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Jean Paul Gaultier, Birth Your Own Venus


The Code of the Cultural and Landscape Heritage’s legal force is separate from copyright laws and remains in effect when copyright protection does not. The Italian Code , which came into effect in 2004 and was updated in 2016, operates independently from copyright law. In Canada, under the s.

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Use Frida's Paintings? (Yes!) Use Frida's Name? (Maybe)

Dear Rich IP Blog

Mexican copyright law placed Kahlo's works in the public domain 25 years after her death, so you don't need authorization to include a photo of her painting in your film. The painting. The Kahlo name.


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Uffizi museum sues Jean Paul Gaultier over unauthorized reproduction of Botticelli’s Venus on fashion garments

The IPKat

Not a copyright dispute … and the non-role of Article 14 of the DSM Directive In sum: the CHC provides a way to control for-profit reproductions of Italian cultural heritage, irrespective of their copyright status (it is in any case worth recalling that under Italian copyright law moral rights protection is … perpetual).

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Who Owns the Copyright in AI-Generated Art?


AI-generated art represents a fusion of human ingenuity in crafting algorithms and the machine’s ability to produce artworks autonomously. To delve deeper into the question of ownership, we need to grasp the traditional concept of copyright. Copyright laws are designed to safeguard the rights of creators.

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The US and Italy set precedents in copyright and art

Olartemoure Blog

The Italian magazine GQ Italia finds itself embroiled in a legal dispute stemming from the publication of an edited image of the renowned David sculpture. This incident has ignited a broader debate concerning the utilization of public domain artworks for commercial purposes.

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Fair Use for Documentaries in US Copyright Law: Brown v Netflix

Kluwer Copyright Blog

Since the Second Circuit found the use of the song in the film fair and thus there was no direct infringement, the claims for secondary copyright infringement were also dismissed. As pointed out by Keith Aoki, James Boyle and Jennifer Jenkins in Bound by Law? Tales from the Public Domain , “documentaries are records of our culture.

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NFTs: promisingly transformational, yet fraught with IP pitfalls – Part I

Kluwer Copyright Blog

Caveat Emptor The common notion that acquiring ownership of an NFT representing a work in which copyright subsists equates to owning the copyright to the underlying work is clearly false. For instance, CrypToadz is a prominent CC0 NFT project wherein the artwork related to the NFT is in the public domain.