years, whether you are on YouTube, Facebook or even operating your own website, it’s probable that your issue didn’t start with a human, but with a bot. Copyright law was never meant to work this way.


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Are Fictional Characters Protected Under Copyright Law?

Creative Law Center

The post Are Fictional Characters Protected Under Copyright Law? Copyright & Content ProtectionThe independent life of fictional characters. Consider them an additional creative asset in a writer’s intellectual property portfolio.

Fonts & Typefaces: Are they Copyrightable? 


We’re happy to bring you a guest post by Shivam Kaushik on the copyrightability of fonts. Fonts & Typefaces: Are they Copyrightable? . But as I will discuss in this post, they fulfill the eligibility criteria as provided under the Copyright Act, 1957.

Copyright Protection for Choreographic Works


Like all other art forms, choreographic works in dance and their steps have been expressly recognized under the Copyright Laws of different jurisdictions. Now it has become a common ‘dance routine’ or social dance step, which cannot be governed by copyright law.

Copyright Small Claims: How the CASE Act Works

Creative Law Center

A cost effective way to enforce copyright and fight infringement for small businesses, creatives, and entrepreneurs. The post Copyright Small Claims: How the CASE Act Works appeared first on Creative Law Center. Copyright & Content ProtectionThe CASE Act explained.

Same Old Spin: Why Access Copyright Needs a Reality Check on Canadian Copyright

Michael Geist

Last week’s Supreme Court of Canada copyright decision in Access Copyright v. York University has unsurprisingly been applauded by the education community, which having faced years of litigation launched by the copyright collective, now finds its position vindicated.

The Etsy Copyright Infringement Problem

Art Law Journal

Etsy copyright infringement by its members is a well-known problem and while it has taken some steps to tackle the issue, what, if any, recourse do content creators have in stopping these infringements? Steve Schlackman.

Tracing the Contours of Copyrightability of ‘Unique Sports Celebrations’


We are pleased to bring you a guest post by Kedar Ganesh Dhargalkar, analysing the copyrightability of unique sports celebrations. Tracing The Contours of Copyrightability of ‘Unique Sports Celebrations’. The need for copyrightability of sports celebrations.

GitHub, Copilot and the Copyright Around AI

Plagiarism Today

She says that text and data mining is not a copyright infringement and that, since an AI cannot produce a copyright-protected work, its output cannot be an infringement. Is the code original enough to qualify for copyright protection?

IPSC: Copyright & Trademark


Panel 2 – Copyright Enforcement: Faye Fangfei Wang, Resolving Copyright-related Cases Over the Internet with the Assistance of Artificial Intelligence in Europe Automated notice and takedown/Content ID with appeal mechanism as an example of how the new European rules are supposed to work.

Constitution Day and Copyright

Velocity of Content

43 that “[t]he copyright of authors has been solemnly adjudged, in Great Britain, to be a right of common law” and that the “utility” of enabling Congress the power to legislate in this area “will scarcely be questioned.”

How Can Museums Copyright the Works of Old Masters?

Art Law Journal

If an artwork is in the public domain, free from copyright protection, then how can a museum claim it holds the copyright? Intellectual Property copyright Public DomainSteve Schlackman.

Second Circuit Copyright Ruling Affirms Independent Contractor Status for Friday the 13th Author

IP Watchdog

The ruling enables Miller to move forward with copyright termination notices served on Horror, which became the successor-in-interest to the rights to Friday the 13th, so that Miller can claim copyright in the original screenplay. On September 30, the U.S.

Copyright Society of China launches China Copyright Chain

IP and Legal Filings

Recently, the Copyright Society of China (CSC) launched its blockchain copyright services platform “China Copyright Chain.” The launching of “China Copyright Chain” was done at China Internet Copyright Protection and Development Conference.

Letter from Congressman Lloyd Doggett about Frozen Mechanicals to Librarian of Congress and Register of Copyrights

The Trichordist

[This is a letter from Austin Congressman Lloyd Doggett (D-TX) to the Librarian of Congress (who appoints and can sack the Copyright Royalty Judges) and the head of the Copyright Office about procedures in the Copyright Royalty Board’s proceeding on frozen mechanicals.

Copyright Termination and “Harmless Error”

Copyright Lately

As a new case involving Dwight Yoakam illustrates, serving a copyright termination notice is fraught with potential pitfalls, and mistakes come easy and often. For a copyright lawyer, there are few things as nerve-racking as preparing a copyright termination notice.

Copyright Application: Step-by-Step

Creative Law Center

Take a tour through the single copyright application with this replay of a live step-by-step session. The post Copyright Application: Step-by-Step appeared first on Creative Law Center. Copyright & Content Protection application ~ copyright how to protection strategy

Beware the Shadow Statute: ALI’s Copyright Restatement Project is Quite the Fright

IP Watchdog

Unfortunately, this year, there’s a monster lurking that creators didn’t manufacture: The American Law Institute’s (ALI’s) Copyright Restatement Project. But their Copyright Restatement Project is a step in the wrong direction.

8 Parts of a Perfect Copyright Page

Creative Law Center

There are no rules for crafting the perfect copyright page. The copyright police won't come for you. The post 8 Parts of a Perfect Copyright Page appeared first on Creative Law Center. Copyright & Content Protection

International Copyright Update

Velocity of Content

Others are facing or anticipating new copyright legislation that will be hostile to their interests. Also in Japan, new copyright exceptions for libraries will be passed by the Diet (Parliament) very soon and these are expected to be implemented in 2022.

Fake ‘U.S. Copyright Office’ Sends Takedown Notices to Google


Copyright Office is seen as the authority on intellectual property issues in the United States. ‘Copyright Office’ Takedown Notices. The Copyright Office is not supposed to take sides in these matters. Copyright Office. Copyright Office can help with that?

Bombay High Court Rules that Copyright Registration of a Label is not Compulsory


The plaintiff, SSPL, had filed a lawsuit against the defendant NTC in the Bombay High Court, alleging Copyright and Trademark Infringement. Under Section 2(c) of The Copyright Act of 1957 , the label is an original artistic work. No such requirement is mentioned in the Copyright Act.

Copyright Law and Copyright Infringement: All You Need To Know

Larson & Larson

Copyright law provides a safeguard against copyright infringement. That being said, here is a brief elucidation of all you need to know about copyright and copyright infringement. What Constitutes Copyrightable Work? How Long Does Copyright Protection Last?

Copyright Small Claims Act: Update

Creative Law Center

A bill designed to give creative professionals a copyright small claims forum to enforce their rights is moving forward in Congress. The post Copyright Small Claims Act: Update appeared first on Creative Law Center. Copyright & Content Protection

#FrozenMechanical Crisis: @RosanneCash’s Must-Read Comment to Copyright Royalty Board

The Trichordist

Rosanne Cash tells the Copyright Royalty Judges "I value the next generation of songwriters deeply, and I don’t want to see an entire population give up their passion and their chosen vocation, because they can’t pay the rent." Continue reading → Copyright Office Copyright Policy Copyright Royalty Board Frozen Mechanicals Must Read Phonorecords IV Songwriter News Songwriter Rights Copyright Royalty Judges Rosanne Cash

‘Copyright Troll’ Boss Faces Arrest Over Failed Payments in Piracy Case


In recent years, adult entertainment outfit Malibu Media has often been described as a copyright-trolling operation. From: TF , for the latest news on copyright battles, piracy and more. Copyright Trolls Lawsuits Malibu Media X-Art

John Degan’s Twitter Broadside on the Access Copyright v York University Copyright Case: Right Message; Wrong Target?

Hugh Stephens Blog

Recently Mr. Degan published a very long, … Continue reading "John Degan’s Twitter Broadside on the Access Copyright v York University Copyright Case: Right Message; Wrong Target John Degan is Executive Director of the Writers’ Union of Canada.

Decline and fall of the dumb copyright trick

Likelihood of Confusion

The post Decline and fall of the dumb copyright trick appeared first on LIKELIHOOD OF CONFUSION™. Gripe and Review Sites Copyright Law IP Overreaching Small Justice

Is My Copyright Internationally Protected?

Art Law Journal

In this article, we discuss international copyright treaties, the minimum protection you may see from countries across the globe, as well as the enhanced rights only available in the United States. Steve Schlackman.

Your monthly copyright/appropriation article


Copyright Feature Litigation Andy Warhol Foundation appropriation donald graham fair use goldsmith hollywood intellectual property photography Richard Prince second circuitImages at issue. Brought to you by Azmina Jasani and Emelyne Peticca , who believe that if “the Warhol [v.

The Law Bytes Podcast, Episode 100: David Vaver With a Masterclass on Copyright and User Rights

Michael Geist

The recipient of the Order of Canada, Professor Vaver provided the scholarly grounding for the emergence of user rights in copyright in Canada and around the world. Podcasts access copyright copyright lawbytespod user rights vaver york

Parliamentary Standing Committee and Copyright Reform: One Step Forward, Three Steps Back


In the 6 odd pages devoted to the reform of the Copyright regime, a grand total of 5 statutory issues have been highlighted despite the fact that the last Copyright Amendment is nearly a decade old and comments for a new amendment had been sought fairly recently (see here , here , and here ).

Commercial General Liability Coverage for Trademark and Copyright Claims

Trademark, Copyright, and Unfair Competition Law B

It is in the “advertising injury” provisions of your CGL policy that you may find insurance coverage for a trademark or copyright claim brought against your business. copyright infringement, and misappropriation of advertising ideas”. Trademark and Copyright Claims.

State Copyright Infringement Should Be About Justice

The Illusion of More

Copyright Office published its report on copyright infringement by states and state actors in response to the present circumstance whereby states are immunized against litigation for unlicensed use of protected works. Copyright Law & Policy Allen v.

Singapore’s Copyright Act Revisions: A Step in the Right Direction, But….

Hugh Stephens Blog

Singapore’s long awaited and long debated revisions to its copyright law were tabled in Parliament at the beginning of July with a view to enactment by the end of summer.

Copyright Vindication: Supreme Court Confirms Access Copyright Tariff Not Mandatory, Lower Court Fair Dealing Analysis Was “Tainted”

Michael Geist

” The decision removes any doubt that the Supreme Court remains strongly supportive of user’s rights in copyright and vindicates years of educational policy in shifting away from Access Copyright toward alternative means of ensuring compliance with copyright law.

Who Owns the Copyright in Your Tattoo Art?

Art Law Journal

You’re considering a lot of different things when thinking about inking a new tattoo, but copyright infringement probably isn’t one of them. Intellectual Property Art Law Copyright Act Copyright infringement Copyright Registration Work Made for HireNicole Martinez.

Art 81

How Much Money Can I Get from a Copyright Infringement?

Art Law Journal

Copyright Office is the most effective way to ensure you'll be fairly compensated in a copyright infringement lawsuit. Litigation Copyright Act Copyright infringement Copyright Office Copyright Registration featured Statutory damagesSteve Schlackman.

Copyrightability of Software: The Next Big Case


The next big software copyright case is before the Federal Circuit in the form of SAS Institute, Inc. In Google , the Supreme Court found fair-use but did not decide the issue of copyrightability. SAS sued in E.D.Tex for both copyright infringement and patent infringement.

Copyright for Architectural Designs

Art Law Journal

It is a common misperception that you cannot copyright a building design. The post Copyright for Architectural Designs appeared first on Art Business Journal. That is probably because, before 1990, there wasn’t much protection for building designs.

Prosecutors Drop Fraud Case Against Danish ‘Copyright Troll’ Law Firm


That may not give the copyright trolls freedom to continue their business unhindered, however. From: TF , for the latest news on copyright battles, piracy and more. Copyright Trolls Lawsuits copyright trolls denmark Njord Law

Law 72

Copyrightability of a Programming Language


The focus of the case is copyrightability of the SAS statistical software and its outputs. SAS argues that it made a “plethora of creative choices” in developing its material, and that creativity is more than sufficient to satisfy the originality requirements of copyright law. Thus far, the courts have disagreed with SAS and rejected its copyright assertions. Copyrightability of Software: The Next Big Case. Copyright Alliance Brief – Supporting SAS.