4 Intellectual Property Management Best Practices


Intellectual property is, for many companies, an irreplaceable asset. Strategic IP management allows businesses to reap the full benefit of their investments in research and development as well as mergers.

Framing an effective IP strategy in the Corporate

IP and Legal Filings

Therefore the corporations are very cautious in their move for creating and protecting intellectual property (IP). For any such valid infringement, the prerogative to sue the other for the intellectual property violation always lies with the corporation.

Guest book review: Research Handbook on Intellectual Property and Technology Transfer

The IPKat

This book review is brought to you by Donal O’Connell, the Managing Director of Chawton Innovation Services, a company focused on IP Education, IP Consultancy and IP Solutions & Tools. The 1990 Bayh-Dole Act was a major milestone for intellectual property management in US universities.