Sat.May 27, 2023

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A BitTorrent Client WebUI Shouldn’t Be Shared With The Entire Internet


The word ‘open’ in a connected world can be something positive. Open source, for example, or open library. On other occasions the opposite can be true; unnecessary ports left open on a router springs to mind. For millions of people using devices that appear to configure themselves, whether something is open or closed is irrelevant. If a device immediately works as promised, oftentimes that’s good enough.

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Class Certification Denied Over Rightsowners’ Demands for Content ID Access–Schneider v. YouTube

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The court summarizes the case: “plaintiffs allege that YouTube has violated the copyright laws by withholding broad access to Content ID… Plaintiffs also allege that YouTube automatically strips metadata out of uploaded videos, including copyright management information (CMI), which makes it harder to catch infringing conduct.” It’s hard to believe this case wasn’t tossed out immediately.