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COPYRIGHT Katfriend Moritz Sutterer posted on a new competition tool that the German Competition Authority recently tried out against Google in relation to press publishers' neighbouring right. patent related rights shape mark trade marks

A Closer Insight into Copyright related Issues in the Position Statement of the Max Planck Institute for Innovation and Competition on the Commission’s Proposal for a Data Act

Kluwer Copyright Blog

The Institute acknowledges that the Data Act Proposal seeks to strike a balance between promoting access to and sharing of IoT data and protecting other conflicting rights. This post focuses on selected copyright and related rights matters that the Institute details in its Position Statement.


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Please share nicely — From Database directive to Data (governance) acts

Kluwer Copyright Blog

In retrospect, life was simple in 1996, the year that gave us the Database directive and its much-maligned sui generis right aimed at promoting a European database industry. Will the Database directive survive the crowded field of data regulation?

Art. 17 DSM Directive: International Application in EU cross-border scenarios – Or: Why the EU needs a faithful implementation into national law

Kluwer Copyright Blog

Article 17 Directive (EU) 2019/790 on copyright and related rights in the Digital Single Market (“DSM Directive”) is currently being implemented into national law in the EU Member States. There is some controversy as to how the right of communication to the public as mentioned in Art.

The Jungle Bird, El Diablo, and the Zombie or Machine Learning Models, Computer Programs and Copyright put to the test

Kluwer Copyright Blog

Those versed in the intersection between IP rights and technology know that computer programs protection has always caused inevitable frictions IP law. The license is not triggered in most open licenses if applied to subject matter not protected by copyright (or related rights).