Realizing the Value of Intellectual Property through Intellectual Property Financing

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The answer is quite arguably its intellectual property (“IP”). By: Caldwell Intellectual Property LawWhat is a company’s most valuable asset today? Consider the largest companies by market capitalization on the S&P 500: you will find Apple Inc., Microsoft Corp.,

A virtual Intellectual Property coach

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This virtual tool aims to raise awareness, among European entrepreneurs and future entrepreneurs, on the benefits of intellectual property protection through practical guides. La entrada A virtual Intellectual Property coach se publicó primero en OlarteMoure | Intellectual Property.


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Trade Secrets in Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs)


In today’s highly competitive working environment, almost every other individual knows what Intellectual Property (IP) is and that the protection of IP assets is a matter of paramount importance.

Intellectual Property Valuation


The non-physical property of a business comprises Intellectual Property (IP) assets. IP valuation plays a significant role in the enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs) , internal management of IP assets, and handling of various financial processes.

Intellectual Property filings peak in 2021

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The World Intellectual Property Organization published the World Intellectual Property Indicators report, where it revealed a strong growth in IP applications in 2021, demonstrating that entrepreneurship, technology , innovation and digitalization continue to drive the growth of the global economy.

Intellectual Property Bulletin - Summer 2022

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In This Issue - Transformative Fair Use: Does Andy Warhol Qualify? On March 28, 2022, the Supreme Court granted certiorari in Andy Warhol Foundation v.

Intellectual Property Rights For Fintech


Since FinTech is a dynamic concept and originated from the intellectual labour of its creator, the chief question running in the minds of stakeholders is “How to protect their work from copying”? The post Intellectual Property Rights For Fintech first appeared on IIPRD.

Indigenizing the Intellectual Property System

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Included in these overlooked issues is the lack of protection given to the intellectual property (IP) of indigenous peoples. On August 9, we once again observe the International Day of the World's Indigenous Peoples.

Intellectual Property Protection: How to protect IP

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What does it mean to protect intellectual property? Now that we know what intellectual property is , let’s talk about how to protect intellectual property. What do we mean by intellectual property protection?

China’s Intellectual Property Enforcement Trends

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Comprising tiers of specialized intellectual property (IP) courts within its court system, China bifurcated judicial and administrative proceedings for those seeking to protect and enforce against a patent infringement.

Intellectual Property Theft: A Menace


Of these crimes, Intellectual Property (IP) theft is one of the many, which involves stealing copyright, patents, industrial designs, etc., Reasons of Theft of Intellectual Property.

Study Finds That Americans Have the Wrong Impression About Intellectual Property

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Intellectual Property 101 for Family Businesses

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Intellectual Property rights allow a business to protect economically valuable intangible assets.

Considering Intellectual Property Rights as a Collateral


Even though the ratio of intangible assets against tangible assets is witnessing a sharp rise, the idea of using Intellectual Property (IP) assets for debt funding is yet to take its best shape.

Waiver Of Intellectual Property Protections For COVID-19 Vaccine Unlikely To Have Meaningful Impact In Short Term

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On Wednesday, May 7, 2021, the United States officially endorsed waiving intellectual property protections for COVID-19 vaccines. Whereas some other countries appear to oppose the waiver ( e.g., Germany), warning that intellectual property rights must remain protected.

Intellectual Property in the Metaverse

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GOODS AND SERVICES IN THE METAVERSE - Recent news articles are replete with references to the proliferation of trademark applications filed with the USPTO by various enterprises and high-profile personalities to register trademarks relevant to the sale of goods and services in the metaverse.

Intellectual Property Rights Involved in Advertising Campaigns


Therefore, brands and businesses need to be aware of Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs) that come into action when it comes to drafting and finalizing the content of an advertisement or running an advertising campaign.

Intellectual Property Enforcement in the Metaverse, Part 1

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For creators who seek to protect their intellectual property (IP), the idea of enforcing intellectual property rights in the metaverse may initially appear to be daunting.

Protection of Intellectual Property (IP) in the Metaverse


The dramatic rise in e-commerce in the last two decades saw many brand and business owners struggling to safeguard their Intellectual Property (IP) assets in cyberspace, starting from domain names and then going onto social media handles.

Intellectual Property Bulletin - Winter 2022

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Intellectual Property Enforcement in the Metaverse, Part 2

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In Part 1 of this three-part blog series, we examined how intellectual property (IP) rights online are normally enforced and how that model may translate to the metaverse.

Protecting Recipes through Intellectual Property Rights


Like any other asset, the question of protecting recipes and corresponding assets through the application of Intellectual Property (IP) laws has gained momentum.

Biden Nominates First Chief Innovation and Intellectual Property Negotiator

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President Joe Biden this week nominated Christopher Wilson to be Chief Innovation and Intellectual Property Negotiator at the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative for Innovation and Intellectual Property (2006-2008) and several Assistant U.S.

Intellectual Property (IP) Challenges Faced in the Digital Economy


Instead, it is they may not own the exclusive rights to the Intellectual Property (IP) assets that such technologies are built upon usually.

Business planning and Intellectual Property

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The post Business planning and Intellectual Property first appeared on IPLF. Intellectual Property Business Plan Commercialization company IPR Monetary Benefit R&D

The Implications of Intellectual Property Laws in the Tourism Industry

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Intellectual property rights are statutory rights given to creators, inventors, and artists. The purpose of Intellectual Property Rights is to ensure that sufficient recognition is given to the creator’s work and skills, subsequently stimulating innovation and creativity in the country.

Municipal Bond Projects: Intellectual Property Risks

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Private activity bonds may finance projects that rely on novel technology subject to intellectual property protections, such as patents, trade secrets, and know-how.

Patent Poetry: Intellectual Property in Wartime

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As we wrote in this recent blog, whistleblowers from the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) have called for the closure of WIPO’s Russia office in the wake of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Intellectual Property Bulletin - Summer 2021

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In This Issue - Assignor Estoppel: When Are Inventors Allowed to Attack Their Own Inventions? In Minerva v.

4 Intellectual Property Management Best Practices

Intellectual property is, for many companies, an irreplaceable asset. The post 4 Intellectual Property Management Best Practices appeared first on - IP Innovation and Analytics.

Young People Know that Intellectual Property Exists but Lack Insight in How IP Rights Work

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Most students and recent graduates in affluent Singapore are similar to their contemporaries in other developed economies: They know intellectual property rights exist but are Continue reading.

Taxation of Intellectual Property: A Comparative Note


Today, companies are increasingly placing a huge amount of enterprise value on Intellectual Property (IP). The Patent is granted by the UK Intellectual Property Office (UKIPO) or the European Patent Office (EPO).

Can Intellectual Property Rights Safeguard Your Blog?


Due to creative and original use of expressions, blogs are deemed to be counted as private property for which Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs) can be sought. The post Can Intellectual Property Rights Safeguard Your Blog?

Retooling Intellectual Property Strategies to Weather Bear Markets

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As economists warn of an imminent economic recession, companies should take the time now to consider their Intellectual Property (IP) strategies and determine how to preserve legal spend while simultaneously adding value to their IP portfolio.

2022 World Intellectual Property Report


World Intellectual Property Report 2022. The post 2022 World Intellectual Property Report appeared first on Intepat IP. Blog Intellectual Property

Loui Vuitton: In Charge Of 18,000 Intellectual Property Rights


According to Louis Vuitton’s website, its intellectual property department oversees more than 18,000 IP rights around the world with the support of a specialised team of 250 lawyers and law enforcement officials. As a result, there was no infringement of intellectual property.

Identifying Intellectual Property Trends with Patent Search

Remaining competitive within your industry requires almost constant monitoring of the intellectual property trends happening around you. The post Identifying Intellectual Property Trends with Patent Search appeared first on - IP Innovation and Analytics.

Web 3.0 & the Transformation Of Intellectual Property Ownership


Furthermore, Intellectual property ownership, content ownership, and distribution are critical issues that must be addressed to avoid disputes. The article’s second section explains how Web3 and Blockchain will revolutionise intellectual property laws and the way forward.

What is intellectual property (IP)?

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What is an intellectual property right? Intellectual property (IP) can seem abstract. At its core, intellectual property is a legal right. From an idea to something real: How do concepts become intellectual property?

Russia Encourages Intellectual Property Piracy

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On March 7, 2022, Putin announced that Russia will not enforce intellectual property from “unfriendly countries.” Since then, trademarks for obvious copies of Starbucks and McDonalds have been filed.