Thirteen Reasons Why Businesses Fail


It’s well known that the failure rate of small businesses is extremely high. rates people’s chances of surviving in business beyond 5 years at 50/50, while the chances of failure after 10 years are 70%. Successful business owners are constantly looking to learn.

Sole Proprietorship in Business

IP and Legal Filings

Proprietorship in India is a type of unregistered business entity that is owned, managed, and controlled by one person. The micro and small businesses that are operating in the unorganized sector prefer registering as a proprietorship in India. Decide on the suitable business name.


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Amazon Brand Protection Report Details Major Anticounterfeiting Investments But Small Businesses Want Stronger Policing Against Knock-Offs

IP Watchdog

Antitrust Business International IP News IPWatchdog Articles Trademark amazon Amazon Brand Protection anticounterfeiting China counterfeits e-commerce fakes intellectual property trademark trademarks

Business Planning – Becoming a Company of One


So, I’m now thinking about my 10-year plan for both the Azrights business and the podcast. Business Journey. Let me share with you my business journey so far as it will inevitably impact what I do with the podcast, and the products and services Azrights will offer.

How to Incorporate Privacy by Design Into Your Business

Olartemoure Blog

If you have a business, or a business idea in contemporary times, you will have to deal, one way or another, with user data. Do you want to have a webpage for your business? Privacy by Design is the integration of data processing procedures to every stage of business practices.

How to Set Up Your Own Business in India

IP and Legal Filings

A foreign company can set up a business in India under the Companies Act, 2013 as a Wholly Owned Subsidiary, Joint Venture or Associate Company or by setting up a Liaison Office, Project Office, or Branch Office of the foreign Company. INTRODUCTION.

Research: Businesses Whose R&D Generates Software Must Decide: Open-Source or Patent Protection

IP Close Up

inventions, businesses of all types are faced with the decision to protect their developments with Continue reading. Data Litigation News Places Research Transactions Uncategorized Autodesk business models fourth industrial revolution GitHub IBM innovation inventions Microsfoft open source Oracle patents R&D RedHat research Salesforce Software takeaways USPTOWith software representing as many as 63% of new U.S.

What it Means that Russian Businesses Can Now Legally Steal Intellectual Property from ‘Unfriendly Countries’

IP Watchdog

Russian businesses now hold the key to pilfering, producing and profiting from western technologies. With this move, businesses in Russia can now violate IP rights, as they no longer need to compensate patent holders from “unfriendly countries.”

Business planning and Intellectual Property

IP and Legal Filings

Therefore the company must typically strategize between the IP and the business it gets into. That is why the perspective of IP analysis is important for the business for the purpose of monetizing its invention. Business and IP.

Big businesses need trademark protection; small businesses need it even more

Erik K Pelton

Big businesses need trademark protection; small businesses need it even more. A small business can be crushed by a trademark dispute, or a rebranding. If you are a small business, can you afford not to protect your brand?

The Role of Brand Names in Business


Understanding the legal rules around names is important because they’re the single most valuable intellectual property asset a successful business builds. ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?. Lessons in Business. The post The Role of Brand Names in Business appeared first on Azrights.

Exploring the Top 5 IP Challenges that Brands & Businesses Face


The ultimate success of brands and businesses in the modern world largely depends on the groundbreaking innovation that sets them apart from the rising competition in the market. Additionally, it safeguards a business company during litigation or threat from a competitor in the industry.

Levelling Up: how we’re helping UK businesses to build through IP 

Intellectual Property Office Blog

Did you know that intellectual property (IP) is likely to play a part in the foundation of every business, generating key assets to kickstart future success? IP protection through patents, trade marks, designs and copyright can be instrumental in a business’ survival and growth.

Patent Licensing is a Risky Business: Let the Market Strike the Balance

IP Watchdog

Business Guest Contributors IP News IPWatchdog Articles Licensing Patents Technology & Innovation Guest Contributor innovation intellectual property patent patent infringement Patent Licensing Patent Litigation patents risk Technology Transfer

A better way to drive your business


Integrated business planning is a well-known process, particularly among supply chain leaders. But in most companies, P&L owners are missing out. Insights on Operations Supply chain management

Big Businesses Need Trademark Protection; Small Businesses Need It Even More

Erik K Pelton

The following is a transcript of my video Big Businesses Need Trademark Protection; Small Businesses Need It Even More. Over the last 20 years, I have been so incredibly blessed to work with thousands of small businesses. They can crush small businesses.

Small Business is Literally in our DNA

Stock Legal Blog

We find gratification in growing along with our clients, and pride ourselves on supporting small business on and off the clock (love that getting curbside takeout now counts as supporting our community!).

Facebook for Business:  Use at Your Own Risk?

The Illusion of More

COVID-19 shutdowns naturally affected some businesses more acutely than others, and many who felt the sting turned to entrepreneurism. The post Facebook for Business: Use at Your Own Risk? Economics Social Media business facebook Featured hacking security

Biden Executive Order’s Approach to SEPs Sells Out American Small Businesses and Innovators

IP Watchdog

Business Government Guest Contributors IP News IPWatchdog Articles Licensing Patents Technology & Innovation Biden administration Biden Executive Order FRAND Guest Contributor innovation intellectual property patent patents President Joe Biden SEPs

Trademarks And Franchising Of Business


Not only is a trademark essential for the consumer, but businesses for without a trademark, it is possible that a business may lose out on customers or profits as trademarks are quintessential for successful advertising of a business.

IP Licensing for Business Companies & Organizations – How to Do it Right?


IP licensing provides business companies and organizations with additional or core revenue streams, which enables them to increase brand awareness, enhance their overall reputation, and extend their offerings (products or services) into new geographies and markets across the globe cost-effectively.

Accelerating toward net zero: The green business building opportunity


Surging demand for zero-carbon technologies, materials, and services gives companies opportunities to build new green businesses. Leaders that move quickly could see exponential growth. Insights on Sustainability Energy, Resources & Materials Sustainability

4 NFT Business Models Already Changing Our Economy

The post 4 NFT Business Models Already Changing Our Economy appeared first on - IP Innovation and Analytics. Blockchain’s potential (predicted to grow from a $4.67 billion market in 2021 to $163.83 billion by 2029) is evident in the technology’s many benefits.

Surnames as Trademarks: Tips for Family Businesses

JD Supra Law

Choosing the right name is important when starting a business because the business name plays an important role in brand growth and perception. For many family-owned enterprises, business name and surname are inextricably and reputationally linked.

Deliberately Incorporating IP into Business Strategy

Intellectual property is a valuable business asset. As companies incorporate AI and other advanced technologies into their business strategies, as well as look for ways to cut costs in an.

Shopify: “Empowering independent business owners everywhere”

Likelihood of Confusion

The post Shopify: “Empowering independent business owners everywhere” appeared first on LIKELIHOOD OF CONFUSION™. LIKELIHOOD OF CONFUSION

EP79: Chandresh Pala – What is a Business Model? Make Sure You Use The Right One For Your Business


The post EP79: Chandresh Pala – What is a Business Model? Make Sure You Use The Right One For Your Business appeared first on Azrights. Podcasts business business advice business tips chandresh pala

Is Your Business Tax Exempt?

Legal Zoom

Find out what it takes for your business to be a tax-exempt business

Tax Preparation Tips for Small Businesses

Legal Zoom

Advance planning and solid organization can help your business navigate successfully and smoothly through tax season You aren't alone if you don't look forward to filing taxes – but tax season doesn't have to be a nightmare.

Ten Top IP Tips for your SME business

Intellectual Property Office Blog

Every business starts with an idea, and every business owns or uses intellectual property (IP). Your IP can include your web site, business name or logo. Identifying what intellectual property (IP) a business owns can help you maximise its true value.

Could a Surge in Trademark Applications Delay Your Food or Beverage Business Launch?

IP Watchdog

To add to the pile, this last year was no stranger to delays and pivots for businesses. The impact of these delays on new restaurant and food businesses, among other industries, may be significant.

Talk about your business method patents!

Likelihood of Confusion

The post Talk about your business method patents! Sander Gelsing, Canadian Patent and Trademark Trade Mark Lawyer, picks up on a doozy. Originally posted 2010-05-26 12:48:34. Republished by Blog Post Promoter. appeared first on LIKELIHOOD OF CONFUSION™. Patents

Author Talks: How to build a damn good business


Business guidance can hinge on an assumption of existing financial access, making the advice irrelevant to budding entrepreneurs with less privilege.

Securing Copyright Protection for AI-generate Generated Creations – A Business Perspective


Implications for Businesses Leading the Way for AI-generated Creations. Businesses that have developed AI tools capable of generating original works with a view to monetizing these creations are in legal limbo.

Green Energy Credits for Business

Legal Zoom

If your business invests in solar energy property, fuel cells, small wind turbines, you may qualify for federal renewable energy tax credits. Similarly, credits are available for business vehicles that use electricity or an alternative fuel source

Protecting Your Business Against Copycat Websites and Cybersquatters

JD Supra Law

Cybersquatting or domain squatting is registering, trafficking in, or using an internet domain name in bad faith with the intent to profit from another person’s trademark or business. The domain name needs to be confusingly similar to a business or trademark.

2021 Year-End Checklist for Businesses

JD Supra Law

There may be last minute planning possibilities for 2021. Be proactive. Consult with your tax advisors while you still have time to act in 2021. You don’t want to be scrambling on December 31.

Shop Small on Small Business Saturday

U.S. Department of Commerce

Shop Small on Small Business Saturday. Minority business growth. Saturday, November 27, 2021 is Small Business Saturday – a day to celebrate and support small businesses and all they do for their communities. participating small businesses ?in

Central Role of IP and Marketing in Business Design


This is one of the many misconceptions about IP that I’ve noticed since starting my business in 2004. When I first started in business, I’d just worked for large employers like Reuters, Eversheds, and Coopers & Lybrand. There was no real marketing or business guidance.

How to Decide If A Name Is Too Risky For Your Business


According to The Guardian , Mr Shahzad set up Muzmatch as a side business in 2011. If you have your heart set on a name you might be more justified in accepting the risks of litigation if you are a bigger business than the other party because you could ultimately buy the name from them.