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The (forgotten) moral rights in the age of AI

Kluwer Copyright Blog

The missing bit: moral rights. Moral rights have not been sufficiently discussed in the context of AI/ML. Some countries have a longer list of moral rights. Could you claim an infringement of your moral rights? What about the right of integrity?


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Moral Rights in Copyrighted Works

Sander Law

Moral Rights in Copyrighted Works. In Canada, in addition to the rights provided under Copyright protection for an artistic, literary, musical or dramatic work, there is another set of associated rights called Moral Rights.

Permissibility Of A Waiver Of Moral Rights Of An Author Under The Copyright Regime

IP and Legal Filings

Section 57 of the Copyright Act of 1957 covers authors’ special rights particularly, highlighting the importance of expanding such rights beyond solely economic grounds. As a result, the lifetime of these rights varies greatly between countries. Introduction.

Best of 2010: Moral rights in Massachusetts

Likelihood of Confusion

Lee Gesmer reported last month on a pretty important decision in copyright law: A First Circuit ruling applying the Visual Rights Act, which–well, Lee says. The post Best of 2010: Moral rights in Massachusetts appeared first on LIKELIHOOD OF CONFUSION™.

Vempati Ravi Shankar – Facebook Copyright Dispute: Issues on Moral Rights and Posthumous Enforcement of Celebrity Rights


A copyright holder has the exclusive right to communicate his work to the public and as the plaintiff’s sound recordings were used without authorisation, copyright infringement could be easily proved. The Right to Integrity. So, violation of the right to paternity cannot be claimed.

Copyright case law of the German Bundesgerichtshof 2015 – 2019 – Part 1 of 4: Definition of a work, authorship and moral rights

Kluwer Copyright Blog

This first part covers the definition of a work, authorship and moral rights. Parts 2 to 4 will address exploitation rights, related rights, exceptions and limitations, copyright contract law and enforcement. Moral rights (Sections 12-14 UrhG).

Could Banksy Sue Christopher Walken Over Destroyed Artwork?

Copyright Lately

” Could the street artist claim a violation of his moral rights? Historically, European courts have been receptive to the concept of “moral rights,” which protect the attribution of an artist and the integrity of a protected work.

[Guest post] Anderson.Paak got a new tattoo- and we might have an idea why

The IPKat

Fritsch, both talented and enthusiastic former students of mine, which - while reviewing Anderson.Paak 's latest tattoo - discusses post-mortem moral rights protection and the value of a tattoo as an. Anderson.Paak copyright Despoina Dimitrakopoulou moral rights Simon J.

Around the IP Blogs

The IPKat

COPYRIGHT Likelihood of confusion posted about a recent Massachusetts copyright decision involving moral rights. around the IP Blogs Article 17 basic mark CIPs copyright epic games Giorgio Luceri google madrid system moral rights patents trade marks

IPSC Panel 14 – Copyright Authorship & Ownership


Unsettled; hard to say Cord & family intentionally or even negligently sat on their rights. Determined to prevent forfeiture, courts found—often on very thin evidence—that authors implicitly transferred rights, defying statute. SCt provides an ex post rationalization: before the author registers the rights, the author doesn’t have a ©, so the statutory requirement of written assignment doesn’t apply before registration. German takes an approach of “fading of rights.”

Thomas and Henrietta Maria Bowdler, and the works of William Shakespeare: Is "bowdlerizing" a four-letter word?

The IPKat

Unauthorized changes to a text reside in the murkier confines of the copyright system, where, at most, moral rights may hold court. When there is no moral right varnishing on the text, can we speak of an "authentic" work of literature, which is exempt from any later alteration?

“the law, as it currently stands, does not confer a property interest to the subject of a photograph regardless of how objectionable the photograph’s origins may be”


A Massachusetts judge has dismissed a lawsuit by a woman claiming that she, not Harvard University, is the rightful owner of haunting images of an enslaved father and daughter who she says were her ancestors. Copyright Moral Rights Privacy Property Harvard University Papa Renty right of privacy right of publicity slave photographs

Fleshing out the copyright in a tattoo

IP Whiteboard

Right: Photo courtesy of Katie Hagebols retrieved from [link]. What about moral rights? In Australia, there is no need to apply for copyright registration as it arises as of right, without the need for formalities or registration. What about moral rights?

Adele, Spotify and the right of integrity

The IPKat

Also, is there a connection between this story and a possible infringement of the author's moral rights? The right of integrity expresses the close relationship between the work and its author. A few days ago, Adele released her new studio album " 30 ".

My Concerns with the ‘Can’t Be Evil’ NFT Licenses

Plagiarism Today

In a blog post published last week and covered by Adi Robertson at The Verge yesterday , the firm is introducing what it calls “Can’t Be Evil” (CBE) licenses, a series of licenses that can be affixed to NFTs to clearly indicate what rights the NFT creator transfers to the buyer.

Copyright Ownership with Independent Contractors

Sander Law

Moral Rights. Although the initial creator of the work can assign their copyright to another entity, they cannot assign the associated Moral Rights. Learn more about Moral Rights. Copyright Ownership with Independent Contractors.

Artists and Property Owners Square Off Again over Murals on a Law School Campus

Intellectual Property Brief

Property rights and artist rights collide in this legal dispute between Vermont Law School and artist Sam Kerson. Property owners are developing unique methods to preserve art with respect to artists’ moral rights to their work.

Playing Darts with a Rembrandt

The Art Law Blog

We only protect works for the life of the artist, with a few minor exceptions, but that’s basically the rule under the Visual Artists Rights Act.' "In In France, droits moraux, or 'moral rights,' would typically protect an artwork from such an act. Moral rights protect artists from the alteration, mutilation, or harm to their works that would be damaging to their reputation,' said Mr. Urice. NYT: Why Do People Want Jeff Bezos to Buy and Eat the Mona Lisa?

Art 55

The Five Essential Copyright-Related Terms You Need to Know


So, let us now make ourselves familiar with the five essential copyright-related terms that you should be aware of, which, in turn, shall help you take a step towards safeguarding your exclusive rights online. Intellectual Property & Intellectual Property Rights.

Will—and Should—VARA Cover NFTs?

JIPEL Copyright Blog

As artists increasingly express themselves through NFTs, will their moral rights be protected? Some might argue that the rationales behind the existence of moral rights preclude their application to NFTs. Typically, moral rights are justified by citing the public interest in the faithful preservation of artistic pieces or the artist’s spiritual connection with his artistic expression. But would a court ever attribute moral rights to the author of an NFT?

Book review: Performing Copyright: Law, Theatre and Authorship

The IPKat

It focuses on authorship of the copyright in stage plays as dramatic works, texts that can be performed from a script (rather than musical theatre, dance, or performers rights). Who receives the credit and the licensing rights? And who poses moral rights in the work?

How Do Copyrights Protect Your Drone Videos And Photographs?


Ownership is determined by determining who protects the Intellectual Property Rights of the work product. However, these companies also have the right to assign the copyright of the work to any person, or a customer. [link].

Crypto Group Buys Dune Book, Confuses it for Buying the Rights

Plagiarism Today

The fact that so few copies exist means that burning it may run afoul of the Visual Artists Rights Act (VARA) if the editions are signed and numbered. In other nations, moral rights may prohibit that.

The Beijing Treaty: A step forward in the protection of related rights in audiovisual performances

Kluwer Copyright Blog

It was a historic milestone in the area of rights related to copyright. The point of contention was, and continues to be, the transfer of the rights by the artists in favour of audiovisual producers. Image by stokpic from Pixabay.

Around the IP Blogs

The IPKat

It has been the coldest days of the year where this Kat is based - perfect weather for looking into what other IP Blogs have been into recently:- Copyright The Kluwer Copyright Blog addressed the issue of moral rights in relation to artificial intelligence and copyright protection.

Metadata Ruling Gives YouTube a Timely Boost in Content ID Lawsuit


In Maria Schneider’s CMI article she talks about the moral rights of artists, including the right to attribution and the right of integrity. But artists have another basic right – the freedom to choose who to do business with.

All you want to know about Registration of Copyright

Biswajit Sarkar Copyright Blog

The laws extend their protection to the expressed ideas of the creativity of the author by providing recognition to the rights of exclusivity in terms of creation and enforcing such rights through effective mechanisms.

Cardinals Of Intellectual Property Rights (Part- II)

IP and Legal Filings

COPYRIGHTS: Term copyright is a bundle of exclusive rights provided to the creator/owner of original works of authorship, which includes literary, dramatic, musical, and artistic works, cinematographic films, and sound recordings.

Book review: Performers' Rights

The IPKat

This is a review of Performer's Rights by the Rt Hon Sir Richard Arnold, Judge of the Court of Appeal of England and Wales. The book covers the rights of performers, particularly the rights conferred under Part II of the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 (as amended).

NLUJ-CIPS Inter College IP Research Essay Writing Competition 2022 [Submit by March 10]


CIPS also aims at suggesting amendments and efficient implementation of IP to the Government of India and monitoring the design and dissemination of various courses and programmes pertaining to intellectual property rights training and research.

Around the IP Blogs

The IPKat

moral rights. As good Kats, we are always paying attention to our surroundings. Come with this Kat for a stroll around this week’s posts from IP blogs. Copyright A Kat walking and enjoying its freedom.

Laws Surrounding the Intellectual Property of NFTs in India

Biswajit Sarkar Copyright Blog

NFTs include digital assets and other intellectual property like images, video files, audio files that one could purchase and hold exclusive rights to, while cryptocurrencies are fundamentally used to purchase such exclusive tokens. Introduction.

When Doors Close, A Market Grows: Museums, COVID-19, and Cultural Digitisation


Those who criticize the company, and any association with it, may have better grounds to stand on than moral outrage over pornography. . Moral rights include the right to the integrity of the work and attribution in reasonable circumstances.

OM Weekly Digest 12/05/22

Olartemoure Blog

Last week, The UK’s High Court, recognized NFTs (non-fungible tokens) as property , separate from the underlying right they represent, capable of being frozen by way of an injunction. . 12/05/22 – Trademarks.

Is The ‘Art’ Of Food Plating Copyrightable


The dilemma is whether a chef’s aesthetic plating of a dish (who is also the original creator) may be protected under intellectual property rights. It will be protected as an original artistic work, granting chefs the same economic and moral rights as writers of other works.

Art 52

TCE protection in India

Biswajit Sarkar Copyright Blog

Article 29 confers to minorities, the right to conserve their culture, Article 51A(f) creates a duty on all citizens to preserve the rich heritage of our composite culture. Section 38 deals with performers’ rights that would be valid for 25 years from the first date of performance.

TCE protection in India

Biswajit Sarkar Copyright Blog

Article 29 confers to minorities, the right to conserve their culture, Article 51A(f) creates a duty on all citizens to preserve the rich heritage of our composite culture. Section 38 deals with performers’ rights that would be valid for 25 years from the first date of performance.

SpicyIP Weekly Review (July 5-11)


Right to Access a Public Record” vs “Right to not Communicate the Work”: Where is Public Interest?”. Vempati Ravi Shankar – Facebook Copyright Dispute: Issues on Moral Rights and Posthumous Enforcement of Celebrity Rights. Topical Highlight.

IPSC Breakout Session 3, Language and Authorship/ownership


The Right to Speak a Brand: Rethinking the Interaction Between Trademarks and Speech in the Age of Expressive Branding Alvaro Fernandez-Mora Tweak of original mark to convey parody/comment: adictas three cocaine stripes v. TM can both limit and validate TM rights.