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[Guest post] Can the owner of an artistic work convert it into an NFT for its use in the Metaverse?

The IPKat

Now, a further development on IP and NFTs comes from Spain, as Katfriend Mercedes Morán Ruiz (CEDRO) reports: Can the owner of an artistic work convert it into an NFT for its use in the Metaverse? The Spanish legislator decided not to incorporate this limitation in the legislation. 5/08, paragraph 56; C?435/12,

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WaterRower: Has the UK’s approach to ‘artistic works’ in copyright changed?

Kluwer Copyright Blog

Even though it’s only an interim decision, it is interesting and well worth a read for any copyright lawyer because Deputy High Court Judge David Stone provides an in-depth analysis of the UK copyright position on artistic works. A work of artistic craftsmanship is a sub-category of an artistic work.


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Implications Of AI On Literary And Artistic Works : A Challenge On The Copyright System

IP and Legal Filings

How is then Artificial Intelligence related to Copyrights, with an added intricacy of Literary and artistic work? Applications of artificial intelligence (AI) are capable of independently creating literary and artistic creations. It is a notion held generally ‘AI can create.’ COPYRIGHT PROTECTION AND ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE.

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Amici Urge SCOTUS to Reverse Overly Broad Definition of ‘Expressive Work’ in Jack Daniel’s v. VIP Products

IP Watchdog

On January 18, a series of 16 amicus briefs were filed with the Supreme Court, the vast majority of which urged the nation’s highest court to reverse the Ninth Circuit’s ruling and limit the application of the Rogers test to clearly artistic works and exclude consumer products that happened to have some humorous expression.

Trademark 119
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Formation of a new copyright society in cinematographic films


I had earlier opined that it is not mandatory to be a member of copyright society to carry out the business of issuing or granting licences in respect of literary, dramatic, musical and artistic works incorporated into a cinematograph film or sound recordings.

Copyright 109
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Patent Poetry: An NFT Showing a Physical Product May Be “Artistic”

JD Supra Law

A New York federal court has ruled that a non-fungible token (“NFT”) for a digital image similar to a Birkin handbag may be an “artisticwork for purposes of determining whether the NFT infringes the Birkin trademark and other IP rights.

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Fonts & Typefaces: Are they Copyrightable? 


This post only deals with copyrightability of fonts from artistic work perspective and does not explore the copyrightability of fonts as code or literary works. The phrase has been placed as a residuary clause to cover works that otherwise fulfil the eligibility of artistic work.

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