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3 Count: Swimsuit Edition

Plagiarism Today

First off today, Kevin Shalvey at Business Insider reports that “Sports Illustrated” swimsuit model Genevieve Morton has filed a lawsuit against Twitter alleging that the site was slow to remove infringing material and that an AI photo editing tool created unlawful derivative works.

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12th edition of the Nice Classification

Olartemoure Blog

The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) has announced the implementation of the 2024 version of the twelfth edition of the International Classification of Goods and Services for the Purposes of the Registration of Marks, also known as the “Nice Classification,” effective January 1st, 2024.

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TorrentFreak Turns 18 Today (Hospital Edition)


On November 12, 2005, I started a ‘blog’ to share news snippets and information about emerging file-sharing technology. At the time it would’ve been unthinkable that it would still draw visitors in 2023. But here we are. Running a site like this on your own is impossible, so luckily Andy joined TF in 2006.

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[Video] Daily Compliance News: November 3, 2023 — The No Material Impact Edition

JD Supra Law

Stories we are following in today’s edition: • Altice USA says corruption probe. Each day, we consider four stories from the business world: compliance, ethics, risk management, leadership, or general interest for the compliance professional. By: Thomas Fox - Compliance Evangelist

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Edition 4 of the AI Legal News Summer Roundup

JD Supra Law

In this edition, key themes include creators and consumers seeking more control and protection over how their content is used to train AI models (whether under copyright law or privacy laws), and governments grappling with the delicate balance between overseeing and regulating AI development, and fostering innovation.

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Announcing the 2022 Edition of My Internet Law Casebook

Technology & Marketing Law Blog

I’m pleased to announce the 2022 edition (13th edition) of my Internet Law casebook, Internet Law: Cases & Materials. As usual, I made many hundreds of updates and edits throughout the book. Some things I didn’t include in this edition, despite their seeming importance: hiQ v. a hardcover version for $28.

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Book Review: Overlapping Intellectual Property Rights (Second Edition)

The IPKat

This Kat is pleased to review the “ Overlapping Intellectual Property rights ”, edited by Neil Wilkof [full disclosure: a member of the IPKat team], Shamnad Basheer, and Irene Calboli (OUP, 2023, 864 pp.). The volume is a beautiful testimony to the work of late Shamnad Basheer, who co-edited the first edition.