Anti-Copyright Hyperbole Fails to Sway the Canadian Government

Hugh Stephens Blog

The legislation takes the sensible and straightforward approach … Continue reading "Anti-Copyright Hyperbole Fails to Sway the Canadian Government Call it a victory for common sense.

The call to rethink government customer experience

McKinsey Public & Social Sector Insights

The White House wants to make engaging with the government easier. Public & Social Sector Insights Government United States Customer-Experience DesignHow can agencies meet the challenge?


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Mission critical: Improving government workforce planning

McKinsey Public & Social Sector Insights

Workloads are increasing across government agencies, and leaders are struggling to reallocate resources. Public & Social Sector Insights Government Public Sector North and Central America United States Organization

VPN Restrictions Are Problematic, App Association Tells U.S. Government


These services are vital for whistleblowers, activists, and citizens rebelling against Government oppression. Government completes an annual review of various trade barriers around the globe and ACT believes that overly restrictive policies deserve to be called out.

What workers want is changing. That could be good for government

McKinsey Public & Social Sector Insights

Attracting and retaining workers is a top priority for senior leaders across government. Public & Social Sector Insights Public Sector Government Public & Social Sector United StatesThe public-sector talent gap directly impacts public welfare.

Spotify’s ESG fail: Governance

The Trichordist

This is an extension of Spotify’s ESG Fail: Environment and Spotify’s ESG… Read more "Spotify’s ESG fail: Governance". This is the third of a three part post on Spotify’s failure to qualify as an “ESG” stock.

Government Moves to Block Dozens of Potential Witnesses as it Shuts Down Bill C-18 Hearings

Michael Geist

Earlier this year, the government deployed disturbing anti-democratic tactics by repeatedly cutting off debate on Bill C-11 in both the House of Commons and during clause-by-clause review of the bill.

Mechanisms, Governance, and Policy Impact of SEP Determination Approaches

IP Watchdog

Business Government Guest Contributors IP News IPWatchdog Articles Licensing Patents Technology & Innovation 5G FRAND Guest Contributor innovation intellectual property patent patent infringement Patent Litigation patents SEPs standards technology

Bill C-11 Goes Off The Rails Amid Charges of Witness Intimidation and Bullying by Government MPs

Michael Geist

The Senate Bill C-11 hearings have provided a model for the much-needed, engaged, non-partisan inquiry that was largely missing from the House committee’s theatrics in which the government cut off debate on over 150 amendments.

Government Funding For an Anti-Semite: They Knew For a Month. And Did Nothing.

Michael Geist

The Laith Marouf/CMAC incident took another turn today as Globe and Mail has a report that the Prime Minister’s Office knew for a month that the government was funding an anti-semite as part of its anti-hate program. The post Government Funding For an Anti-Semite: They Knew For a Month.

New VPN Crackdown Underway in Russia, Government Confirms


The government assured citizens that only illegal content would be blocked and the blacklist could even be supervised by an independent citizen monitoring group. Next month will mark the 10-year anniversary of a new law introduced by Russia to ensure the safety of its citizens online.

“When the Government Assaults the First Amendment”

Likelihood of Confusion

The post “When the Government Assaults the First Amendment” appeared first on LIKELIHOOD OF CONFUSION™. From Freedom Fest, July 14, 2022 and featuring former Ninth Circuit Chief Judge Alex Kozinski, James O’Keefe III of Project Veritas, and the YouTuber known as Viva Frei.

Sorry Dave: Breaking Google’s Hold on Government May Be Harder Than You Think

The Trichordist

We’ve all been predicting that Google will get broken up by government for any one of a host of reasons. It’s not just songwriters watching the overlawyered… Read more "Sorry Dave: Breaking Google’s Hold on Government May Be Harder Than You Think". Artist Rights Copyright Royalty Board News from the Goolag Phonorecords IV Songwriter Rights 2001 a Space Odyssey HAL 9000 Shady Uncle Sugar

Pirate Party Fills Three Ministerial Positions in New Czech Government


Pirate Party Enters Czech Government. After several weeks of formation discussions, the party changed its opposition role for a spot in the Government. This is the first time in history that a Pirate Party forms part of a government coalition, which is a major achievement.

Why is the Canadian Government So Indifferent to Privacy?

Michael Geist

Despite the obvious need for privacy reform – outgoing Privacy Commissioner of Canada Daniel Therrien reiterated the necessity for reform in his final speech as commissioner and business groups have made a similar call for privacy reform – the government seems indifferent to the issue.

Digital economy: the search for new governance mechanisms

WIPO Magazine

The expansion of the digital economy is raising important ethical questions about the use, governance and regulation of big data and artificial intelligence. Can the search for new digital governance approaches benefit from consideration of Eastern philosophies and approaches

How effective boards approach technology governance

McKinsey Public & Social Sector Insights

As technology’s strategic importance to the business expands, management needs stronger board guidance. Four engagement models have proven useful. Digital Insights IT management & strategy Disruptive Technology Leadership Strategy

Government initiatives spark Indian Patent Office overhaul

IAM Magazine

The Indian government’s constant focus on strengthening the country’s IP ecosystem has brought about major improvements in the way that patents are filed, prosecuted and enforced – but more still needs to be done

The potential value of AI—and how governments could look to capture it


Artificial intelligence could have a significant impact on individuals, businesses, and governments. Public & Social Sector Insights Public & Social Sector Government North and Central AmericaHere is what countries need to know about the benefits—and the first steps toward realizing them.

IP, Data, and Digital Platform Governance: Notes from the 5th Annual IP Data & Research Conference


This article is part of a series covering the 5th Annual IP Data & Research Conference, hosted by the Canadian Intellectual Property Office and the Centre for International Governance Innovation. Jasmine Yu is an IPilogue Writer and a 1L JD Candidate at the University of Toronto.

Reminder: the First Amendment Governs Content Moderation by the Government–PETA v. Banks

Technology & Marketing Law Blog

Vigorous government-performed content moderation is a euphemism for “perpetual lawsuit-making machine.” The post Reminder: the First Amendment Governs Content Moderation by the Government–PETA v. Texas A&M (TAMU) does medical experiments on dogs.

Companies Face Impact of U.S. Government Sanctions and Russian Government Directive on Russian and Eurasian Patents

JD Supra Law

Government actions related to Russia's invasion of Ukraine have had a wide range of impacts on innovative U.S.-based based companies. Over the past few days, several changes have arisen which directly relate to the holders of patent rights in Russia.

Why Has the Government’s Defence of Bill C-11 Been So Cartoonishly Misleading?

Michael Geist

Bill C-11, the Online Streaming Act that serves as the government’s follow-up to Bill C-10, was the subject of debate in the House of Commons yesterday as the legislation slowly makes it way through the legislative process.

Freedom of Expression for a Price: Government Confirms Bill C-18 Requires Platform Payment for User Posts That Include News Quotes and Hyperlinks

Michael Geist

Government officials admitted that even basic quotes from news articles that include a hyperlink to the original source would scope user posts into the law and require platforms such as Google and Facebook to negotiate payment for the links. This where the government is at with Bill C-18.

Pressure grows on UK government to appoint new IP minister

Managing IP

The next person to be appointed will be the thirteenth to hold the role in 12 years – and the third in just two months. Free News United Kingdom IP Strategy IP Offices

This Week in Washington IP: Adjudication Issues at the PTAB, Regulating Government Access to Personal Data, and the USPTO’s Southeast Asia Intellectual Property Roadshow

IP Watchdog

The full House Judiciary Committee also hosts a hearing to explore government access to consumer personal data. Capitol Hill Government IP News IPWatchdog Articles Congress intellectual property

Governing law and jurisdiction in the Metaverse under Law Commission review

JD Supra Law

Do "traditional" geographic boundaries mean anything in the Metaverse? Under what law should international parties dealing in intangible assets, recorded only on decentralised, unregulated, global ledgers transact? By: Dentons

Government-Forced Technology Transfer Is Almost Always Wrong

IP Watchdog

What does the invasion of Ukraine have to do with COVID-19? Would you believe intellectual property is the link? Stay with me on this; it’s an interesting story.

IP in the Crosshairs: Government Agencies Terminate Relationships with Russian IP Entities as Kremlin Sanctions IP Theft

IP Watchdog

Business China Copyright Europe Government International IP News IPWatchdog Articles Patents Trademark USPTO Belarus CNIPA epo Eurasian Patent Organisation INTA intellectual property patent patent infringement patent office piracy pph Rospatent Russia trademark infringement

Biotechnology at the Supreme Court—Will the U.S. Government Back Amgen’s Petition?

IP Watchdog

government on the questions presented. Earlier this year, we discussed Amgen’s petition for Supreme Court review of the Federal Circuit’s affirmance invalidating several antibody patent claims based on a lack of enablement for genus claims.

U.S. Government Property Interests in Patent Rights


governmental (or agency of the government, such as the Navy). Government interest in the patent — typically based upon Gov’t funding of the R&D and the government interest is provided for under the Bayh-Dole Act. by Dennis Crouch.

Is the Government Seeking to Short Circuit the Senate Review of Bill C-11?

Michael Geist

The proposal for a Senate pre-study comes from the government as a motion in support was introduced by Senator Marc Gold, who represents the government in the Senate. The post Is the Government Seeking to Short Circuit the Senate Review of Bill C-11?

Artificial intelligence and intellectual property: UK Government responds to UK IPO consultation

JD Supra Law

The Government has now published its response. The UK Government. Following its first consultation on artificial intelligence and intellectual property in 2020, the UK Intellectual Property Office launched a second consultation in October 2021.

Governments can deliver exceptional customer experiences—here’s how

McKinsey Public & Social Sector Insights

Our US State of the States benchmark provides insights for newly elected and second-term administrations on how to deliver better services, operate more effectively, and win back public trust. Public & Social Sector Insights Public Sector United States Customer experience & loyalty

Money for Nothing: Government Quietly Expands Bill C-18 Eligibility to Broadcasters That May Not Even Produce News Content

Michael Geist

When the government first created new tax supports for Canadian journalism, it created the concept of the Qualifying Canadian Journalism Organization (QCJO). Later today, the Canadian Heritage committee will continue its clause-by-clause review of Bill C-18, the Online News Act.

Who Is the Government Really Backing With Bill C-18?: Rejected Online News Outlet Amendment Tells the Story

Michael Geist

Indeed, the rejection of online news outlet concerns suggests that Hepfner’s comments are closer to the mark than the government would like to admit. The post Who Is the Government Really Backing With Bill C-18?:

Why the Government’s New Telecom Policy Directive Means More of the Same for Canada’s Communications Competition Woes

Michael Geist

Innovation, Science and Industry François-Philippe Champagne unveiled the government’s proposed new telecom policy directive yesterday, hailing it as a “ historic step.” The government says it is prepared to support it “if needed.”

India counsel urge government to up its IP game

Managing IP

Counsel say that DPIIT and CIPAM, two of the core IP governing bodies in India, have failed to address stakeholders’ problems because of a lack of competence

2021 to 2025: The Incoming German Government’s Agenda for Digital Regulatory Compliance

JD Supra Law

On December 7, 2021, the incoming German government signed its coalition agreement for the 2021 to 2025 tenure. The agreement sets the policy agenda for the new government, consisting of Social Democrats, Greens, and Liberals, and led by Olaf Scholz as chancellor.

Survey Says: Why the Government Reacted With Alarm to a Critical Opinion Poll on the Online News Act

Michael Geist

While I don’t think any of these results are particularly surprising (and concern about misinformation should be heartening), the government and supporters of Bill C-18 reacted with alarm. And I suspect that is why this poll generated such a visceral reaction from the government.