FRANCE.COM: Trademark Transferred to French Government without Recourse in US Courts


When you visit the website , you’ll be quickly redirected to the French government’s explore-France travel site: But, the US-company, Inc. believes that the country stole site.

UK Government responds to DCMS Music Streaming Inquiry recommendations

The IPKat

The Government has now published its response to these recommendations, which is summarised below, the potential impact of the recommendations was considered in this previous post here. The Government has also engaged with Ofcom.

Music 82

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Ontario Ministry Of Government And Consumer Services Launches Consultation On Modernizing Ontario’s Privacy Protection Framework


On June 17, 2021, the Ontario Ministry of Government and Consumer Services (MGCS) announced the launch of public consultation on the MGCS’ white paper, which outlines proposals for reforming Ontario’s privacy protection framework. .

The Liberal Election Platform: Government Picks Internet Regulation Over Internet Affordability

Michael Geist

This is surely not a coincidence since the government’s digital policies have long been designed to curry favour in Quebec, even at risk of angering voters in the rest of Canada. For a government once elected on greater consultation, running what amount to fake consultations is shameful.

Does the First Amendment Permit Government Actors to Manage Social Media Comments?–Tanner v. Ziegenhorn

Technology & Marketing Law Blog

The court’s ruling raises interesting, but troubling, questions about any government actor’s ability to enable reader comments on social media. The actual details are opaque to all government actors and out of their control.

ESA Reports Game Piracy, File-Hosting and Cheating Sites To US Government


In response to a request from the Office of the US Trade Representative (USTR), the Entertainment Software Association (ESA) has submitted a list of so-called ‘Notorious Markets’ to the US government.

World Kung Fu Governing Body Uses Copyright Law to Hunt Down YouTube Critics


According to a judgment published by the Federal Court of Australia this week, the International Wushu Federation (IWUF) – the world governing body for kung fu – is attempting to identify the person who posted allegedly copyright-infringing videos to YouTube.

Florida and Its Amici Try to Justify Government Censorship in the 11th Circuit–NetChoice v. Moody

Technology & Marketing Law Blog

Not only are they actively campaigning for unconstitutional government censorship, but for reasons detailed in the article, the laws would decrease, not increase, “free speech” online.

COP26 – The Australian Government's preparation to date

Herbert Smith Freehills

The Australian Government has not committed to Net Zero 2050 but framed Australia’s commitment to the IEA COP26 Net Zero Summit held on 1 April 2021 (Aus time) as: The Australian Government is firmly committed to getting to net zero as soon as possible and preferably by 2050.

Picking Up Where Bill C-10 Left Off: The Canadian Government’s Non-Consultation on Online Harms Legislation

Michael Geist

The Canadian government released its plans yesterday for online harms legislation with a process billed as a consultation, but which is better characterized as an advisory notice, since there are few questions, options or apparent interest in hearing what Canadians think of the plans.

SCOTUS Grants Government’s Request to Participate in Case Interpreting PRO IP Act Language on Copyright Invalidation

IP Watchdog

Copyright Copyright Litigation Courts Government IP News IPWatchdog Articles Litigation US Supreme Court copyright copyright invalidation Copyright Office copyrights intellectual property PRO-IP Act Register of Copyrights SCOTUS Unicolors v. The U.S.

Call for Applications: Research Positions at Center for Communication Governance (CCG) at NLU, Delhi


We’re pleased to inform you that the Centre for Communication Governance at the National Law University Delhi is inviting applications for various research positions. About the Centre for Communication Governance.

Government Must Reform the ITC to Keep Pace with Innovation and Curb Trolls

IP Watchdog

In 2001, six years before the iPhone appeared, a futurist named Ray Kurzweil wrote that humankind would cram 20,000 years of technological progress into the century that had just begun.

The First Offer Should Be Unreasonable – and Other Oddities of Government Contracting


2021) involves a bid-protest regarding a government contract. And so when an offeror proposes a price that is unreasonably high (so as to preclude an award), the government must discuss that unreasonableness with the offeror, potentially giving it a chance to revise its proposal to fix what may have went wrong. If the price is too high yet not unreasonable, the government need not discuss it and the offeror need not get another try. by Dennis Crouch .

Federal Government Will Speak in H&M Copyright Case

IP Law 360

Supreme Court said Monday that the federal government can participate in oral arguments in a fabric designer's copyright dispute against fast-fashion giant H&M The U.S.

Government publishes legislation programme for Autumn 2021

LexBlog IP

The Government has published its legislation programme for Autumn 2021. The government also approved the integration of the Broadcasting (Amendment) Bill into the OSMR Bill. In 2016, the government published a policy document discussing why this area of law needs to be amended (discussed here ). Bills enacted since Government came into Office on 27 June 2020.

Tracking the Submissions: What the Government Heard in its Online Harms Consultation (Since It Refuses to Post Them)

Michael Geist

” Keeping the results of the consultation is secret is incredibly damaging, raising further questions about whether the government plans to incorporate the feedback or simply march ahead with an extreme, deeply flawed proposal.

Please share nicely — From Database directive to Data (governance) acts

Kluwer Copyright Blog

Much bigger pressures come from the 2019 Open data and public sector information directive , the 2020 proposal for a Data governance regulation , and the still to be announced proposal for a Data Act. Stage II: The Data Governance Act. But the Data governance act would do more.

Failure to Balance Freedom of Expression and Protection from Online Harms: My Submission to the Government’s Consultation on Addressing Harmful Content Online

Michael Geist

The government’s consultation on its proposed approach to address harmful content online concluded over the weekend. Moreover, the government has indicated that these rules apply only to OCSs, identifying Facebook, Youtube, TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter as examples.

Commerce Ranks in Top Five Places to Work in Federal Government for Ninth Consecutive Year

U.S. Department of Commerce

Commerce Ranks in Top Five Places to Work in Federal Government for Ninth Consecutive Year. Recently, the Partnership for Public Service released the 2020 Best Places to Work in the Federal Government rankings.

Can the U.S. Government Use Patents to Address the Coronavirus?

JIPEL Copyright Blog

Last semester I worked with NYU Law’s Technology Law and Policy Clinic to publish a Guide to Government Patent Use under 28 U.S.C. government could begin “using” privately owned patents to increase access to necessary technologies, like life-saving drugs and medical supplies. § 1498 gives broad immunity to government actors and third parties who use or manufacture patented technology, so long as their use is “by” and “for” the U.S. government.

The Law Bytes Podcast, Episode 99: “They Just Seemed Not to Listen to Any of Us” – Cynthia Khoo on the Canadian Government’s Online Harms Consultation

Michael Geist

She joins the Law Bytes podcast in a personal capacity to discuss the government’s consultation and her recent report.

Legislation Would Bolster ITC Power Against Foreign Government-Sponsored Trade Secret Misappropriation

LexBlog IP

” While the bill’s name indicates that it is targeted towards the Chinese government, it would function to exclude any item incorporating or benefitting from foreign government-sponsored trade secret misappropriation. A recently introduced U.S.

Bi-Partisan Infrastructure Bill Includes Cybersecurity Funding for Local Governments

LexBlog IP

Senate includes up to $1 billion in funding to state and local governments to enhance cybersecurity measures over four years. The bi-partisan infrastructure bill presently being debated in the U.S. The proposed funding would create a grant program to benefit state and local cybersecurity programs, which would be administered by the Federal Emergency Management Agency with in-put from the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency.

"Ugandan government sues art dealer over UES rent"

The Art Law Blog

" [Asher] Edelman’s art-leasing business, Artemus, and his gallery Edelman Arts haven’t paid rent since April of last year, according to a lawsuit filed by the mission in Manhattan state court Thursday

Green Tech Patents - How Canadian Government is Helping the Process

Canadian Intellectual Property Blog

With the world beginning to reopen following the COVID-19 pandemic, many of us may be feeling a new mindfulness when it comes to the environment and the effects that our civilization has had on it.

?Social Media Accounts Provide a New Twist in the Law Governing the Right To Use Photographs

GDB Firm Blog

A recent New York federal court decision adds a new twist to the law governing the right to use photographs that are posted on social media platforms, and gives a new possible legal defense to individuals and businesses accused of copyright infringement for using photographs that are directly sourced from those platforms

CARES Act Eviction and Foreclosure Moratorium For Public Housing and Government Backed Loans

GDB Firm Blog

Questions & Answers

?Employers Should Follow Recent Government Guidance On Workplace Conditions For Employees Currently Working Or Returning To Work

GDB Firm Blog

State and federal agencies have recently issued additional guidance on workplace conditions in light of the coronavirus pandemic. Here are some of the highlights

The ‘Restoring America Invents Act’ Would Open the Floodgates for Patent Owner Harassment

IP Watchdog

Capitol Hill Government Inventors Information IP News IPWatchdog Articles Legislation Patents USPTO America Invents Act Congress Gene Quinn intellectual property inter partes review IPR patent patent office Patent Trial and Appeal Board patents PTAB Senator Patrick Leahy

Copyright Ownership in State Board Textbooks: Impediments to Accessibility


In this post, I look at the question of the government’s copyright ownership in State Board textbooks, and its implications on access to knowledge and education. Government’s Role as Publisher and Copyright Owner. Image from here.

Commerce Department Announces National Artificial Intelligence Advisory Committee

IP Watchdog

Capitol Hill Government IP News IPWatchdog Articles Technology & Innovation Congress innovation National Artificial Intelligence Advisory Committee Secretary of Commerce Gina Raimondo technology U.S. The U.S.

CAFC Shoots Down Due Process Challenges to PTAB Structure

IP Watchdog

Courts Federal Circuit Government IP News IPWatchdog Articles Litigation Patents USPTO Administrative Patent Judges America Invents Act APJs Arthrex v. In an appeal from the Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB) brought by Mobility Workx against Unified Patents, the U.S.

Kathi Vidal Floated as Possible USPTO Director Nominee

IP Watchdog

Capitol Hill Government IP News IPWatchdog Articles USPTO Congress Gene Quinn intellectual property Kathi Vidal patent patent office USPTO Director Winston & Strawn

Seven Veteran Inventors Named to National Inventors Hall of Fame

IP Watchdog

Government Inventors Information IP News IPWatchdog Articles Patents Technology & Innovation USPTO independent inventor independent inventors innovation intellectual property national inventors hall of fame patent office technology

Biden Nominates First Chief Innovation and Intellectual Property Negotiator

IP Watchdog

Government IP News IPWatchdog Articles Chief Innovation and Intellectual Property Negotiator Christopher Wilson innovation intellectual property Katherine Tai President Biden Trade Facilitation and Trade Enforcement Act of 2015 U.S.

USPTO Moves Ahead with Changes to Patent Bar Registration

IP Watchdog

Government IP News IPWatchdog Articles Patent Bar Exam Patents USPTO Category A degrees Drew Hirshfeld Federal Register Notice General Requirements Bulletin intellectual property patent patent office patents

Parliamentary Standing Committee Report on IPR: Tipping the Scales of Patent Law? Part I


The Report recommends allowing the patenting of plants and seeds, with the Government becoming a co-owner with private players. Image with the text ‘open the gate’ (Image from here ).

Note to Congress: Resist Big Tech Pleas to Weaken Strong Patents in Light of Recent Losses

IP Watchdog

Capitol Hill Government IP News IPWatchdog Articles Legislation Litigation Patents Apple Congress damages awards Google innovation intellectual property patent Patent Reform Patent Trial and Appeal Board patents PTABIn recent days, both Google and Apple have lost big patent cases.

Let No Good Deed Go Unpunished—The Tale of a COVID-19 Breakthrough

IP Watchdog

Government Guest Contributors IP News IPWatchdog Articles Licensing Patents Technology & Innovation Bayh-Dole COVID-19 Guest Contributor innovation intellectual property Merck Molnupirvir patents Ridgeback Biotherapeutics technology

Looming Leahy Bill Would End Fintiv Practice at PTAB

IP Watchdog

Capitol Hill Government IP News IPWatchdog Articles Legislation Patents USPTO America Invents Act Congress innovation intellectual property inter partes review IPR patent patent office Patent Reform Patent Trial and Appeal Board patents post grant procedures PTAB Senator Patrick Leahy

Bankrupting Big Pharma Isn’t a Solution

IP Watchdog

Business Government IP News IPWatchdog Articles Patents COVID-19 drug patents drug pricing Food and Drug Administration innovation intellectual property patent Pharmaceutical Companies pharmaceutical patents Robin Feldman vaccines

Law 113

Second CAFC Judgeship Opens as O’Malley Retirement Announced

IP Watchdog

Courts Federal Circuit Government IP News IPWatchdog Articles Litigation Patents CAFC Capitol Hill intellectual property Judge Kathleen O'Malley patent Patent Litigation President Joe BidenAccording to U.S. Courts and as reported by IPLaw360 earlier today, U.S.