How to Incorporate Privacy by Design Into Your Business

Olartemoure Blog

If you have a business, or a business idea in contemporary times, you will have to deal, one way or another, with user data. Do you want to have a webpage for your business? Privacy by Design is the integration of data processing procedures to every stage of business practices.

Business planning and Intellectual Property

IP and Legal Filings

Therefore the company must typically strategize between the IP and the business it gets into. That is why the perspective of IP analysis is important for the business for the purpose of monetizing its invention. Business and IP.


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Big businesses need trademark protection; small businesses need it even more

Erik K Pelton

Big businesses need trademark protection; small businesses need it even more. A small business can be crushed by a trademark dispute, or a rebranding. If you are a small business, can you afford not to protect your brand?

Big Businesses Need Trademark Protection; Small Businesses Need It Even More

Erik K Pelton

The following is a transcript of my video Big Businesses Need Trademark Protection; Small Businesses Need It Even More. Over the last 20 years, I have been so incredibly blessed to work with thousands of small businesses. They can crush small businesses.

Facebook for Business:  Use at Your Own Risk?

The Illusion of More

COVID-19 shutdowns naturally affected some businesses more acutely than others, and many who felt the sting turned to entrepreneurism. The post Facebook for Business: Use at Your Own Risk? Economics Social Media business facebook Featured hacking security

Ten Top IP Tips for your SME business

Intellectual Property Office Blog

Every business starts with an idea, and every business owns or uses intellectual property (IP). Your IP can include your web site, business name or logo. Identifying what intellectual property (IP) a business owns can help you maximise its true value.

My Business Strategy Internship with 3D Bridge Solutions


As part of the IP Innovation Clinic’s involvement in the inaugural year of Mitacs’ Business Strategy Internship program, Krystel completed an internship at 3D Bridge Solutions under the direct supervision of Karima Bawa.

Biden Executive Order’s Approach to SEPs Sells Out American Small Businesses and Innovators

IP Watchdog

Business Government Guest Contributors IP News IPWatchdog Articles Licensing Patents Technology & Innovation Biden administration Biden Executive Order FRAND Guest Contributor innovation intellectual property patent patents President Joe Biden SEPs

My Summer at Bereskin & Parr LLP- Mitacs Business Strategy Internship x IP Osgoode


As part of the IP Innovation Clinic’s involvement in the inaugural year of Mitacs’ Business Strategy Internship program, Bonnie completed an internship at Bereskin & Parr LLP under the direct supervision of Reshika Dhir.

How to File Business Taxes for Your Small Business

Legal Zoom

Entrepreneurship comes with many responsibilities—including filing business taxes. Here's what you need to know about tax filing for your small business

Could a Surge in Trademark Applications Delay Your Food or Beverage Business Launch?

IP Watchdog

To add to the pile, this last year was no stranger to delays and pivots for businesses. The impact of these delays on new restaurant and food businesses, among other industries, may be significant.

Complete Guide to Crowdfunding For Business

Legal Zoom

If you have an entrepreneurial dream, crowdfunding may help you make it come true. Learn what's involved and how to succeed in our handy guide

Big Businesses Need Trademark Protection; Small Businesses Need It Even More

Erik K Pelton

A trademark dispute can be tremendously costly and disruptive, especially for small businesses. Reducing the risk of such a dispute is one of the main ways that small businesses can benefit from trademark protection for your business. In this episode, Erik details why trademark protection is even more important for the small businesses that are the lifeblood of our communities and economy.

31 Blockchain Business Ideas to Capitalize on in 2021

Legal Zoom

Blockchain technology is revolutionizing business operations, but which blockchain business ideas are practical in the real world? This guide explores realistic implementations for blockchain and explores its effect on small business owners

The Importance of Trademark Clearance Searches for Businesses


Any business owner looking to distinguish himself from others in the market would be wise to safeguard the elements that make his business unique. Domain Name Search – A domain name is the face of every business and getting extension of your brand is crucial.

IP protection: building value and growth for small businesses

WIPO Magazine

Julian Crump, President of the International Federation of Intellectual Property Attorneys (FICPI), discusses how IP protection can benefit smaller businesses

Learning How to Learn: My 1L Summer Internship Experience with InteraXon Inc. through the Mitacs Business Strategy Internship Program


As part of the IP Innovation Clinic’s involvement in the inaugural year of Mitacs’ Business Strategy Internship program, Androu completed an internship at InteraXon Inc. Blogs Mitacs BSI androu waheeb business strategy internships interaxon inc IP Innovation Clinic mitacs naseem bawa

The Art Business Documents You Need to Sell Your Work

Art Law Journal

These essential art business documents are crucial to ensure that your sale is professional and protected. The post The Art Business Documents You Need to Sell Your Work appeared first on Art Business Journal. Want to sell your artwork on your own?

Art 83

Cyber Criminals Focusing on Clinics + Business Associates

LexBlog IP

As hospital systems become more hardened to cyber-attacks, cyber criminals are focusing their efforts on smaller providers, such as outpatient clinics, specialty clinics and business associates, according to a report by Critical Insight.

‘365 for Business’ Users’ Privacy Lawsuit Dismissed–Russo v. Microsoft

Technology & Marketing Law Blog

Users of “Microsoft 365 For Business” allege oversharing by Microsoft, which translates into claims under (1) the Wiretap Act and the Stored Communications Act; (2) Washington’s Consumer Protection Act; (3) the Washington one-party consent phone statute; and (4) common law.

Business Method Patents: The Basics

Larson & Larson

Utility patents are the most common type of patents, and business methods are a type of utility patent. This is because business method patents have more chances to be challenged. Beyond this, business method patents are filed in the same way that any other utility patent is done.

USPTO Trademark Webinars For Small Businesses

JD Supra Law

The series appears to be tailored to small business owners and entrepreneurs and is broken up into eight modules focused on discrete topics.

What Should Be in Your Photography Business Plan

Legal Zoom

Set up your photography startup for success by including these essential elements in your business plan

How to Turn Patent Search Into Business Intelligence

Comprehensive business intelligence requires data from multiple sources. The post How to Turn Patent Search Into Business Intelligence appeared first on - IP Innovation and Analytics.

What Every Business Needs to Know About Personal Property Tax

Legal Zoom

Understand how personal property taxes apply to your business

Small business trademark protections are more critical than ever

Erik K Pelton

I am particularly sensitive to the trademark challenges that small businesses face for several reasons. Since 1999, I have built and managed my own small business, Erik M. Small businesses are just as capable of creating and building great brands as big businesses are.

Manufacturing Products with a US Licensee: Key Considerations for Emerging Businesses

JD Supra Law

In the early stages of doing business, emerging businesses often use a distributor to introduce a product to the US market without a full sales force. As your business expands, manufacturing your products locally is often a key element of long-term growth strategy.

What Does Exempt Mean? Why It Matters for Your Business

Legal Zoom

Businesses don't have to pay overtime to exempt employees, but every employee doesn't qualify for exempt status. Find out who qualifies and what that means for your business

Fact or fiction? Debunking patent myths for business and technology leaders

JD Supra Law

There are many misconceptions or ‘myths’ about patents that have found their way into popular discourse among business leaders and technology managers, ranging from what type of innovations are patentable, to how important it is to own and protect your intellectual property (IP) using patents.

Why every business, big or small, should consider applying to register trademarks

Erik K Pelton

Listed to this brief video (less than 3 minutes) as I discuss the many benefits adding up to show why trademark registration is an incredibly valuable investment for an small business, new business, established business, old business, or big businesses – for any business!

How Long Do I Need to Keep Business Tax Records?

Legal Zoom

Discarding tax records too early could cause significant liability for your business

Partnering for Innovative Business Models for Open Access Publishing at Frankfurt Book Fair

Velocity of Content

As one of the world’s most innovative Open Access (OA) publishers, PLOS has led the way in developing innovative business models that make its most selective Open Access journals truly open to read and open to publish.

US Lawmakers Suggest That Piracy is Part of Twitter’s Business Model


A Piracy Business Model. While Twitter is not accused of doing anything illegal, the House Representatives write that the company’s actions make it seem as if piracy is part of the social media platform’s business model.

How to Start a Photography Business

Legal Zoom

Shoot for the stars with your camera by learning how to start a photography business

LinkedIn dodges UCL claims because big businesses aren't covered plaintiffs


The complaint alleged that “[m]ost LinkedIn advertisers are small businesses.” Topdevz, LLC v. LinkedIn Corp., 2021 WL 3373914, No. 20-cv-08324-SVK (N.D.

How to avoid IP risks when using sports data and statistics in your business

JD Supra Law

The popularity of sports and zealousness of fans makes sports an attractive industry for those looking for a lucrative business enterprise. Fantasy sports is a prime example.

W2 vs 1099-NEC: Which Does My Business Have to Issue?

Legal Zoom

Should you file W2s for employees or 1099-NEC forms for independent contractors? You might need to file both

Financial Planning for Artists to Grow Your Business

Art Law Journal

Artists: Learn how to manage your art business in a financially responsible way aimed toward sustainable growth! The post Financial Planning for Artists to Grow Your Business appeared first on Art Business Journal.

College Application Consulting Business Accused of Infringement

BYU Copyright Blog

On May 22, 2021, Ivy Coach, Inc. ("Ivy") Ivy") filed a lawsuit against Lehren Education, Inc. Lehren"). Both companies assist and guide prospective university and college students in their application process.In

What Is Debt Financing for Small Businesses?

Legal Zoom

Decide if debt financing is the right way for you to fund business growth

Pandemic Push: Royalty-Based Business Model for Better Downstream Revenue for Musicians


Another interesting business model making its way into the music industry has pretty much been the talk of the town for a few months now – NFTs (Non-fungible tokens). Image from here.

Does Your Business Need Tax Preparation Services?

Legal Zoom

Small business owners can save time, money, and potential legal problems by engaging a professional to prepare their tax returns You may not think it's hard to prepare and file your tax returns yourself. But you may be missing opportunities.

Building Community and Equity Through Black-Owned Businesses

Legal Zoom

Small businesses and entrepreneurs can play a significant role in promoting equity and inclusion, while fostering black entrepreneurship