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UMKC School of Law Wins National Patent Application Drafting Competition


Patent and Trademark Office announced the winner of this year’s National Patent Application Drafting Competition (NPADC), the University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Law. The competition is scored on the basis of the patent application and an oral presentation before a panel of three judges.

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Sequence Listings in Patent Applications: USPTO Adopts Updated WIPO Standard

JD Supra Law

The US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) finalized the adoption of version 1.7 This standard, integral for disclosing and submitting amino acid and nucleotide sequence listings within patent applications, ensures greater consistency in technical terminology and enhances the descriptions of such sequences. By: Morgan Lewis


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Expedite decisions on patent applications

Olartemoure Blog

According to Brazilian law, once the patent application is filed, the applicant has up to 36 months to request examination, and file voluntary amendments to the claims with such request; once examination was requested, the application entered the queue based on its filing date.

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All About Provisional Patent Applications


For easing the mode of filing a patent and claiming the subject matter contained therein, there are two basic approaches, namely provisional patent application and complete patent application. What is a Provisional Patent Application? Why Should an Inventor File a Provisional Patent Application?

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How to Start a Design Patent Application

Patent Trademark Blog

Design Patent Application: Where to Start Are you thinking about filing a design patent, but not sure where to begin? We’ll walk through the information and materials required to start the design patent application process. Need to file a design patent? You found the right post.

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US Utility Patent Application Status.


This updated chart groups patent applications by filing date and then divides each group into three categories: Patented, Abandoned, and Pending. This may be due to the movement among patent attorneys to draft more technical and detailed patent applications. Look at the applications filed in early 2021).

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UK Supreme Court rules on AI and Patent Applications

IP Tech Blog

So for the moment, the position under the UK patent system is that AI is very much a tool rather than an autonomous agent in its own right. As such, in terms of predictions for the coming year, the commencement of consultations on changes to the UK patent system in light of AI feels like a safe bet.