Understanding the Pearson v. Chegg Copyright Infringement Lawsuit

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Yesterday, news broke that Pearson Education, the largest publisher of textbooks in the world, has filed a lawsuit against the website Chegg alleging widespread copyright infringement of its content on the site. As a result, Pearson is suing Chegg alleging copyright infringement.

The Etsy Copyright Infringement Problem

Art Law Journal

Etsy copyright infringement by its members is a well-known problem and while it has taken some steps to tackle the issue, what, if any, recourse do content creators have in stopping these infringements? Steve Schlackman.


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The Etsy Copyright Infringement Problem

Art Law Journal

Etsy copyright infringement by its members is a well-known problem and while it has taken some steps to tackle the issue, what, if any, recourse do content creators have in stopping these infringements?

State Copyright Infringement Should Be About Justice

The Illusion of More

Copyright Office published its report on copyright infringement by states and state actors in response to the present circumstance whereby states are immunized against litigation for unlicensed use of protected works. Copyright Law & Policy Allen v.

The Difference Between Plagiarism and Copyright Infringement

Copyright Alliance

There are many differences between plagiarism and copyright infringement, yet it can be easy to confuse these concepts. While both plagiarism and copyright infringement can be characterized as the improper […].

Auralex Acoustics Sued for Alleged Copyright Infringement

Indiana Intellectual Property Law

Copyright Office under Registration No. Berman claims because the Photograph was copied, stored, and displayed without license or permission, Auralex infringed on her copyrights. for each infringement. Copyright Infringement New Litigation

Truth or Fiction.or Copyright Infringement?

JD Supra Law

Shull alleges that she was never paid for the time she spent consulting with Billions writers and actors, and that the show committed copyright infringement in its portrayal of Dr. Rhoades, an in-house female psychological consultant who worked with traders to harness their.

Copyright Infringement by Andy Warhol in his Celebrity Silkscreen Series


On March 26, 2021, the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals in New York found that the famed artist Andy Warhol violated photographer Lynn Goldsmith’s copyright by using her photo of the singer Prince to create his “Prince Series.” This is not the first time Andy Warhol was sued for IP infringement.

Court Awards $200 in Damages for ‘Innocent’ Copyright Infringement


Over the past years, dozens of independent photographers have taken their copyright disputes to court, accusing companies of using their work without permission. Marsh’s use of the photo is a clear example of copyright infringement. 200 for Innocent Infringement.

Bungie Sues Elite Tech Boss, Lavicheats & VeteranCheats For Copyright Infringement


Bungie says the defendants infringed its rights in multiple ways. They released ‘sizzle reels’ to market the cheat using Destiny 2 artwork and developed software to hook into copyrighted Destiny 2 code thereby producing an unlicensed derivate work.

Shelbyville-Based Photographer Sues Dr. Brite for Alleged Copyright Infringement

Indiana Intellectual Property Law

Copyright Office as Group Reg. Further, Haehl claims she posted a copyright notice alongside each photograph posted on her Facebook page. Haehl claims Dr. Brite used one of her copyrighted photographs to advertise Dr. Brite’s products as shown below (the “Dr.

Bungie & Ubisoft Sue Destiny 2 Cheatmakers Ring-1 For Copyright Infringement


Copyright Infringement Offenses. In the alternative, Ubisoft and Bungie suggest that the defendants can be held liable for inducing and contributing to the copyright-infringing acts of their customers when they deploy cheats that effectively create unauthorized derivative works.

Photographer Alleges Copyright Infringement by Utah Boarding School

BYU Copyright Blog

In doing so, the photographer asserts that Wasatch Academy infringed on his exclusive rights of reproduction and distribution as the copyright holder.

New Class Action Accuses Instagram of Mass Copyright Infringement

The Illusion of More

On May 19, two California photographers filed a class action suit alleging that Instagram is liable for inducement of copyright infringement, contributory copyright infringement, and vicarious copyright infringement due to the platform’s implementation and promotion of its “embed” function.

Copyright Law and Copyright Infringement: All You Need To Know

Larson & Larson

Copyright law provides a safeguard against copyright infringement. That being said, here is a brief elucidation of all you need to know about copyright and copyright infringement. What Constitutes Copyrightable Work?

Copyright infringement is a high-benefit, low-risk business model

Art Law Journal

Unfortunately, there is very little stopping some of these users from creating products with stolen copyrighted designs and other art, with the copyright holder […]. The post Copyright infringement is a high-benefit, low-risk business model appeared first on Art Business Journal.

Ninth Circuit: De Minimis Use Is Not an Affirmative Defense for a Copyright Infringement Claim

JD Supra Law

Wilmott Storage Services, LLC, de minimis use of allegedly infringing material is not an affirmative defense against a claim of copyright infringement. According to the Ninth Circuit’s recent decision in Bell v.

How Andy Warhol’s Paintings Have Made it Harder to Defend Copyright Infringement Cases

Trademark, Copyright, and Unfair Competition Law B

And why is this common defense to copyright infringement cases being more narrowly interpreted by the courts? Fair use is a defense to a claim that a creative work copies, and therefore infringes the copyright in, another creative work. What is fair use?

Copyright infringement is a high-benefit, low-risk business model

Art Law Journal

Unfortunately, there is very little stopping some of these users from creating products with stolen copyrighted designs and other art, with the copyright holder […]. Steve Schlackman.

Court Orders Universe IPTV to Pay DISH $7m in Copyright Infringement Damages


Over the years DISH has filed large numbers of civil lawsuits, some based on copyright law and others the Federal Communications Act. DISH Files Copyright Infringement Lawsuit Against IPTV Provider. Together they were accused of direct and contributory copyright infringement.

Is a State Entity Shielded from Liability for Copyright Infringement by Sovereign Immunity?

Trademark, Copyright, and Unfair Competition Law B

A recent decision by the United States Supreme Court deals with the question of whether state governments are above the law when it comes to copyright infringement, and the law on state sovereign immunity in copyright infringement cases continues to evolve.

Model Sues Twitter Over Copyright Infringement By Algorithm

LexBlog IP

Model Genevieve Morton is taking on Twitter over the dissemination of her images on the platform, accusing the platform of contributing to the copyright infringement that takes place on the site of images she holds the rights to.

No more half measures: pleading infringer knowledge in contributory copyright infringement claims

JD Supra Law

A California judge has dismissed the copyright infringement and Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) claims of a photographer who sued Pinterest after he found his photos on the popular social media website.

[Guest post] German court: copyright infringement by ‘re-pin’ on Pinterest

The IPKat

IPKat readers interested in copyright are well aware of how, over the past several years, the right of communication to the public has gained a top spot in litigation and case law. 3(1) of the Copyright Directive ).


JIPL Online

With more content comes the increased possibility that Netflix is engaging in copyright infringement and on the receiving end of copyright infringement claims. [1] They will be able to defend copyright infringement in these cases if only the facts are copied.

Copyright Infringement Case: Google LLC v. Oracle America Inc.


Oracle first filed a copyright infringement case in the year 2010 saying that Google violated the copyright of the API and the 11,500 lines of code. But this case establishes that API instructions are copyrightable. The post Copyright Infringement Case: Google LLC v.

U.S. Supreme Court: states are immune from copyright infringement liability

IP Spotlight

A new Supreme Court decision holds that states are immune from infringement suits under the United States Copyright Act, despite a 1990 law that attempted to remove states’ sovereign immunity in copyright infringement cases. The owner of the copyrights sued the state for copyright infringement. The Court’s decision harmonizes copyright law with patent law. Copyrights copyright copyright infringement sovereign immunity

Copilot or Co-Conspirator? Is GitHub’s New Feature a Copyright Infringer?


Is GitHub Copilot a Copyright Infringer? These range from allegedly violating copyright (the subject of much debate on forums) to leaking functional API keys (i.e., Intellectual property law professor Andres Guadamuz argues that Copilot, as it stands, does not infringe copyright.

Record Labels Take On Charter Communication Over Copyright Infringement

LexBlog IP

Combating copyright infringement on the internet must seem like an impossible task if you’re a rightsholder, whether you’re a solo creator or a major studio with a dedicated team.

Tattoo Copyright Infringement and Post-Brexit Trademark Considerations

CoCal IP Law Institute

Tattoo Copyright Infringement and Post-Brexit Trademark Considerations For our weekly SoCal IP Institute meeting on Monday, June 7, 2021, Chris Kopitzke will lead a discussion of the legal issues arising from unauthorized copying of a photograph for a tattoo and will highlight selected trademark responsibilities resulting from Brexit.

Ironic Advocacy at Its Best: The Bay Apologizes to Hadiya Roderique for Copyright Infringement Mistake


Although few laws concern the use of an image without consent, the Charter of Rights and Freedoms , the Criminal Code , the Copyright Act , and the Security of Information Act address these legal issues. In this post, I will focus on the Copyright Act. Photo by Joshua Hanson (Unsplash).

EU Sides With YouTube in Copyright Infringement Challenge

LexBlog IP

The latest skirmish in this ongoing fight is yet again in Europe, with YouTube claiming a victory in a challenge to a copyright infringement case pressed against them by a music producer.

Is the Best Defense to a Copyright Infringement Claim No Defense at All?

The IP Law Blog

We recently discussed a new trend in celebrity copyright litigation on our YouTube channel and podcast ( The Briefing on YouTube ). I am writing today to discuss what may be a new strategy in such copyright litigation.


JIPL Online

Such uses are often methods of social commentary regarding the user’s own life, or more broadly, current events; they also often utilize copyrightable material. [i] ii] Existing copyright law is ineffective in its application to new forms of digital media. By: Taylor Bussey.

When Pictures Aren’t Pictures: Real Estate Agent-Generated Floor Plans Are Outside Copyright Infringement Exception for Pictorial Representations

JD Supra Law

Examining whether the Architectural Works Copyright Protection Act enacted in 1990 protects the creation of floor plans, the US Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit held that such technical drawings generated for practical, rather than artistic, purposes are not covered by a statutory exception that removes the right to control pictures, paintings, photographs or other pictorial representations of their work from architects.

Uzbekistan extends copyright to 70 years, offers statutory liquidated damages for copyright infringement and introduces a fast-track route for trademark registration

JD Supra Law

Back in May we reported about a draft bill in the Parliament of Uzbekistan. The bill has been approved as law now, effective since August 21, 2021 (the text in the Uzbek language is available). By: Dentons

Jeff Koons and Pompidou Lose Copyright Infringement Appeal


For those that are still in awe of copyright infringement cases, here’s an update on the Koons/Pompidou/Pig controversy. Copyright Litigation appropriation france french law Jeff Koons monetary damages pig sculpture PompidouIn brief, Koons and the Pompidou lost the appeal and won themselves an increase in monetary awards due to the photographer of the girl/pig image. As of this moment, Koons still displays the image of the pig and girl on his website.

Celebs Face Copyright Lawsuits Over IG Photos

Traverse Legal Blog

But something that celebrities may not be used to is facing copyright infringement claims for reposting such photos to their personal Instagram accounts. Copyright Rights Belong to the Photographer. Photographers Need a Registered Copyright to Sue.

“God, it’s brutal out here!” Unpacking Olivia Rodrigo’s million-dollar royalty payouts


Rodrigo has come under fire for copyright theft and plagiarism for her songs Deja Vu and Good 4 U. Despite the similarities, some are arguing it’s questionable if Rodrigo committed copyright theft. What is copyright and copyright infringement?

Github Removes GTA Fan Projects re3 & reVC Following New Take-Two DMCA Notice


Copyright Infringment Lawsuit. The complaint alleges that the defendants committed willful copyright infringement by “maliciously copying, adapting and distributing its source code and other content”, making them liable for $150,000 in damages for each infringed work.

Who Owns the Copyright in Your Tattoo Art?

Art Law Journal

You’re considering a lot of different things when thinking about inking a new tattoo, but copyright infringement probably isn’t one of them. Intellectual Property Art Law Copyright Act Copyright infringement Copyright Registration Work Made for Hire

Art 81

Take-Two Sues Enthusiasts Behind GTA Fan Projects re3 & reVC


As per legal requirements, Github complied with the takedown demand but, as TF noted at the time , the team behind the projects had the option of filing a DMCA counter-notice if it was confident that its work is permitted under copyright law. Copyright Infringement Complaint.

Careful of Who Owns Photographs of You

Trademark, Copyright, and Unfair Competition Law B

Singer/songwriter Dua Lipa is facing a copyright infringement complaint ( Integral Images, Inc. Copyright Infringement on Social Media. The post Careful of Who Owns Photographs of You appeared first on Trademark, Copyright, and Unfair Competition Law Blog.