DeivanArt Expanding System for Detecting Copied Images

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The post DeivanArt Expanding System for Detecting Copied Images appeared first on Plagiarism Today. DeviantArt has announced that it is expanding its DeviantArt Protect service , making it available to all artists, not just those that use DeviantArt to share their work.

Software Downloads Netflix & Disney+ Videos to Make DRM-Free Copies


Long before the advent of legitimate online video streaming services, torrent sites and similar platforms allowed users to download and keep copies of movies and TV shows. Is it permissible to download and keep copies of movies and TV shows if you’ve paid for a legal subscription?


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CJEU rules that private copying also applies in the cloud and warns against thinking that everything is communication to the public

The IPKat

Background This referral from Austria was made in the context of litigation between copyright collecting society Austro-Mechana and cloud storage service provider Strato concerning the remuneration for private copying allegedly due by the latter. Kat cloud.

Cloud Services and private copying levy: further developments in the AG Opinion on the Austro-Mechana case

Kluwer Copyright Blog

The recent AG Opinion on the Austro-Mechana case ( C-433-20 ) discusses some interesting developments on how to treat Cloud Services from the perspective of the private copying levy. The Austro-Mechana case and the right to claim private copying levy.

AG Hogan advises CJEU to rule that private copying exception also applies in the cloud but that an additional private copying levy might be unavailable

The IPKat

Kat cloud Does the private copying exception and, with it, the fair compensation requirement under Article 5(2)(b) of the InfoSoc Directive apply to reproductions carried out by using cloud-based recording services?

CJEU rules on private copying exception to storage in the cloud

JD Supra Law

The Court of Justice of the European Union (“CJEU”) has recently ruled that the private copying exception contained in the Information Society Directive (the “Directive”) applies to works stored in space made available to users by cloud computing service providers.

‘Valorant Mobile’ Leaks Excite Gamers But ‘Pirate’ Copies Are Bad News


As the takedown notice shows, Riot Games demanded not only the removal of the video, but also any additional copies that may be uploaded in the future.

DMCA-Circumventing Cheat Maker Uses DMCA to Take Down Cracked Copy


That the creators of a cheat that almost certainly violates the anti-circumvention provisions of the DMCA attempted to have a copy taken down based on the same law is both novel and pretty ironic, to say the least.

“I recently had my whole IG page copied…”


Finally, she shares a recent experience she had when her WHOLE Instagram page was copied. Incredibly talented and motivating Marina Yanay (@marina.y.t)

false advertising as a workaround when municipal codes are copied?


It allegedly sold or gave away unauthorized copies of the I-Codes and Custom Codes to both customers and prospective customers. International Code Council, Inc. UpCodes, Inc., 2021 WL 1236106, Nos. 17 Civ. 6261 (VM) & 20 Civ. 4316 (VM) (S.D.N.Y.

Why Hard Copy Articles Are Holding Strong in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Velocity of Content

For these companies, their need is simple – get a hard copy of their research into the hands of physicians so they know it’s available if they ever need it. When ePrints first become readily available, the prevailing belief was hard copies would become obsolete.

Private Copying Levy for Social Purposes – Draft Changes in Poland and Compatibility with EU Law – Part I

Kluwer Copyright Blog

The Polish Ministry of Culture has announced draft changes to the Polish copyright law on the collection and division of the private copying levy (also known as the blank media tax or levy). According to the new proposal, the private copying levy is to be collected in future by tax offices.

Private copy levy for reproduction in cloud computing storage

JD Supra Law

The Court held that: the private copying exception applies to copies of works on a server in storage space made available to a user by the provider of a cloud computing service. Executive summary - On 24 March 2022 the Court of Justice of the European Union issued a judgment in Austro-Mechana v Strato AG case (C-433/20).

competitor's copying of photos doesn't inherently inflict competitive harm


He did allege sadness, distress, and “profound grief” from Natorp’s copying of images of a particular landscape job, but the Lanham Act doesn’t cover psychological, emotional harm. McCleese v. Natorp’s, Inc., 2021 WL 2270511, No. 1:20-cv-118 (S.D. Ohio Jun.

Text Written So Well That It Needs To Be Copied?

BYU Copyright Blog

Lehren”), claiming that Lehren copied “significant portions” of its website.Since then, Lehren has responded to these allegations. On June 13, 2021, Lehren filed its Answer wherein it admitted that it “copied a limited amount of text.”

Copying of Unpatented Technology Permitted When Confidentiality Obligations Terminated

JD Supra Law

In BladeRoom Grp. Emerson Elec. the Ninth Circuit held under English law that a reasonable person would interpret a nondisclosure agreement (NDA) to end two years after signing because the NDA unambiguously terminated the confidentiality obligations after two years.

Private Copying Levy for Social Purposes – Draft Changes in Poland and Compatibility with EU Law – Part II

Kluwer Copyright Blog

The Polish Ministry of Culture has announced draft changes to the Polish copyright law on the collection and division of the private copying levy. This important aspect of the functioning of the private copying levy as compensation for creators has disappeared from the draft law.

Mejuri Calls Yurman's Jewelry Copying Suit 'Bullying'

IP Law 360

Months after being accused of copying David Yurman's jewelry designs, Canadian retailer Mejuri has hit back with counterclaims that Yurman's suit is intended to "bully an emerging competitor" and that the designs have actually been used for centuries

Copy and Paste – Supreme Court Holds Copying Software Function Calls Was Fair Use

TraskBritt Intellectual Property

When developing Android, Google had copied the text and format of function calls from Oracle’s Java SE Application Programming Interface (API). This copying enabled programmers already familiar with the Java programming language to easily learn to program for Android, jumpstarting the library of applications available on Google’s platform. LEXIS 1864 (2021), the Supreme Court held that Google’s copying was permissible fair use. The U.S.

Supreme Court Finds Google’s Copying of Oracle’s APIs a Fair Use

JD Supra Law

A recent Supreme Court decision has finally put an end to the longstanding fight between Oracle and Google concerning Google’s use of Oracle’s copyrighted Java Application Programming Interfaces (APIs).

Truncation and Providing Copies of Checks

GDB Firm Blog

Some banks go so far as to provide no paper statements and their Internet banking does not provide copies of paid checks unless the depositor asks for them. A recent decision of a New York appellate court suggests that complete truncation, without providing copies of paid checks, is a bad idea. The Bank had provided copies of the paid checks to the company. Many banks truncate checks.

Sheeran Denies Copying Idea For 'Shape of You' At UK Trial

IP Law 360

Ed Sheeran has denied borrowing ideas from less-well-known artists for his songs without acknowledgement, as a copyright dispute over hit single "Shape of You" continued at a London court on Monday

End of an era: USPTO proposes to phase out hard copy patent and trademark certificates

IP Spotlight

Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) plans to stop issuing patent and trademark certificates in hard copy format. In a recent blog post , USPTO Director Drew Hirshfeld announced that the USPTO will soon publish a proposed rule to eliminate the USPTO’s regulatory obligation to mail a paper copy of the patent to the correspondence address of record. The USPTO’s trademark regulations do not require the USPTO to mail trademark registrations in hard copy form.

Copied Metadata Not Enough To Remove Metals Case Judge

IP Law 360

A Pennsylvania federal judge said copied "author" metadata on several of her opinions in a trade secrets case was not indicative of anyone else writing for her, and she declined to recuse herself at the request of the aluminum companies that had brought the case

Advocates Can Copy Many Industry Standards, Judge Says

IP Law 360

A Washington, D.C., federal judge has ruled that a transparency group is allowed to distribute 184 private industry rules that were later transformed into federal law, saying those were fair use

Starz Says Its Stripper TV Drama Not Copied From Stage Play

IP Law 360

Starz told a Georgia federal judge Tuesday the cabaret-based stage play it allegedly ripped off to create the strip club drama "P-Valley" contains nothing but stock tropes and "random similarities" that can't possibly support a copyright infringement claim

Aldi Says Its Caterpillar Cake No Cookie-Cutter Copy Of M&S'

IP Law 360

Aldi hit back against Marks & Spencer in their High Court caterpillar cake-off, arguing that the rival supermarket chain did not invent the concept of the insect-themed milk-chocolate creation the discounter is accused of copying

Charter's 'Send To TV' Tech Doesn't Copy Sprint, Court Says

IP Law 360

Charter Communications Inc. on Monday beat a Sprint suit alleging patent infringement by Charter's Spectrum "send to TV" video-on-demand app, after a U.S. District Court judge in Delaware found that the app's signal gets routed in a way that undercuts Sprint's assertions

EU copyright law round up – fourth trimester of 2021

Kluwer Copyright Blog

Case Law CJEU European Union Jurisdiction Legislative process Private copying Round-up AI artificial intelligence cloud computer program data decompilation Levy policy private copying Public Consulation UKIPOPhoto by Markus Spiske on Unsplash.

If copyright law won’t protect small fashion brands against copying, social media will – just ask influencer Danielle Bernstein

JIPEL Copyright Blog

However, an equally long list of controversies accompanies this list of accomplishments, the majority of which involve alleged copying. Nordstrom removed the pieces at issue, and everything seemed to be fine on the copying front—until 2020 hit.

Illumina Tells Jury BGI Copied Its DNA Sequencing Patents

IP Law 360

Counsel for DNA sequencing equipment supplier Illumina told a California federal jury during opening statements Monday that China-based BGI Genomics Co. willfully infringed five of its DNA sequencing patents, while BGI's counsel told jurors that the patents couldn't have been infringed since they are obvious and invalid

Can I Copy from an Unpublished Library Manuscript?

Dear Rich IP Blog

If you are simply copying a paragraph or two (say 150 - 200 words) for an academic monograph, a court is likely to consider it fair use because your use is transformative (for commentary) and your borrowing is minimal. Dear Rich: I am in the final stages of publishing an academic monograph.

Does Failure to Submit Copies to Copyright Office Put an End to Copyright?

Dear Rich IP Blog

Questions: (1) As I understand it, the publisher would have had to submit 2 copies of the magazine to the Library of Congress to complete the registration process. How can I find out if the publisher actually sent copies of the magazine to the LoC to complete the process? (2)

Skin Care Co. Ordered To Pay $2.3M For Copied Packaging

IP Law 360

A Florida federal judge has ordered a skin care company to pay a rival $2.3 million after a jury found the business ripped off copyrighted text and design elements for its anti-aging cream packaging

Can I Use James Joyce Case to Justify Copying?

Dear Rich IP Blog

Dear Rich: I am an Australian author now based on Italy. I have written a biography of a major Italian journalist with the permission/collaboration of his publisher and newspaper, obtained by my former Australian publisher, which approved the manuscript for publication.

Supreme Court Finds Google’s Copying of Oracle’s APIs a Fair Use

LexBlog IP

In this case, Google copied 37 Java API packages and wrote its own implementation code underlying those API packages for use by developers on its Android operating system. Oracle, it is clear that not all copying of copyrighted code will subject a developer to liability.

Colour Trademarks: What you Need to Know


Where you do not have any legal rights in an asset, as you won’t have with colour in the early days of your use of a colour, you are largely powerless to tackle competitor copying. Competitors Copying Your Colour. They can copy your positioning, but they must use a different colour.

Rare Books Publisher Valancourt Versus The Deposit Requirement

The Illusion of More

On July 23, the District Court for the District of Columbia denied publisher Valancourt’s claims that the requirement to provide deposit copies of U.S. Copyright Law & Policy Lit/Pub Copyright Office deposit copies Featured Library of Congress Valancourt Books

API Copying Now Fair Game in the Wake of Supreme Court’s Decision in Google LLC v. Oracle America Inc.

Trademark and Copyright Law Blog

In considering market effects, the Court considered not just the amount of the loss of Oracle licensing revenue, but also the source of the loss, and the public benefits the copying will likely produce. The decision provides protection for software developers who otherwise would need licenses to copy portions of APIs to make their programs interoperable. The post API Copying Now Fair Game in the Wake of Supreme Court’s Decision in Google LLC v.

Damage to the Global Economy From Counterfeit Goods Exceeds $300 Billion; Risk of Injury, too

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