IP Financing in Indonesia

IP and Legal Filings

Ownership of intellectual property (IP) used as collateral often belongs to the borrower. A lender may, however, impose restrictions on how the IP may be used in the future. The ability to licence the IP or transfer it to others may be impacted by this. Applying for IP Financing.

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IP Leaders Join Forces to Counter Anti-IP Narratives

IP Watchdog

A new intellectual property (IP) organization launched today will be headed by former vice president of U.S. Chamber of Commerce's Global Innovation Policy Center (GIPC), Frank Cullen, and features a Board of Directors comprised of bipartisan frontrunners in the IP realm.

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WIPO Report: China Sees Massive Surge in IP Filings Across the Board

IP Watchdog

Worldwide IP filings increased by 3.6% China Europe International IP News IPWatchdog Articles Patents Trademark WIPO innovation intellectual property IP filings patent office patent prosecution patents trademark trademarks USPTO World Intellectual Property Indicators

World IP Day: IP and Youth-Innovating for a Better Future (Kidovate as an Example)?

Hugh Stephens Blog

This year the theme of World Intellectual Property (IP) Day, April 26, is “IP and Youth: Innovating for a Better Future”.

Young People Know that Intellectual Property Exists but Lack Insight in How IP Rights Work

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Data News Places Research Transactions Uncategorized competition copyrights innovation intellectual property Intellectual Property Office of Singapore IP awareness IP education IP literacy IPOS patents Singapore survey Technology trademarks World IP Day youth

World IP Day 2022 Emphasizes Youth Contributions to IP

IP Watchdog

It is once again World IP Day, on which the global intellectual property (IP) community celebrates IP and innovation, as well as the day that the Convention establishing the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) came into force (April 26, 1970).

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The Impact of Weaker IP Rights and IP Monetization will be Examined at Two Fall Conferences

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Understanding the meaning of weaker IP rights and commercializing innovation are the focus of major intellectual property events in September and October.

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Former Commerce, USPTO Heads Push for U.S. to Lead Opposition to Extending WTO’s COVID IP Waiver

IP Watchdog

Government International Inventors Information IP News IPWatchdog Articles Patents Technology & Innovation Andrei Iancu C4IP Capitol Hill Congress COVID IP waiver David Kappos gary locke innovation intellectual property patent patent office TRIPS USPTO WTO

Ivan’s IP

Likelihood of Confusion

The post Ivan’s IP appeared first on LIKELIHOOD OF CONFUSION™. IP Institutions RussiaBoing Boing reports on a chilling development: The Kremlin is using Russia’s new anti-software-piracy laws to target dissident media outlets and shut them down. This is an eerie echo of.

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Protection of Intellectual Property (IP) in the Metaverse


The dramatic rise in e-commerce in the last two decades saw many brand and business owners struggling to safeguard their Intellectual Property (IP) assets in cyberspace, starting from domain names and then going onto social media handles. IP Challenges in the Metaverse.

Hornit’s story: the SME who used IP to combat the counterfeiters

Intellectual Property Office Blog

Find out how to protect your IP using our guidance pages. In the below video, Tom explains how registering his IP has given him the legal right to act against those selling fake versions of his products. Tom’s tips for protecting your business’ IP.

Etsy Launches New IP Portal

Plagiarism Today

The post Etsy Launches New IP Portal appeared first on Plagiarism Today.

The Briefing by the IP Law Blog: Cardi B Makes Money Moves with the Jury and Prevails in IP Trial

The IP Law Blog

Scott Hervey and Josh Escovedo discuss this in this installment of The Briefing by the IP Law Blog. Watch this episode here: Entertainment Law IP The Briefing Entertainment IP Intellectual Property IP Law

Structuring the IP financial exchange

IP and Legal Filings

In the United States, the first financial exchange focusing on the IP asset was established in 2014. The main aim was to facilitate the non-exclusive licensing and trading of IP assets. This shows how important is the licensing aspect of the company which deals in the IP field.

Managing IP Awards 2023: in-house submissions

Managing IP

We are accepting submissions from in-house counsel and teams for the 18th annual Managing IP Awards programme. Trademarks Copyright IP Strategy News Patents Free Managing IP Awards International

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Exploring the Top 5 IP Challenges that Brands & Businesses Face


Having a robust Intellectual Property (IP) portfolio and strategizing well to maintain it can do wonders in enhancing your brand value and market share. Coming Up With Valuable IP Assets. All IP assets don’t generate value. Managing the IP Portfolio Well.

Celebrating British IP Day with great success stories 

Intellectual Property Office Blog

British IP Day, however, gives us that extra excuse for sharing some great IP success stories. Working with Innovate UK Edge , an IP Audit highlighted areas where the company could use their IP to develop more profitably. . IP for Business tools .

IPBasics.org is Launched: Less is More When it Comes to Understanding IP Rights

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When it comes to understanding intellectual property rights at least one organization has come to believe that less is more. A fresh approach to learning Continue reading.

IP Rights Awareness is Being Taught to Students of All Ages ‘to Build China into an IP Powerhouse’

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News Bilibili China Daily China Intellectual Property Training Center entrepreneurship global center innovation IP education IP literacy IP professionals IP rights patents protection science students trade secrets trademarks

Announcing the Winners of the 3rd Shamnad Basheer Essay Competition on IP Law!


We are very happy to announce the results of the 3rd Shamnad Basheer Essay Competition on IP Law! Like previous years, we kept the topic selection open to participants – asking them to choose any topic they wanted so long as it related to IP.

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Deadlines Extended for IP Osgoode & IP Innovation Clinic Openings


After some consideration, we are extending the deadlines to apply for positions with the IP Innovation Clinic, the IPilogue , and as Research Assistants for Prof. For more information about applying to join the IP Innovation Clinic as a Clinic Fellow, click here.

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USPTO, Copyright Office Joint Study on NFTs Could Help Dispel Confusion About IP Ownership in Media Content Underlying Digital Assets

IP Watchdog

The announcement follows the dramatic rise in mainstream attention on NFTs due to their wildly fluctuating value, which has in turn created a great amount of confusion surrounding IP rights to NFTs and the underlying digital files used to create them. On November 23, the U.S.

America Needs a Chief IP Negotiator: Confirm Chris Wilson Now

IP Watchdog

Senator Hatch believed that intellectual property (IP) was so important to the U.S. economy that it deserved the focus of an ambassador-rank official charged with guaranteeing strong IP standards are upheld and enforced with global trading partners. He was right: IP-intensive industries support more than 62 million American jobs, nearly half of all U.S. The U.S. Senate might be the world's "greatest deliberative body." But it's certainly not the quickest.

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Supreme Court Grants Two IP Cases, Including Amgen v. Sanofi on Enablement

IP Watchdog

Courts IP News IPWatchdog Articles Litigation Patents Trademark US Supreme Court Abitron v. The U.S.

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How China counsel budget for IP litigation and control costs

Managing IP

Default Analysis Asia Pacific China IP Strategy Trademarks PatentsCounsel at four companies discuss litigation budgets, recession, external funding options, and how they control costs.

How brands can manage metaverse IP risks

Managing IP

Default Analysis International IP Strategy Trademarks Blockchain and NFTsSources say a well-considered pre-launch strategy coupled with necessary registrations, licences and plans for consumer control can help brands mitigate risks.

NPE Showcase – Ridgeview IP

JD Supra Law

This installment will focus on a company named Ridgeview IP. This is the latest in the series titled “NPE Showcase,” where we discuss high-volume non-practicing entities (or as some call them, “patent trolls”). By: Seyfarth Shaw LLP

Managing IP Summit: how COVID changed IP

Managing IP

In-house panellists weighed up the most disruptive trends in IP, from the TRIPS waiver to the rise of remote working. IP Strategy News Life sciences Default Europe Patents

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Dualism in IP litigation

Olartemoure Blog

La entrada Dualism in IP litigation se publicó primero en OlarteMoure | Intellectual Property. Litigation and ADR News Newsletter ip litigation litigation

IP Assignments

Sander Law

IP Assignments. An IP Assignment is a document that transfers IP rights from one party to another. The IP rights may be for example a Patent or Trademark Registration, but pending rights can also be transferred like a patent or trademark application. Monetizing your IP.

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IP Licensing for Business Companies & Organizations – How to Do it Right?


Any form of Intellectual Property (IP) , be it a trademark, patent, or copyright, can be licensed to third parties. Through IP licensing, IP rights holders grant third parties the exclusive right to use their IP while retaining their ownership.

Changing the IP Mentality

Likelihood of Confusion

The post Changing the IP Mentality appeared first on LIKELIHOOD OF CONFUSION™. IP Overreaching Rent Seeking Trademarks and trademark lawMark V.B.

Welcome Back to Osgoode! What to Expect from IP Osgoode & the IP Innovation Clinic in the New Year


Giuseppina D’Agostino is the Founder & Director of IP Osgoode and the IP Innovation Clinic, an Associate Professor at Osgoode Hall Law School, and the Editor-in-Chief of the IPilogue and the Intellectual Property Journal. IP Innovation Clinic.

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Pressure grows on UK government to appoint new IP minister

Managing IP

Free News United Kingdom IP Strategy IP OfficesThe next person to be appointed will be the thirteenth to hold the role in 12 years – and the third in just two months.

USIPA Survey Shows Most Americans are in the Dark on IP

IP Watchdog

Perhaps unsurprisingly, USIPA’s survey found that, while most American believed they understood IP, seven out of 10 survey respondents could not identify examples of intellectual property when asked. IP system.

Forbes Cites CIPU, Michelson Institute and Smithsonian-Lemmelson in the Fight to Make IP Rights Real

IP Close Up

“Few people outside of the innovation ecosystem understand the value of intellectual property,” reports Forbes in an article out this week, “Who is Intellectual Property For? Continue reading.

This Week in Washington IP: U.S. Cyberspace Strategy, Cryptocurrency Regulation, and Discussions with Former U.S. Trade Representatives

IP Watchdog

This week in Washington IP news, the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) is hosting events on blockchain and drafting provisional patent applications, while the Brookings Institution is hosting an event on the regulation of cryptocurrency markets.

Six-Part Podcast Series from CIPU, ‘Understanding IP Matters,’ is set to Debut on December 7th

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A new podcast series, ‘Understanding IP Matters – From creator to entrepreneur’ is set to launch from the Center for Intellectual Property Understanding. ‘Understanding IP Continue reading.

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Troutman Pepper is Seeking an IP Services Assistant

IP Watchdog

Troutman Pepper is Seeking an IP Services Assistant. The IP Services Assistant is a full-time, regular position with an annual billable requirement. IP News IPWatchdog Articles JobOrtunities Job Board

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A License to Steal IP: What Partnering with China Really Means for Businesses

IP Watchdog

Business China Government International IP News IPWatchdog Articles Patents Technology & Innovation Trade Secrets Gene Quinn innovation intellectual property ip theft patent technology