Web 3.0 & the Transformation Of Intellectual Property Ownership


Furthermore, Intellectual property ownership, content ownership, and distribution are critical issues that must be addressed to avoid disputes. Web3, Content ownership & Intellectual Property. Intellectual Property Ownership.

Joint trademark “ownership”: Tea for two? (Best of 2016)

Likelihood of Confusion

The post Joint trademark “ownership”: Tea for two? Free Expression Best of the Year Joint Ownership Super Hero Superhero Trademark Yogi TeaOriginally published January 25, 2016.


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Coons and Hirono Raise Concerns Over Pride in Patent Ownership Act Penalties

IP Watchdog

Leahy explained in his introduction that the same fundamental principle of disclosure that underpins issuance of a patent should extend to patent ownership information. There is presently no requirement that ownership information be publicly available after a patent issues.

Examining the Legality of NFT Ownership Through an IP Lens


The post Examining the Legality of NFT Ownership Through an IP Lens appeared first on IP.com - IP Innovation and Analytics. New technologies are occasionally so innovative that they enjoy their first months and years relatively unregulated.

Protecting IP Ownership Rights During Brainstorming or Collaboration Sessions

JD Supra Law

If the parties decide to work together, they will most likely enter into a services agreement outlining their respective rights and obligations, including intellectual property (IP) ownership and commercialization rights.

Copyright Ownership with Independent Contractors

Sander Law

Copyright Ownership with Independent Contractors. Ownership of Copyright. Additionally, in order to transfer the copyright ownership from the contractor to you, a written assignment document is needed and it must be signed by the contractor.

Pride in Patent Ownership Act


A bipartisan pair of Senators have proposed the “ Pride in Patent Ownership Act.” ” The premise is that if you own a patent, you should be proud to own the patent — and actually record your ownership interest. by Dennis Crouch.

‘Fractional Ownership’ Patent is Offered as an NFT by Celebrity-Laden Auctioneer OpenSea Systems

IP Close Up

Airbnb Ashton Kutcher auctions brokerage Coinbase fractional ownership innovation IP transactions Kevin Durant Mark Cuban NFT Non Fungible Tokens patents Pinterest Reddit Technology Tesla tokenization

Ownership, Licensing, and Fair Use of Copyright for Webinars

Biswajit Sarkar Copyright Blog

While the copyright conditions in the user agreements of the applications in question are always important, it will be assumed for the purposes of this post that the apps do not claim ownership through these user agreements. Ownership of copyright in the lectures presented by the speakers.

Copyright Ownership in State Board Textbooks: Impediments to Accessibility


In this post, I look at the question of the government’s copyright ownership in State Board textbooks, and its implications on access to knowledge and education. Smartphone ownership levels among rural households with school going children have doubled to 62% in 2020 from 36% in 2018.

A NFT Primer on Potential IP Ownership Legal Issues

JD Supra Law

Carolyn Toto recently joined host Joel Simon on his Industry Insights podcast continue the discussion of non-fungible tokens, related IP ownership issues and more.

Traditional Tattoos on the Red Carpet: Continuing the Conversation of Collective Ownership


Collective Ownership Over Cultural Artwork. Canadian courts have not yet grappled with the issue of collective ownership of Indigenous artwork. The court was mostly silent on the issue of collective ownership, recognizing Bulun Bulun as the legal title holder.

Ownership economy: The world will break into pieces


Giving everyone ownership over the value they create. Companies will need to share tokens, equity, and ownership to their communities. The post Ownership economy: The world will break into pieces first appeared on The #1 Copyright Protection Service | CopyrightsWorld.

IFI CLAIMS Rankings Show Increasing Role of Chinese Entities in U.S., Global Patent Ownership

IP Watchdog

patent recipients and active patent family owners, providing the IP world with a look at the patent ownership landscape that developed throughout the course of 2021. Today, patent data analytics firm IFI CLAIMS released its annual report of the top U.S.

NIH’s Fight for Ownership of Moderna’s COVID-19 Patent Highlights Hazards of Business Collaborations

IP Watchdog

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) is at legal odds with Moderna, claiming that Moderna neglected to add three NIH scientists to Moderna’s patent application on a principal COVID-19 vaccine.

Assignment and Recordation of Patent Ownership Rights

JD Supra Law

A patent has the attributes of intangible personal property - it can be sold or mortgaged; it may be bequeathed by a will; and it may pass to the heirs of a deceased patentee. The patent law provides for the transfer or sale of a patent, or of an application for patent, by an instrument in writing.

Copyright Ownership of Movies and Films in Canada: Who’s on First?


Something has recently gone awry with the law of copyright ownership in a movie or other film — a “cinematographic work”, as s. Part I of the Act deals with the ownership of copyright in works. 13 are the only ones that deal with the ownership of copyright in works. 24) deals with first ownership of copyright in subject-matter other than works: performer’s performances, sound recordings, and communication signals. 13(1)’s grant of first ownership to the work’s author.

Patent Ownership and No Opinion Judgments


The patentee lost on a motion to dismiss with the district court holding that BobCar had not proven its ownership rights. No ownership => no standing to sue. . In the end, the district court dismissed the case — finding insufficient evidence of ownership.

IPSC Panel 14 – Copyright Authorship & Ownership


Twain thought he should have ownership of his lectures—“my lecture was my property.” It’s not clear that giving Cord’s estate ownership would be social justice, but that’s a question worth asking. Prototypical 19 th case: Publishing agreement is silent on ownership; publisher complies w/formalities and author doesn’t. And we should be talking more about implied permission, not © ownership per se. Timothy J. McFarlin, A Copyright Ignored?

Licensing, Joint Ownership and the UPC – What to Watch Out For

JD Supra Law

Not bothering with the upcoming Unitary Patent and Unified Patent Court in your license and other patent-related agreements? Not a good idea, if you want to avoid potentially unpleasant surprises.

Trade mark ownership: As easy as A-B-C?

LexBlog IP

Trade mark ownership is an important consideration for any business. Unfortunately however, while seemingly obvious, the concept of ownership is sometimes overlooked and can be more complex than originally imagined.

IP transactions in life sciences in ASEAN countries: IP ownership and sharing

IAM Magazine

The respective IP laws of ASEAN states differ when it comes to IP ownership and sharing provisions. Industry report

IP transactions in life sciences in ASEAN countries: IP ownership and sharing

IAM Magazine

The respective IP laws of ASEAN states differ when it comes to IP ownership and sharing provisions. Industry report

Apple's "buy" button that doesn't result in ownership may mislead consumers


Andino v. Apple, Inc., 2021 WL 1549667, No. 2:20-cv-01628-JAM-AC (E.D. 20, 2021) iTunes allows consumers to “Rent” or “Buy” movies, television shows, music and other content. Renting is less expensive; buying leads the content to appear in a consumer’s “Purchased” folder.

Last Week In The Federal Circuit (March 14-18): Federal Circuit Says No Catch For Claims of Co-Ownership

JD Supra Law

Last week’s big news was of course the official swearing in of Judge Stark. But there were plenty of other things happening at the Court.

“Murky Terms of Purchase and Ownership”: Nike Sues StockX Over Virtual Sneaker NFTs


Photo by Hermes Rivera ( Unsplash ). Shawn Dhue is an IPilogue Writer and a 2L JD Candidate at Osgoode Hall Law School. For those of you like me who have survived this long asking the question “what is an NFT?”

Patent Ownership in the United States - Best Practices to Preserve Your Rights

GDB Firm Blog

This blog post will briefly explain how patent ownership works under US patent law, so inventors, managers, and other non-experts can better understand this important topic when working with a patent attorney

Ownership of Inventions By Former Employers: Lessons after Bio-Rad v. ITC

JD Supra Law

The situation is familiar: an employee leaves one company to go work for another, or perhaps to found her own start-up. She may be working on the same problems that she faced at her former workplace, and in the same technological space. By: Proskauer - Minding Your Business

[Video] Risk Prevention Strategies: Ownership of Employee-Developed Inventions and Intellectual Property

JD Supra Law

But how should employers address the ownership of intellectual property created by their employees in the course of their employment? Companies often hire employees to develop new products, improve processes, create new technologies, and develop new markets.

Dutch court rejects claims for sui generis database protection of national company register

The IPKat

Access to information Database Directive Database ownership database rights databases Dutch court IP ownership Jan Jacobi legal databases Netherlands ownership of IP rightsIn the era of fake news, reliable sources of information are more valuable than ever.

Behind Wiggin & Dana's $10M Plan To Diversify Biz Ownership

IP Law 360

Last year, as worldwide unrest over George Floyd's murder fueled demands for equity and accountability in multiple professions, Connecticut-based law firm Wiggin and Dana LLP publicly committed to provide $10 million in free legal services in 10 years for businesses owned by people from historically marginalized communities

New Patent Ownership Bill Should Better Balance Rights

IP Law 360

While the recently proposed Pride in Patent Ownership Act would bolster opportunities for patent licensees, it would also impose increased costs and regulations on small business and entrepreneur patent owners, so legislators should further consider the balance among rightsholders to ensure a fair innovation system, says Jon Seppelt at Dykema

Bio-Rad Co-ownership Defense Fails at the CAFC

IP Intelligence

However, we will focus on an argument advanced by Bio-Rad regarding a co-ownership defense.

Fed. Circ. Mulls If Stock Ownership Dooms $2.75B Cisco Loss

IP Law 360

A Federal Circuit panel seemed open Monday to siding with Cisco Systems Inc. in a fight about whether the Virginia federal judge who handed Centripetal Networks Inc. one of the largest patent infringement awards ever should have removed himself from the case due to a financial conflict

CAFC Affirms TTAB: "BF-7" Registration for Nutritional Supplements Invalid Due to Non-Ownership

The TTABlog

Notice: Appellant Sunbio claimed that is was not aware of Biogrand's non-ownership theory until Biogrand's reply brief, at which time it was too late for Sunbio to address the issue. The court, reviewing the record, disagreed, concluding that Sunbio was put on notice of the non-ownership issue by Biogrand's opening brief. Evidence of Non-ownership: The court found that the record evidence of non-ownership "more than satisfies the substantial evidence standard."

Will There Ever Be Unity Between Music Creation and Copyright Ownership?

Intellectual Property Brief

Copyright law allows for the free form creation of music while implementing a system of checks and balances to protect artists from other artists. The question remains, who’s protecting artists from the record labels? Copyright Daily Blog #intellectualProperty copyright Entertainment IP Lanham Musi

Patenting AI: the nature of inventorship and the mechanics of ownership

IAM Magazine

Such ambiguity means that contracts between parties are crucial to regulating patent ownership. Under English law, there is considerable uncertainty as to whether an AI program can be regarded as an inventor of a patent. International report

Patenting AI: the nature of inventorship and the mechanics of ownership

IAM Magazine

Such ambiguity means that contracts between parties are crucial to regulating patent ownership. Under English law, there is considerable uncertainty as to whether an AI program can be regarded as an inventor of a patent. International report

A Tale of Two Authors: Determining Ownership Rights of Novels Adapted for Theatre

JD Supra Law

The US Court of Appeals for the First Circuit vacated the district court’s opinion and order that Roberto Ramos Perea, the playwright who adapted the novels of prominent Puerto Rican author Enrique Laguerre for theatre, was not a proper copyright owner. Perea v. Editorial Cultural Inc., Case Nos.

This Week in Washington IP: Pride in Patent Ownership Hearing, Library of Congress Modernization Oversight and NASA’s Role in Low-Earth Orbit Space

IP Watchdog

This week in Washington IP events, the Senate IP Subcommittee convenes a hearing on Tuesday afternoon to debate the Pride in Patent Ownership Act, which would increase requirements on patent owners to disclose changes in patent ownership.