Dreamstime Launches LicenseGuard to Track Copyright Infringements

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When it comes to copyright, the photography space has been especially fraught with litigation and legal threats over the past decade plus. Getty Images, along with several other stock photography companies, engaged in a massive copyright campaign that began in the 2000s.

Professor Sues Cheating Student for Copyright Infringement

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Chapman University, for their part, is not involved in the lawsuit, but a spokesperson for the school made it clear that instructors hold the copyright in their work and are free to take whatever action they see necessary to protect their creations. Using Copyright to Prevent Cheating.


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“Copyright Infringement”

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Previously, these works and films were not adequately protected, but the legal landscape surrounding copyright gradually changed, and actions were taken to further safeguard copyright-related works from unauthorized exploitation and usage. Blogs Copyright Copyright Infringement

Cloudflare Tests Limits of Contributory Copyright Infringement

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One recurring thorn in the side of copyright owners is Cloudflare, the San Francisco-based web performance, optimization, and security company.

The Etsy Copyright Infringement Problem

Art Law Journal

Etsy copyright infringement by its members is a well-known problem and while it has taken some steps to tackle the issue, what, if any, recourse do content creators have in stopping these infringements? Steve Schlackman.

Could this music law help Spotify dodge future copyright infringement battles?


However, with the convenience of streaming music through these digital platforms, the music industry has also had to deal with a wide range of copyright issues, including online copyright infringement. New Copyright Law: A Solution for Spotify.

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Criminal Liabilities And Remedies For Copyright Infringement

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A careful step towards ensuring the acquisition of prosperity gained through your work is to copyright it. If infringement is faced, a copyright proprietor can avail many remedies. Some of them include the infringers facing criminal charges.

Tips for Avoiding Copyright Infringement

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Copyright protection automatically attaches to a work when it is created. Specifically, copyright protection attaches to the original, creative work when it is fixed in a tangible medium, such as when it is written, drawn, recorded digitally, or typed electronically.

Cognizability Of Copyright Infringement

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A person who is fully aware of an existing copyright, and chooses to infringe or abets to do the same, could be held liable for copyright infringement, which can incur criminal charges, and in order to find the cognizability of the same, Schedule I of the CrPC needs to be looked into.

Is Copyright Infringement Illegal?

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Copyright is a type of intellectual property rights. One infringes on copyrighted works when they violate the exclusive rights of the owner. An infringer will not take permission from the owner when it is necessary. All these actions amount to infringing.

“Inducing” Copyright Infringement in Canada: Is it a Thing?


Is there such a thing as “inducing” copyright infringement? Indeed, the court thought that inducing infringement, which to date had been considered wrong only in respect of patents, applied to all forms of intellectual property (“IP”).

Copyright Infringement

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Copyright infringement in India. The Copyright Act, 1957 gives protection to a piece of work by giving exclusive rights to the author. When is a Copyright Infringed? Secondary act of infringement: · A person sells infringing copies of the work. ·

Understanding the Pearson v. Chegg Copyright Infringement Lawsuit

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Yesterday, news broke that Pearson Education, the largest publisher of textbooks in the world, has filed a lawsuit against the website Chegg alleging widespread copyright infringement of its content on the site. As a result, Pearson is suing Chegg alleging copyright infringement.

Tips for Avoiding Copyright Infringement

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Copyright protection automatically attaches to a work when it is created. Specifically, copyright protection attaches to the original, creative work when it is fixed in a tangible medium, such as when it is written, drawn, recorded digitally, or typed electronically.

O Hypocrisy! U of T Sues Tutorial Service for Copyright Infringement After Ripping Off Authors for the Past Decade?

Hugh Stephens Blog

That was the thought that flashed into my head when the University of Toronto (U of T) announced that it was suing Easy Group, a Toronto based tutorial service catering mainly to international students, for copyright infringement. O Hypocrisy, know ye no bounds?

Criminal Copyright Infringement

JD Supra Law

When does a copyright violation rise to the level of criminal copyright infringement? We address this issue below. Federal prosecutors have a number of statutory tools available to combat this common white-collar crime.

The Difference Between Plagiarism and Copyright Infringement

Copyright Alliance

There are many differences between plagiarism and copyright infringement, yet it can be easy to confuse these concepts. While both plagiarism and copyright infringement can be characterized as the improper […].

Using AI Artwork to Avoid Copyright Infringement

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The letter claimed that the director, an ad agency, and a popular theme park had all committed copyright infringement because a panda appeared in the background of their TV commercial. But nobody involved in the production had asked for permission from the copyright owner to use her image in the scene, as the demand letter made sure to mention several times. But if they appear on film without permission, even fleetingly, they could prompt a copyright infringement lawsuit.

The Etsy Copyright Infringement Problem

Art Law Journal

Etsy copyright infringement by its members is a well-known problem and while it has taken some steps to tackle the issue, what, if any, recourse do content creators have in stopping these infringements?

Former Employee Sues Kilroy’s for Copyright Infringement

Indiana Intellectual Property Law

To the extent that Schwartz owns any or all of the Intellectual Property, the Complaint alleges that Kilroy’s have infringed and continue to infringe Plaintiff’s rights as the owner of such. Breach of Contract Copyright Infringement Damages Declaratory Judgments

Bombay HC Clarifies the Contours of Copyright Infringement and Confidentiality Law


Saregama India Ltd & Anr deliberated upon the intersection of copyright infringement and confidentiality law and held that ideas cannot be copyrighted but can be protected through the application of confidentiality law. Copyright and confidentiality.

Sony Flags Its Own Website for Repeat Copyright Infringements


Copyright holders send out millions of takedown notices a day, hoping to remove pirated content or making it harder to find. The efficacy of the DMCA takedown process is open for debate but it certainly doesn’t help when companies flag their own websites as copyright infringing.

Instagram and Facebook Users Are Engaging in Copyright Infringement?!


If you have ever incorporated music into your Instagram or Facebook videos, you may have committed copyright infringement. In the official pleading , they argued that Meta violated the US Copyright Act 17 USC § 501 for direct, induced, and contributory copyright infringement.

‘AI-Powered’ Music Mixer Responds to RIAA Copyright Infringement Claims


“[RIAA’s] arguments are a mix of factually wrong information, a misunderstanding of how these AI services work, and minor allegations regarding potential trademark infringement (corrected since) which are not piracy or counterfeiting,” the rebuttal reads ( pdf ).

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Copyright Infringement: Friend or Foe in the Music Industry?


It used to be that occasionally we would hear in the news that some artist is suing some other artist for infringing their song. However, nowadays, it seems that many major artists are frequently being sued for copyright infringement.

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Photographer, Lisa Corson sues for Copyright Infringement

Indiana Intellectual Property Law

Corson claims she took a picture of a bocce ball court (the “Photograph”) and registered with the United States Copyright Office on September 18, 2016. for each infringement. Copyright Infringement Intellectual Property Law

Amazon.com, Inc. sued for Copyright Infringement and Counterfeiting

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Delaware, A/K/A Authorhouse for copyright infringement and counterfeiting of his work Mixed Blessings. . Therefore, Plaintiff is seeking compensatory damages for Copyright Infringement in violation of 17 U.S.C. § Copyright Infringement Counterfeit

Author Bynum Petitions SCOTUS for Remedy to State Copyright Infringement

The Illusion of More

11th Amendment immunity) as it relates to copyright owners’ inability to hold states and state actors liable for recklessly and knowingly infringing protected works. The post Author Bynum Petitions SCOTUS for Remedy to State Copyright Infringement appeared first on The Illusion of More.

TAMU Copyright Infringement — No Liability


The email and PDF included several statements indicating it was copyrighted and not for redistribution. Bynum sued for copyright infringement. That case held that sovereign immunity protected states from copyright infringement liability despite direct Congressional statements otherwise. Although a state might not be liable under a copyright infringement theory, it may still be liable for a Fourteenth Amendment taking. by Dennis Crouch.

Copyright Infringement before the Copyright Claims Board?

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Suppose you have not registered your copyright in a book with the U.S. Copyright Office until someone has infringed your copyright by copying substantial portions of your book. Can you sue the alleged infringer for actual damages for the copyright.

Rockville Bar Sued for Copyright Infringement for Unauthorized Public Performances

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d/b/a Spirit of Nashville One have allegedly contacted Thirty Six Saloon, LLC d/b/a Thirty Six Saloon and Mark Vanderheyden over 35 times since April 2019 to discuss their obligations under the Copyright Act without success. Copyright Infringement Intellectual Property Law New Litigation

How Much Money Can I Get from a Copyright Infringement?

Art Law Journal

Copyright Office is the most effective way to ensure you'll be fairly compensated in a copyright infringement lawsuit. Litigation Copyright Act Copyright infringement Copyright Office Copyright Registration featured Statutory damages

Justin Bieber’s 10,000 hours next song to be sued for copyright infringement


Justin Bieber and Dan + Shay are next in a line of artists to face allegations of copyright infringement — after Ed Sheeran and Dua Lipa. Access to the Infringed Work.

All I Want for Christmas is.Everyone to understand what copyright infringement is (not)

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Readers may have seen that the media have picked up on a claim made against Mariah Carey for copyright infringement by her infamous song " All I Want for Christmas is You ". The statute of limitations under the US law is three years from the act of infringement.

@SchneiderMaria Rolls Over YouTube in Her Copyright Infringement Case

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By Chris Castle It’s been just over two years since Maria Schneider sued YouTube for copyright infringement. But the court has now cleared a path for her… Read more "@SchneiderMaria Rolls Over YouTube in Her Copyright Infringement Case". Chris Castle Copyright DMCA News from the Goolag YouTube Maria Schneider Schneider v.

Online Learning Service Denies Copyright Infringement Claims

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In October, we reported that Post University, a for-profit university located in Waterbury, Connecticut, filed a complaint claiming copyright infringement, trademark infringement, violations of the DMCA, and related violations of law by online service provider Course Hero.

€8.5m Copyright Infringement Verdict Against Vimeo Stands on Appeal


However, on occasion, its users also upload copyright-infringing content and if these videos are not rapidly removed, it can cause serious problems. Damages for Failing to Remove Infringing Videos. From: TF , for the latest news on copyright battles, piracy and more.

Kat Von D Tattoo Copyright Infringement Suit – A Permanent Mistake?

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Sedlik’s copyrighted image of jazz artist Miles Davis as a basis for a tattoo, she probably never thought about the legal consequences beyond making sure she complied with health and safety codes. The post Kat Von D Tattoo Copyright Infringement Suit – A Permanent Mistake?

Adblocking Does Not Constitute Copyright Infringement, Court Rules


Axel Springer Claims Adblocking is Copyright Infringement. ” In other words, AdBlock Plus breaches copyright law. In this case, there were no claims that AdBlock Plus changed or manipulated any copyrighted works.

Kanye West Faces A Copyright Infringement Lawsuit: Is “Fair Use” Fair?


Moten, a Texas pastor, filed a copyright infringement lawsuit against rapper Kanye West for incorporating a sample recording of his religious sermon into one of his songs. The allegedly infringing sample is used on “Come to Life”, a song featured on his 2021 album “Donda”.