NBC Reporter Accused of Plagiarism in 11 Articles

Plagiarism Today

Yesterday, NBC News published a note to their readers that said they had detected 11 articles written by one of their reporters that “did not meet our standards for original material.” . Though NBC didn’t directly share the name of the reporter at issue, it also didn’t hide it.

7 Takeaways from YouTube’s Copyright Transparency Report

Plagiarism Today

Yesterday, YouTube published its first every Copyright Transparency Report. With that step, it follows in the footsteps of Google , Facebook , Reddit and other major industry players in publishing such a report. So, what is in YouTube’s inaugural Copyright Transparency Report?


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Collaboration to Make Reporting Easy

Velocity of Content

Late March, CCC hosted the OA Switchboard webinar, Lessons Learned to Make Reporting Easy. The post Collaboration to Make Reporting Easy appeared first on Copyright Clearance Center Take aways from the March 2022 OA Switchboard Webinar .

Copyright in Journalism and News Reporting

Copyright Alliance

Reporters, editors, fact-checkers, […]. The post Copyright in Journalism and News Reporting appeared first on Copyright Alliance.

Trademark Examiner Reports: Common Objections

Sander Law

Trademark Examiner Reports: Common Objections. Have you received a Trademark Examiner Report? The post Trademark Examiner Reports: Common Objections appeared first on SANDER LAW. Trademarks Examiner Reports Registered Trademarks Trademark Application

PMPRB releases 2020 Annual Report and April 2022 NEWSletter

JD Supra Law

On March 30, 2022, the Minister of Health tabled the 2020 Annual Report of the Patented Medicine Prices Review Board (PMPRB). According to the 2020 Annual Report.

PMPRB releases CompassRx report for 2019/2020

JD Supra Law

The Patented Medicine Prices Review Board (PMPRB) has released its 7th edition CompassRX report, Annual Public Drug Plan Expenditure Report for 2019/20.

USTR Suspends Review of Ukraine, Remains Concerned with China in Latest Special 301 Report

IP Watchdog

The Office of the United States Trade Representative (USTR) released its annual Special 301 Report today, which identified 27 trading partners of the United States as being either on the “Priority Watch List” or “Watch List.” persons relying on IP,” according to the Report.

5 Things the Media Should Have Reported About Hawley’s Copyright Bill

Copyright Lately

Josh Hawley’s proposed copyright legislation is riddled with problems, but you wouldn’t know that from most media reports about the bill. But you’d never know that by the way much of the media reported on Hawley’s legislation this week.

IP Associations "Concerned" by Reports of TRIPS Waiver Compromise

JD Supra Law

YouTube Copyright Transparency Report: Overblocking is real

Kluwer Copyright Blog

For anyone interested in the discussions about automated content filtering, Christmas came early this week: On Monday YouTube published the first edition of its Copyright Transparency Report. So what can we learn from this first copyright transparency report? Image via YouTube.

Compromise Reportedly Reached on COVID-19 Vaccine Patent Waiver

JD Supra Law

According to a Reuters report published earlier today, the United States, European Union, India, and South Africa have reached an agreement on a waiver with respect to patents for COVID-19 vaccines.

USPTO Releases Performance and Accountability Report for FY 2021

JD Supra Law

Patent and Trademark Office released its Performance and Accountability Report for Fiscal Year 2021 (FY 2021). The Report also notes that "[t]o fulfill the. Last month, the U.S.

Book Sales Report Card A++

Velocity of Content

The report card on last year’s US trade book sales is now available, and it makes very happy reading for booksellers and publishers. Book Sales Report Card A++. “So The post Book Sales Report Card A++ appeared first on Copyright Clearance Center

Report Recommends Worker-Centric Competitiveness Approach to Trade Policy

IP Watchdog

The Information Technology & Innovation Foundation (ITIF) this week released a report titled “A Worker-Centric Trade Agenda Needs to Focus on Competitiveness, Including Robust IP Protections.” The report explained that U.S.

Court Adopts Magistrate Judge Burke’s Motion to Amend Report and Claim Construction Report

Delaware Intellectual Property Litigation Blog

March 23, 2022), the Court adopted the Oral Report and Recommendation entered by Magistrate Judge Burke on December 15, 2021 recommending that the Court grant-in-part and deny-in-part Defendants Daikin Industries, Ltd. The Court also adopted the Oral Report and Recommendation entered by Magistrate Judge Burke on January 13, 2022 recommending that the Court adopt constructions for disputed terms in U.S. The Court overruled Defendants objections to both reports.

USPTO 2021 Performance and Accountability Report

The TTABlog

The USPTO's 2021 Performance and Accountability Report is chock full of information and data regarding USPTO operations. The report is slightly more than 250 pages long, so I will hit a few of the highlights regarding our favorite tribunal, the TTAB.

PMPRB releases report on expensive drugs for rare diseases

JD Supra Law

On January 11, 2022, the Patented Medicine Prices Review Board (PMPRB) released a report entitled Expensive Drugs for Rare Diseases: Canadian Trends and International Comparisons, 2011-2020 as part of the National Prescription Drug Utilization Information System (NPDUIS) initiative.

Foley Weekly Automotive Report - July 2021 - 3

JD Supra Law

This report helps automotive suppliers inform their legal and operational decisions to help address challenges and opportunities. Key Developments GM scheduled downtime for the week of July 26 at three pickup truck plants in Michigan, Indiana and Mexico due to the chip shortage.

[Guest post] Conference report: ‘The Fashion Marketplace: Law and Policy’

The IPKat

of global trade; and in a recent EU IPO report, it was found that as many as 1 in 3 people have been misled into buying counterfeits. consumers Digital Services Act Emily Nuttall-Wood event event report Fashion Fashion Law London trade marks

WIPO Report Shows Economic Resilience During Pandemic, Buoyed by Massive Numbers of Chinese Patent, Trademark Filings

IP Watchdog

On November 8, the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) released its World Intellectual Property Indicators 2021 report, the latest WIPO annual report to detail global IP filings across patents, trademarks and other forms of IP.

Hinman on UIPM Podcast Debut: Quarterly Reporting of IP Rights Boosts Companies and Investors

IP Close Up

Brian Hinman knows a thing or two about IP rights. Hinman believes that companies need to scrutinize them more systematically and openly if they hope Continue reading.

Anti-Piracy Company Asks Court to Keep Filings Secret as TorrentFreak Might Report On Them


We report on the opinions and efforts of copyright holders when it comes to online piracy and have active dialogues with anti-piracy outfits. That’s how balanced reporting works in our view.

Court Adopts Magistrate Judge Burke’s Motion to Amend Report and Claim Construction Report

JD Supra Law

March 23, 2022), the Court adopted the Oral Report and Recommendation entered by Magistrate Judge Burke on December 15, 2021 recommending that the Court grant-in-part and deny-in-part Defendants Daikin Industries, Ltd.

3D Printing Half-Year Report - Q2 2021

JD Supra Law

Is 3D printing the next litigation frontier? Litigation over 3D printing will become increasingly more prevalent as the technology becomes less expensive to build due to rising demand, some lawyers say. A federal court in Fort Lauderdale, Fla.,

How Much For That IP System? South Centre Report Suggests Developing Countries Pay Quite the Price


This is a point that is especially relevant when discussing the problems with ‘one-size-fits-all’ approaches to globally harmonized IP regimes (see for example, this post on a Report on Patent Exclusions ).

USPTO Report Says IP-Intensive Industries Account for 44% of All U.S. Employment, Pay 60% More

IP Watchdog

Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) today released its third in a series of reports quantifying the contributions of IP-intensive industries to the U.S. The U.S.

Who Watches the Watchmen? – Empirically Examining Examination Reports (Part 1)


We’re very happy to bring our readers a guest post that uses a dataset of more than 300,000 trademark examination reports from the year 2019, as the basis for analysing the trademark registry’s examination process. Empirically Examining Examinations Reports (Part 1).

U.S. Trade Representative Releases 2022 Special 301 Report

JD Supra Law

Trade Representative (USTR), issued the 2022 Special 301 Report. On April 27th, apparently without a trace of irony, Ambassador Katherine Tai, U.S.

Piracy Reporter Retracts Takedown Notices After Misconfiguration Targets Legitimate Sites


Working on behalf of prominent rightsholders, MUSO has reported more than 100 million infringing URLs to Google over the years. In a series of quite unusual DMCA notices the company reported more than 100,000 URLs that flagged non-existing links on pirate sites.

Background Reports Protected by Section 230–Dennis v. MyLife

Technology & Marketing Law Blog

Plaintiffs sued MyLife for selling background reports about them and furnishing “public reputation scores.” The plaintiffs argued that Section 230 nevertheless does not apply to credit reporting agencies as defined in the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA).

The Adaptability of Human Innovation: Key Findings Of The World Intellectual Property Report 2022


A similar account of inevitable human innovation is also discussed in the World Intellectual Property Report 2022 (“ Report ”) titled as “ The Direction of Innovation ”, very recently published by the World Intellectual Property Organization (“ WIPO ”).

2022 IP Outlook Report: The Developments Shaping Patent Law

JD Supra Law

KEY TAKEAWAYS AND OUTLOOK FOR 2022 - Tracking with this era’s continuation and uncertainty trends?global global supply chain disruption, innovation outpacing legislation, the unstoppable internet of [all the] things (IoT)?2022

Italian Police Report 240 Pirate IPTV Users For Prosecution


An announcement from the Guardia di Finanza (GdF), the Italian police unit tasked with financial crimes, said that it had reported 223 IPTV subscribers to the authorities for the crime of “receiving stolen goods.” 240 IPTV Subscribers Reported to Prosecutor’s Office.

The Life Sciences Report – January 2022

JD Supra Law

Wilson Sonsini is pleased to present the latest edition of The Life Sciences Report.

[Guest post] Conference Report: Fourth IP & Innovation Researchers of Asia Conference

The IPKat

The previous three IPIRA conference reports can be viewed here , here and here. Below is what Irene writes: Conference Report: Fourth IP & Innovation Researchers of Asia Conference by Irene Calboli What a great start to 2022 for IP enthusiasts!

The Trademark Reporter's 2022 "Annual Review of U.S. Trademark Cases"

The TTABlog

The Trademark Reporter has published its latest Annual Review of U.S. In his introduction, Ted Davis notes that, despite the lack of Supreme Court cases to report this time around, there are plenty of notable developments to discuss.

YouTube Processes 4 Million Content ID Claims Per Day, Transparency Report Reveals


Earlier this year we reported that Google had processed the five billionth DMCA takedown request for its search engine, a massive number. Google search has reported these numbers for nearly a decade. The most basic one is a DMCA webform through which anyone can report an infringement.

ECTA Anti-Counterfeiting Committee Report October 2021 – FY 2020

JD Supra Law

Legal developments - 1. Next Investments, LLC v. Bank of China, No. 20-602 (2d Cir. 2021) In 2013, Nike, Inc. Nike") and Converse Inc. Converse") brought a trademark infringement action under the Lanham Act against hundreds of participants in Chinese counterfeiting networks.

IP Report 2021

LexBlog IP

Intellectual Property ( IP ) Australia published their 9 th annual edition of the Australian IP Report (the IP Report ) on 29 April 2021. The IP Report, available here , offers a general overview of the current Australian IP climate.