YouTube Aims to Simplify Music Licensing

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Specifically, YouTube is taking steps to make it easier for YouTubers to license popular music for their videos. Entitled Creator Music, the system makes it easy to for YouTubers to license available songs and maintain monetization of their videos. How Creator Music Works.

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3 Count: Bridgerton’s Musical

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1: Netflix Slams Unofficial ‘Bridgerton’ Musical Creators in Copyright Infringement Lawsuit. The duo created the album with permission from Netflix and even won the Grammy for Best Musical Theater Album. Peloton was notably sued in March 2019 by a group of music publishers.

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The American Music Fairness Act

JD Supra Law

In an attempt to ensure that recording artists and recorded music copyright owners get paid when their songs are played, Senators Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) and Alex Padilla (D-CA) recently introduced the American Music Fairness Act (“AMFA”) to the United States Senate.

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Copyright and Classical Music: Not the Best Fusion?


He is also a trained Indian Classical Musician from the Prayag Sangit Samiti, Allahabad and the KM Music Conservatory, Chennai. Copyright and Classical music: Not the Best Fusion? Classical Music and the Scenes a Faire doctrine.

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Michelle’s Country Music Murals: An Update?

Hugh Stephens Blog

The disagreement was over who held the copyright to a series of murals that … Continue reading "Michelle’s Country Music Murals: An Update Some readers may recall two blogposts (Mural, Mural on the Wall and Were They Commissioned, One and All?)

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Could this music law help Spotify dodge future copyright infringement battles?


With the rise of online streaming services like Spotify and YouTube over the last two decades, listening to music has arguably changed for the better. Spotify has encountered its fair share of copyright infringement lawsuits filed by music artists, record labels, and publishers.

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Progress report on UK Economics of Music Streaming Recommendations

The IPKat

This Kat visiting Parliament Readers will remember that the UK Economics of Music Streaming Inquiry [ full Kat coverage here ] took place last year. On Tuesday 15th November, the DCMS Select Committee called together music industry experts and stakeholders (including this Kat!)

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Understanding Royalty-Free Music


As a video creator, you may hop onto your laptop, start searching for free music, and finally come across platforms or websites offering royalty-free music or music without copyright (copyright-free music). All the video creators understand well that royalty-free music is the way ahead when one wants to be legal, i.e., do things in an authorized manner; however, there are still many inaccurate facts circulating about royalty-free music.

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The Music Industry (Taylor’s Version)


Swift, in being denied an opportunity to bid for her masters, announced in late 2020 that she would re-record her entire pre-2019 catalogue in order to regain control of her music and limit the profitability of Ithaca’s asset.

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Must See Documentary: The Way the Music Died: Why You Should #DitchSpotify

The Trichordist

artist revenue streams Chris Castle Music Streaming Spotify Spotify Strike streaming meltdown #DitchSpotifyA must-see documentary about the cultural rot and corrosive power of the Spotify monopoly.

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Many Did Not Feel Their Voice Was Heard on Music Modernization Act–Artist Rights Watch

The Trichordist

47% of respondents polled did not feel their voice was heard in crafting the Music Modernization Act. Artists Rights Watch Mechanical Licensing Collective Music Modernization Act Polls

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3 Count: Music Licensing is Strange…

Plagiarism Today

The post 3 Count: Music Licensing is Strange… appeared first on Plagiarism Today. Have any suggestions for the 3 Count? Let me know via Twitter @plagiarismtoday. 1: Hollywood Demands $16.35m From Operator of Pirate IPTV Services.

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Retroactive Credit and the Future of Music Plagiarism

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However, there is another element at play, and that’s the changing nature of music itself. Too Many Cooks… In 2017, Music Week performed a study looking at the top hits of the year 2016 and found that the songs had, on average, 4.53

Why Are There So Many Pop Music Lawsuits

Plagiarism Today

Pretty much every decade in music history has had their copyright battles. Four headline-grabbing lawsuits in one week may be a fluke, but it is an indicator of a a growing issue for many in the music industry. Why is there a sudden increase in the number of lawsuits over popular music?

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Bogus Takedowns Frustrate Musicians and Wipe Music From Spotify


The music publication reports that artists are “weaponizing” false claims against rivals, taking down music that’s starting to get traction. “I’m having issues with a third party making a false copyright claim on my music.

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HitPiece Infringes Music Creators’ IP Rights: The Impact of NFTs in the Music Industry


On February 4, the Recording Industry Association of America (“RIAA”) sent a demand letter to’s lawyer and its founders, demanding that it stops infringing music creators’ intellectual property rights. Music NFTs Create New Possibilities for Artists.

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@DavidCLowery: Address on Acceptance of the American Eagle Award from the National Music Council

The Trichordist

Thanks to David Sanders for… Read more "@DavidCLowery: Address on Acceptance of the American Eagle Award from the National Music Council". June 2nd 2022 Anaheim California Hello and thank you. Thanks to the board for this award. President James Weaver. Chair Charlie Sanders.

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Copyright Infringement: Friend or Foe in the Music Industry?


You may remember the big music copyright infringement case of 2012 , where Robin Thicke was sued by Marvin Gaye over claims that Thicke’s hit song “Blurred Lines” infringed on Gaye’s “Got to Give It Up”. The case against “Blurred Lines” revolutionized copyright claims in music.

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Ownership of Musical works in Cinematographic films

Biswajit Sarkar Copyright Blog

Producers of cinematographic films use musical works to invoke a range of feelings which improves the overall experience of the audience. Viewers may or may not realize how much music adds to the cinematic experience, sometimes becoming as important as the visual scenes themselves.

The Ongoing Gold Rush in Music Catalog Sales

JIPEL Copyright Blog

And the sums paid for such music catalog rights have been downright dizzying. For some background, every piece of music has two copyrights attached to it – the publishing (songwriting) and the master (recorded performances of compositions). Copyright JIPEL Blog 2021-2022 Music

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RIAA Flags ‘Artificial Intelligence’ Music Mixer as Emerging Copyright Threat


While legal experts scratch their heads over similar questions, the RIAA has already made up its mind about a selection of services claiming to offer AI music extractors and mixers. Music Download Sites.

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Disaster as “NFT Music Stream” Enrages Artists By Pulling Music From YouTube


Since the music industry is often criticized for not doing enough to support artists, some platforms have decided they can do better. NFT Music Stream. It gives investors the freedom to distribute, monetize, and stream audio via our NFT MUSIC Streaming Platform,” the service says.

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Save the Date! Free Webinar Tomorrow (12/8/21) on Radio Royalties and the American Music Fairness Act

The Trichordist

Learn about Radio Royalties and the American Music Fairness Act from industry stakeholders and experts during this FREE educational webinar sponsored by: Austin Music Foundation, Austin Texas… Read more "Save the Date!

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Book review: Competition Policy and the Music Industries

The IPKat

This is a book review of Competition Policy and the Music Industries, A Business Model Perspective by Jenny Kanellopoulou , Senior Lecturer in Law at Manchester Metropolitan University whose research focuses on intellectual property and competition policy.

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Artificial Intelligence and a New Wave of Music Copyright Questions

Intellectual Property Brief

Advances in computer technology have enabled artificial intelligence (AI) to create music, generating new questions over authorship and ownership that copyright law will be forced. Daily Blog #copyright #music #ai #technology #algorithm #authorship

Copyright Protection in the Indian Music Industry


Here in this article, we shall be thoroughly discussing Copyright Protection in the Indian music industry. We shall answer a few questions, including: How is copyright protection applicable to the music industry? Musical Works under the Indian Copyright Act of 1957.

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‘AI-Powered’ Music Mixer Responds to RIAA Copyright Infringement Claims


The music group reported well-known targets such as The Pirate Bay, Newalbumreleases, MP3Juices, RARBG, and RapidGator, plus other piracy-related sites and services. On GitHub, Deezer explicitly advertises Spleeter’s music separation features, including the separation of vocals.

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Elucidating the Economics of Music Streaming Recommendations

The IPKat

Following the #BrokenRecord and #FixStreaming campaigns, the UK Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Committee launched into an inquiry into the impact of music streaming o n artists, record labels and the sustainability of the wider music industry.

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Roblox is Latest Online Platform to Settle NMPA Copyright Claims with Collaborative Music Licensing Agreement

IP Watchdog

On September 27, the National Music Publishers’ Association (NMPA) and online game platform provider Roblox announced that the two parties had settled ongoing copyright litigation in the Central District of California over Roblox’s unauthorized use of copyrighted music on its online gaming platform.

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AFL-CIO Backs Artist Play for Radio Play and the American Music Fairness Act #irespectmusic

The Trichordist

American Music Fairness ActThe AFL-CIO backs artist play for radio play!

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Viral TikTok Music Trends as Low-Cost Marketing – Who gets to choose how and when a song is released?


TikTok has an established history of amplifying dance and music trends since acquiring the nearly identical app, Halsey’s TikTok video details how she is unable to release music until she produces a “fake viral trend” to promote the new song.

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Music Licensing in the Age of TikTok

JD Supra Law

With many people stuck inside during the pandemic and needing inspiration for new hobbies, they turned to TikTok for recipes, books, dances, fashion, makeup and hair, sports, music and much more. Trends may come and go, but TikTok is likely here to stay.

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Four Tet’s Successful Royalty Battle: Are Changes Coming in the Music Industry for Royalty Payment?


Four Tet had signed with Domino in 2001 ; a time where CDs were still popular and long before the invention and popularization of music streaming. When Four Tet’s contract was signed in 2001, these standard licensing terms were different for the music industry.

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The American Music Fairness Act (AMFA): A Better and Fairer Solution for Performers than Just Seeking “National Treatment”

Hugh Stephens Blog

From the title of this draft legislation, introduced into the US House of Representatives in late June, you can surmise that something is unfair about music in America.

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Has the Moment Finally Arrived for Fairness to Music Performers?

The Illusion of More

Unlike the rest of the developed world, American radio broadcasters are unique in that they pay nothing in performers’ royalties when they play music on their stations. The post Has the Moment Finally Arrived for Fairness to Music Performers?

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Live Streaming and Music Streaming Collide

Intellectual Property Brief

However, the music industry is quite unhappy about their licensed music getting played without permission. Copyright Daily Blog copyright DMCA Intellectual Property IP Licensing Music music licensing streaming TwitchOnline streaming has started to gain incredible popularity in the last few years. Thus, leading to disputes between online streaming giant Twitch and NMPA.

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Uncanny Valley: charting a new era of musical creativity

WIPO Magazine

Charlton Hill, Co-founder and Head of Innovation at Uncanny Valley, a Sydney-based progressive music technology company discusses the company’s ambitions to speed-up, democratize and re-shape music production through the use of artificial intelligence

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Music Publishers Launch Crackdown on Copyright Infringing Apps


The music industry has battled against various forms piracy for several decades, but it’s hard to root out. In recent years music publishers have repeatedly spoken out against online platforms that use their music without a proper license.

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Playing with Piracy: Roblox Settles $200M Music Copyright Lawsuit


Music has become a large component of Roblox, with artists like Lil Nas X hosting virtual concerts. Back in June 2021, The National Music Publishers’ Association (NMPA) sued Roblox for allowing users to upload copyrighted music without paying a licensing fee.

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Meta Can't Ditch Music Label's Infringement Claims Just Yet

IP Law 360

A California federal judge on Monday refused to throw out a music label's suit claiming that Meta Platforms encourages users to steal its music when making videos on Facebook and Instagram, finding that the complaint adequately lays out the claims

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