Sun.Jul 07, 2024

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The misadventures of Tintin in the land of parody and freedom of artistic expression

The IPKat

The adventures of the young boy with the quiff seem to be an inexhaustible source of copyright disputes [ IPKat here or here ]. Hergé's legacy is fiercely defended by Mrs Rodwell and Tintinimaginatio against third parties who draw too much inspiration from his works. In addition to the copyright protection afforded to the fictional characters created by Hergé, these disputes provide an opportunity to explore the various means of defence available to alleged infringers.

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Supporters of Life Sciences Innovation Spar with Drug Pricing Advocates in Comments to Terminal Disclaimer NPRM

IP Watchdog

With the public comment period on the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office’s (USPTO) notice of proposed rulemaking (NPRM) on terminal disclaimers filed to overcome non-statutory double patenting rejections closing on July 9, the Office has so far received a total of 114 comments. Many of the comments filed by industry stakeholders share the view of several former highly-ranking USPTO officials who urged the agency to rescind the NPRM for its deleterious effects on patent owners.


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Microsoft and OpenAI sued by the Center for Investigative Reporting for Copyright Infringement

Biswajit Sarkar Copyright Blog

Last Thursday, June 27, 2024, the Center for Investigative Reporting (CIR) filed a lawsuit against OpenAI and its largest shareholder, Microsoft, in the U.S. District Court of Southern District of New York. The lawsuit accuses the tech giants of using CIR’s copyrighted material without authorization. Similar claims have been made by The New York Times and other news organisation against the two AI giants.

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"The War on Speech"

Likelihood of Confusion

Originally posted 2013-05-17 14:41:38. Republished by Blog Post PromoterVia Instapundit, Ryan Sager of the New York Post writes about the absurd state of affairs where today’s U.S. Supreme Court seems to have very little interest in free speech — the kind of free speech that the Constitution actually contemplated (as opposed to kiddy-cyber-porn, which is […] The post "The War on Speech" appeared first on LIKELIHOOD OF CONFUSION™.

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Software Composition Analysis: The New Armor for Your Cybersecurity

Speaker: Blackberry, OSS Consultants, & Revenera

Software is complex, which makes threats to the software supply chain more real every day. 64% of organizations have been impacted by a software supply chain attack and 60% of data breaches are due to unpatched software vulnerabilities. In the U.S. alone, cyber losses totaled $10.3 billion in 2022. All of these stats beg the question, “Do you know what’s in your software?

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Memelords unite! Eighth Circuit rejects fair use of meme in Griner v. King

The IPKat

Kats are always right! Several years ago, the IPKat stated that the creation and distribution of GIFs does not necessarily appear to be a safe bet from a copyright perspective under the laws of the EU member states, as it would constitute a prima facie infringement given the closed list of exceptions and limitations. (See Katpost here ) With the introduction of Article 17 of the DSMD , this position has been reaffirmed, as online platforms must prevent the uploading of copyrighted content withou