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Uffizi museum sues Jean Paul Gaultier over unauthorized reproduction of Botticelli’s Venus on fashion garments

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Secondly, because Article 14 of the DSM Directive / Article 32-quarter of the Italian Copyright Act is about the protectability of the reproduction of a public domain artwork, not a situation like that one at issue here, that is the actionability of the unauthorized reproduction of a public domain artwork.

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NFTs: promisingly transformational, yet fraught with IP pitfalls – Part I

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However, de facto they merely owned proof of ownership without any proprietary value, as all copyright and any related rights were retained and not granted upon purchase. For instance, CrypToadz is a prominent CC0 NFT project wherein the artwork related to the NFT is in the public domain.


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Role Of Intellectual Property Rights In The Era Of Quantum Technology


What kinds of IP related rights would apply to quantum computing technology? Are they currently capable of addressing risks in a proportionality manner, while utilising the benefits of the cutting-edge technology for the larger public interest? The reason is that the latter is a part of public domain and will be open-sourced.

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Unrequited love at the times of French maisons: the Museum vs Le Musée

Kluwer Copyright Blog

We have an artwork, displayed in a museum and which is in the public domain. Thus, not only it is for the authority taking care of the artwork (e.g. On the other hand, given that these artworks have already fallen in the public domain, in such a scenario there is no room for copyright to apply.

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