Sun.Dec 03, 2023

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Amazon May Be Liable for Merchant’s Spycam–M.S. v. Amazon

Technology & Marketing Law Blog

This case involves an “embedded pinhole camera” “disguised” as a “mountable hook” that a Doe merchant offered in Amazon’s Marketplace. Allegedly, Amazon inspected the item three times: Amazon’s Product Safety Team inspected it to confirm it couldn’t be used to violate sexual privacy; Amazon’s Dangerous Products Team inspected its lithium-ion battery; and the Fulfillment-by-Amazon team inspected it as well.

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Copyright Infringement? Jury to Decide Over Landmark Destiny 2 ‘Cheating’ Suit


Over the past several years, a wave of copyright infringement lawsuits has targeted alleged cheaters and cheat makers. Game companies have emerged as relatively swift victors in cases that never went to trial, but that’s not a given. The legal dispute between American video game developer Bungie and has been fiercely fought and next week heads to a jury trial.


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UPC Decision Highlights Key Security Costs Questions

IP Law 360

While the Unified Patent Court recently ordered NanoString to pay €300,000 as security for Harvard's legal costs in a revocation action dispute, the decision highlights that the outcome of a security for costs application will be highly fact-dependent and that respondents should prepare to set out their financial position in detail, says Tom Brazier at EIP.

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Selected Comments on the Copyright Office Proposed Rule on Termination Rights and MLC Operations: North Music Group

The Trichordist

This comment to the Copyright Office from Abby North of North Music Group raises important issues including whether the MLC should have the ability to create disputes on its own, what happens to samples, interpolations and medleys, and the need for substantial consultations by the Copyright Office with rights holders large and small.

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Software Composition Analysis: The New Armor for Your Cybersecurity

Speaker: Blackberry, OSS Consultants, & Revenera

Software is complex, which makes threats to the software supply chain more real every day. 64% of organizations have been impacted by a software supply chain attack and 60% of data breaches are due to unpatched software vulnerabilities. In the U.S. alone, cyber losses totaled $10.3 billion in 2022. All of these stats beg the question, “Do you know what’s in your software?

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Sunday Surprises

The IPKat

While in the UK the cold weather is here to stay, warm up with some interesting IP opportunities. Call For Papers - International Congress: “Towards a Responsible Development of the Metaverse” University of Alicante The Academic Chair for the Responsible Development of the Metaverse of the University of Alicante is hosting the International Congress entitled “Towards a Responsible Development of the Metaverse”.

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