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This fall I’m teaching Internet Law again after a hiatus. One aspect of law school that is changing is that professors are publishing freely available textbooks and (some) professors are assigning those books for the students. Examples for Internet Law: Prof. James Grimmelmann, Internet Law: Cases and Problems (2021). Eric Goldman, Internet Law: Cases and Materials (2021).

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Common Law Pension Entitlement

Nelligan Law

Read as Family Lawyer Ira Marcovitch breaks down the question of pension entitlement in a common-law relationship: I was in a common-law relationship for 13 years. Read more » The post Common Law Pension Entitlement appeared first on Nelligan Law.

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Are Fictional Characters Protected Under Copyright Law?

Creative Law Center

The post Are Fictional Characters Protected Under Copyright Law? appeared first on Creative Law Center. The independent life of fictional characters. Consider them an additional creative asset in a writer’s intellectual property portfolio.

Library Associations Pursue Misguided eBook Licensing Laws

The Illusion of More

The post Library Associations Pursue Misguided eBook Licensing Laws appeared first on The Illusion of More. Copyright Law & Policy Lit/Pub eBook licensing Featured library associations Maryland new york

Limited Edition Products: Can they be Protected under IP Law?


A critical issue to be addressed is whether these limited-edition products can get protection under Intellectual Property (IP) law, just as regular products do, and if yes, then which is the most appropriate form of IP Protection ? Protection for Limited Edition Products under Trademark Law.

Common Law Pension Entitlement

Nelligan Law

Reading Time: 2 minutes Read as Family Lawyer Ira Marcovitch breaks down the question of pension entitlement in a common-law relationship: I was in a common-law relationship for 13 years. However, common-law spouses to not have access to Part I of the Family Law Act.

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Trade Dress Protection: Laws and Its Relevance

IP and Legal Filings

Trade dress laws in India, United States, and the United Kingdom. Trade dress laws in India. Currently, IP laws in India do not facilitate the protection of trade dresses per se. Trade dress laws in the US and the UK.

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Prosecutors Drop Fraud Case Against Danish ‘Copyright Troll’ Law Firm


Since around 2017, Danish law firm Njord Law has worked with movie companies to extract cash settlements from alleged pirates. All along Njord Law has insisted that its work complied with the law and it now transpires that the authorities agree.

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Second Circuit and the whole of the law on confusion

Likelihood of Confusion

The post Second Circuit and the whole of the law on confusion appeared first on LIKELIHOOD OF CONFUSION™. Internet Law Trademarks and trademark law Fair Use Initial Interest Confusion Keyword Advertising Likelihood of confusion RescuecomThis is big, but stay calm.

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Art & Law Program application information


In particular, the next term will also focus in part on one or two important artists whose work does NOT necessarily engage the law. Art Law Education Feature art law program Contracts Copyright corporations Free Speech sergio munoz sarmiento the art and law program

New law of trademark dilution

Likelihood of Confusion

The post New law of trademark dilution appeared first on LIKELIHOOD OF CONFUSION™. Trademarks and trademark law DilutionMy old friends at Kaye Scholer (link fixed!) give you the skinny on the new Trademark Dilution Act. Bottom line: Good for big companies. Not so good for defendants.

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Save the Date and Register for Texas Entertainment Law Institute Webcast Nov. 17-19 #ELITX2021

The Trichordist

Registration is open for the Texas Entertainment Law Institute that Chris Castle is directing this year. Entertainment Law #ELITX2021 Texas Entertainment Law InstituteThe Institute will be virtual so it’s much easier to attend.

Announcing the Winners of the 2nd Shamnad Basheer Essay Competition on IP Law!


Following on from the success of last year’s inaugural edition of the Shamnad Basheer Essay Competition on IP Law, on May 14 th , 2021 we announced the 2 nd edition of the Shamnad Basheer Essay Competition on the occasion of Shamnad ‘s 45 th birth anniversary. A photograph of Prof. (Dr.)


GDB Firm Blog


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Analyzing Smell Trademarks: Laws, Significance and Issues

IP and Legal Filings

Global and Indian laws concerning smell trademarks. While several countries have allowed the registration of smell marks, laws concerning the registration of smell marks are largely inchoate. Smell marks and Indian trademark laws.

Announcing the 2021 Edition of My Internet Law Casebook

Technology & Marketing Law Blog

I’m pleased to announce the 2021 edition of my Internet Law casebook, Internet Law: Cases & Materials. It has been a crazy year for Internet Law! I’ve now framed it as a note about California’s consumer privacy laws.

The Law and Science of Impaired Driving (Competence MCLE)

CoCal IP Law Institute

Please join us on Monday, October 4, 2021 at 1:00 pm, where we will watch a video presentation on Substance Abuse - The Law and Science of Impaired Driving (Competence MCLE) by Eric Ganci, of CG Law, hosted by the San Diego Law Library and originally aired on December 16, 2020.

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No Immunity: State Right of Publicity Law is § 230 “Law Pertaining to Intellectual Property”

JD Supra Law

230(c), does not preclude claims based on state intellectual property laws, reversing in part a district court’s dismissal of a plaintiff’s state law claims for violation of her right of publicity.

Video Gaming / E-Gaming Law Update – September 2021

JD Supra Law

Main Quest - ‘Mint’ Conditions: NFTs and Video Games - Over the course of the past year, nonfungible tokens (NFTs) have transformed from a relatively niche product for those in the cryptocurrency sector to an increasingly common way for creators and rights holders to market digital goods.

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New Jersey Law Journal – Hands Off Blogs

Likelihood of Confusion

I wrote this in the New Jersey Law Journal last week. The post New Jersey Law Journal – Hands Off Blogs appeared first on LIKELIHOOD OF CONFUSION™. Op-ed Hands Off Blogs Mandatory disclosure of payment to bloggers runs counter to free expression By Ronald D. Coleman. Blogging Free Expression Daily Kos Disclosure FTC Instapundit Overreaching

Copyright Law's Employment Test Is Frighteningly Outdated

IP Law 360

In Horror Inc. Miller, the Second Circuit's recent analysis of whether the defendant was an employee or an independent contractor, and thus able to terminate his copyright, illustrates why copyright employment principles need to be updated in view of the post-COVID-19 work context, says Matthew Fagan at Kacvinsky Daisak

Upload Filters: 23 EU Member States Face Legal Action Over Copyright Law Delays


Back in 2016, the European Commission announced plans to amend EU copyright law to better meet emerging challenges on the Internet. The new Copyright Directive passed in March 2019, meaning that EU Member States are required to write the amendments into national law.

Google Delisted Hundreds of Thousands of URLs to Comply with Russian ‘VPN Law’


Over the past several years, Russia has introduced various anti-piracy laws and regulations that focus on the role of online intermediaries. In recent years there hasn’t been much news on how often search engines are urged to take action under this “VPN law.”

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Book Review: Intellectual Property Law in China, 2nd Edition

The IPKat

The first edition of Intellectual Property Law in China (IPLCN) was the first of a bunch of goodies this Kat enthusiastically gathered from the incomparable IP library of the Max Planck Institute for Innovation and Competition (MPI).

EU copyright law round up – third trimester of 2021

Kluwer Copyright Blog

Welcome to the third trimester of 2021 round up of EU copyright law! In this series we update readers every three months on developments in EU copyright law. More from our authors: Exceptions in EU Copyright Law: In Search of a Balance Between Flexibility and Legal Certainty.

Innovating the Term ‘Inventor’: AI and Patent Law


Junghi Woo is an IPilogue Writer and a 3L JD Candidate at Osgoode Hall Law School. . Under patent law, it is the general expectation that inventors are humans, not robots. The main question for patent offices is: can AI technology be considered an “inventor” within patent law?

TM choice of law: P's primary place of business determines which state's law applies


27, 2021) A rare choice of law opinion involving competitors. This is a trademark infringement claim but Lontex asserted claims under various state unfair trade practices law. Thus, Lontex was left with only common-law and federal trademark claims. Lontex Corp. Nike, Inc.,

A guide to Singapore’s new copyright law

Managing IP

Sources say an impending overhaul of Singapore’s copyright law will particularly benefit creators and businesses will need to re-think engagement deals

Wag the Dog: The Federal Circuit’s Advancement of Fifth Circuit Law


An oddity of patent litigation jurisprudence is that Section 1404 determinations are not deemed patent-law specific. Thus, the district court is bound to follow the law of the regional circuit court.

Book review: Research Handbook on Trademark Law Reform

The IPKat

We soon learn that "Trademark Law Reform" refers to aspirations to tackle contemporary problems in trade mark law worldwide, whether by means of legislative overhaul or not, put to paper by some of the world's leading experts. At first glance, this book might easily be overlooked.

Proposals to Change Foundation of Tax Law

Stock Legal Blog

The Blue Wave may not have hit our proverbial shores after the last election, but Democrats did obtain control of the Senate by tying their ranks with the Republicans. There are 48 Democratic senators (plus 2 Independents who caucus with them) to the Republicans’ 50.

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Announcing the 2020-2021 Winners of the Gowling WLG Best Blog in IP Law and Technology Prize


IP Osgoode would like to congratulate the winners of the Gowling WLG Best Blog in IP Law and Technology Prize for 2020-2021. Our stories also delve into related areas including: internet law, privacy rights, broadcasting, social media and free speech.

CALL FOR TRYOUTS – 2021/22 Oxford International IP Law Moot Team


IP Osgoode invites 2L and 3L Osgoode students to try out for this year’s Oxford International IP Law Moot team! Announcements Intellectual Property Moot Mooting oral advocacy Osgoode Hall Law School Oxford International IP Moot oxford moot tryoutWe have high expectations following our team’s second place finish last year and are looking for top notch talent to continue this legacy. To try out, please refer to the fact problem attached to this email.

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False endorsement remains broader than many state ROP laws


They brought claims under the Lanham Act, Wisconsin’s privacy statute, and Wisconsin’s common law of negligence. If a jury could not reasonably conclude that the challenged image is identifiable as the plaintiff solely from the image itself, the court must dismiss the claim as a matter of law.”

Russia adopts law that shakes Cognac and Champagne importers

The IPKat

In an unexpected mix of geopolitics and IP, Russian president Vladimir Putin has signed amendments to the Federal Law ‘On State Regulation of Production and Turnover of Alcoholic Products’.

“Happy Together” – The Ninth Circuit Plays the Golden Oldies of Copyright Law

The IP Law Blog

Calling it a “ball of confusion,” the Ninth Circuit recently considered a case involving the music of the Turtles, SiriusXM Satellite Radio, and whether royalties are owed under California copyright law for music dating prior to 1972.

When video games meet IP law

WIPO Magazine

For years, video games development has been one of the fastest growing sectors of the entertainment industry, Anna Piechówka, IP Counsel at industry leader, CD PROJEKT RED, takes a closer look at some of the specific challenges that this complex medium presents for IP protection

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Patent Law at the Supreme Court September 2021


That provision states that an individual’s capacity to sue is determined by “the law of the individual’s domicile.” In patent law, we also have the “ Kessler doctrine,” which sits between the two. by Dennis Crouch.

Book Review: The Transformation of EU Geographical Indications Law

The IPKat

There are still some weeks of summer left, and so, if you are searching for the perfect (IP) read, this Kat has the pleasure to introduce you to ‘ The Transformation of EU Geographical Indications Law ’, by Andrea Zappalaglio (Routledge, 2021).

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Proposed Chinese Ecommerce Law Amendment Calls for Harsher IP Infringement Penalties for Marketplace Operators

JD Supra Law

We recently issued a reminder of the September 1 effective date of China’s new Data Security Law (DSL) and its potential impact on all business operators in China, including multinational corporations.

The Law Bytes Podcast, Episode 100: David Vaver With a Masterclass on Copyright and User Rights

Michael Geist

The role of the public and the public interest has factored prominently into many of the Law Bytes podcast conversations. For the 100th episode, Osgoode Hall Law School Professor David Vaver , widely viewed as Canada’s leading IP expert, joins the podcast.

Penn State Law is Seeking a Director of the Intellectual Property Clinic

IP Watchdog

Penn State Law, based in University Park, PA, is seeking to hire an experienced legal professional to serve as Director of the Intellectual Property Clinic. jobs Penn State Law

Update on proposed New York anti-law-blog bill

Likelihood of Confusion

Today’s New York Law Journal has an article on the proposed new regulations that would destroy the use of the Internet by lawyers, stating that most of the bar groups. The post Update on proposed New York anti-law-blog bill appeared first on LIKELIHOOD OF CONFUSION™.