IFRRO International Conference: Moving RROs Beyond Text

Velocity of Content

The session will look at new patterns of content creation, use, and re-use, especially video, audio and podcasts, and address issues and concerns related to remote working and distance learning, particularly the impacts on copyright and collective licensing.

WEBINAR: Copyright Basics for the Generalist In House Counsel

Trademark and Copyright Law Blog

While patents and trademarks often receive the lion’s share of an organization’s intellectual property focus, copyrights comprise a critical third prong to a healthy overarching IP strategy – even for companies whose products and services involve little or no content creation. What does the generalist in-house counsel need to know about copyright?


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British IP Day: spotlight on innovation and IP

Intellectual Property Office Blog

move.ai, a UK based technology company will explain how it is seeking to democratise content creation by enabling lower cost filming of virtual reality scenes using artificial intelligence.

Catching Up on Recent FOSTA Developments (None of Them Good)

Technology & Marketing Law Blog

So obviously this is a quite expansive view of what it means to “create” third-party content. Because negates Section 230 on two independent grounds (FOSTA and content creation), Mindgeek has two separate reasons it could lose. Content Regulation Derivative Liabilit


JIPL Online

i] The rather lengthy update, which takes on an immediately apologetic tone, serves as the platform’s first official communication to content creators for actions taken by Twitch over the previous months that resulted in large swathes of user-generated archived content being deleted for alleged copyright infringement, often based on incidental background use of licensed music. [ii] million users who collectively watched almost 1 trillion minutes of content on the platform. [xi].

Music 52

IP Report 2021

LexBlog IP

Although copyright is an unregistered form of IP, the COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in increased consumption of copyright work producing industries, being online, audio and screen content.