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Generative AI and creativity: A quick analysis of US and Canadian copyright registrations for artistic works

Kluwer Copyright Blog

Against that background, this blog post provides some tentative musings on the impact of text-to-image generators on human artistic creativity by analysing recent US and Canadian copyright registrations for artistic works. In contrast, the CIPO has arguably adopted a more liberal attitude to computer-generated works.

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[Guest post] Can the owner of an artistic work convert it into an NFT for its use in the Metaverse?

The IPKat

Now, a further development on IP and NFTs comes from Spain, as Katfriend Mercedes Morán Ruiz (CEDRO) reports: Can the owner of an artistic work convert it into an NFT for its use in the Metaverse? The Spanish legislator decided not to incorporate this limitation in the legislation. 5/08, paragraph 56; C?435/12,


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WaterRower: Has the UK’s approach to ‘artistic works’ in copyright changed?

Kluwer Copyright Blog

Even though it’s only an interim decision, it is interesting and well worth a read for any copyright lawyer because Deputy High Court Judge David Stone provides an in-depth analysis of the UK copyright position on artistic works. A work of artistic craftsmanship is a sub-category of an artistic work.

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Copyright Office Says Tattoo Artist's Work Can Be Protected

IP Law 360

Federal copyright officials said a tattoo artist's contributions to a pair of designs made them able to be protected by copyright law, the latest dustup in an intellectual property dispute between the artist and the maker of the NBA 2K video game series.

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Implications Of AI On Literary And Artistic Works : A Challenge On The Copyright System

IP and Legal Filings

How is then Artificial Intelligence related to Copyrights, with an added intricacy of Literary and artistic work? Applications of artificial intelligence (AI) are capable of independently creating literary and artistic creations. It is a notion held generally ‘AI can create.’ COPYRIGHT PROTECTION AND ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE.

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St. Art Foundation v. Acko General Insurance: Decoding Street Art, Fair use and Moral rights


Acko General Insurance , the Delhi High Court is faced with the opportunity to elaborate whether and how street art in general is subject to the Copyright Act, the scope of ‘artistic work’ under Sec. 52(1)(t) and ‘moral rights’ of the author in such work. 13(1) of being ‘original artistic work’. 57 of the Act.

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AIs Don’t Learn Jack S**t About Art

The Illusion of More

While people may continue to debate whether robots dream of electric sheep, let us please stop entertaining the notion that AIs “learn from artistic works the same way human artists learn” to make art.

Art 93