Mon.May 29, 2023

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Yout Counters RIAA in Court, Quoting Lyrics & Highlighting YouTube’s Absence


At the end of 2020, the operator of one of the largest YouTube rippers took the unprecedented step of taking the music industry to court.’s Johnathan Nader was fed up with a bombardment of DMCA takedown requests and alleged defamatory claims. In response, he sued the RIAA , asking the federal court in Connecticut to declare his service non-infringing.

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Proposed European SEP Regulation Would Undermine Efficiency, Innovation and Economic Growth

IP Watchdog

The European Commission (EC) is at it again, threatening to regulate standard essential patent (SEP) licensing relationships, despite a lack of evidence that such regulation is appropriate. The economically harmful nature of this regulatory framework (and its prior draft) has been highlighted by many expert commentators, including contributors to IPWatchdog (see here, here, and here) and Truth on the Market (see here and here).


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A musical box infringes author’s moral rights, says the French Cassation Court

The IPKat

Kat readers who have been to Paris surely remember the numerous shops selling musical boxes. Such musical boxes, especially popular among tourists, commonly feature classical French songs. In recent years, they also became the protagonist in a protracted litigation that reached the French Cassation Court. The case went as follows. Charles Trenet (1913-2001) was a renown French singer, composer and lyricist.

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Navigating Copyright Boundaries: Insights from the Supreme Court Decision in Warhol v. Goldsmith

JD Supra Law

The recent copyright infringement court decision involving artist Andy Warhol and photographer Lynn Goldsmith has sparked significant discussions about the impact on artists. This case, which revolved around the fair use of a photograph taken by Goldsmith of musician Prince, raises concerns about the boundaries of transformative use and the applicability of the fair use defense.

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Software Composition Analysis: The New Armor for Your Cybersecurity

Speaker: Blackberry, OSS Consultants, & Revenera

Software is complex, which makes threats to the software supply chain more real every day. 64% of organizations have been impacted by a software supply chain attack and 60% of data breaches are due to unpatched software vulnerabilities. In the U.S. alone, cyber losses totaled $10.3 billion in 2022. All of these stats beg the question, “Do you know what’s in your software?

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Kewei adds top TMT partner Justina Zhang to China joint operation with Herbert Smith Freehills ????????????????????????????????????

Herbert Smith Freehills

Kewei Law Firm has hired leading corporate partner Justina Zhang , adding technology, media and telecommunications (TMT) expertise to the firm's Justina is a TMT specialist in both corporate transactions and regulatory compliance. She has extensive experience advising Chinese growth and large tech clients on mergers and acquisitions, private equity investments, capital markets, joint ventures and corporate restructurings in both China and internationally.

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A Close-Up on Working Remotely

LexBlog IP

A recent New York times article discussed hidden costs associated with remote work, as well as some benefits that can be intangible and thus hard to measure. I have been thinking about the ups and downs of remote work for a while— this is logical for me considering I have experienced various remote professional and academic scenarios since the onset of the pandemic, as have many other workers and students.

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The Importance Of Trademark Searches For New Brands : Safeguarding Intellectual Property

Biswajit Sarkar Copyright Blog

In the fast-paced world of business, where new brands emerge every day, protecting one’s intellectual property has become paramount. Trademarks play a crucial role in establishing brand identity and distinguishing products or services from competitors. However, before diving headfirst into branding endeavors, conducting comprehensive trademark searches is essential.

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The Law Bytes Podcast, Episode 168: Privacy Commissioner of Canada Philippe Dufresne on How to Fix Bill C-27

Michael Geist

It has taken many months, but Bill C-27, the government’s long overdue effort at privacy reform finally is headed to committee for review. Philippe Dufresne , the Privacy Commissioner of Canada, has been patiently waiting for this moment, armed with a comprehensive review of the bill and a wide range of recommendations for amendments that include a more explicit framing of privacy as a fundamental right.

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Bungie’s ‘DoNotPay’ Sleuth Doubtful That Destiny 2 Cheat Lives at Copyright Office


Bungie’s pursuit of people behind Destiny 2 cheat operation Elite Boss Tech, is pushing forward and showing no sign of stopping. The lawsuit began in August 2021 with the aim of shutting down the ‘Wallhax’ cheat. By June 2022, Bungie had a $13.5 million copyright infringement damages award in hand, and suddenly cooperative defendants helping to unveil others involved in the circumvention of Bungie’s technological protection measures.

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Book Review: Overlapping Intellectual Property Rights (Second Edition)

The IPKat

This Kat is pleased to review the “ Overlapping Intellectual Property rights ”, edited by Neil Wilkof [full disclosure: a member of the IPKat team], Shamnad Basheer, and Irene Calboli (OUP, 2023, 864 pp.). Now in its second edition, the book offers a perspective on how one can address the overlap between intellectual property (IP) rights, either to reconcile them in whole or in part, or to pre-empt one over the other.

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IPO Diversity in Innovation Toolkit

Women and diverse employees have the technical skill and knowledge, yet their contributions are not patented at the same rate as those of their male counterparts.This toolkit can help organizations move the needle on achieving gender parity in innovation.

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The Italian Antitrust Authority investigates Meta for abuse of economic dependence

Kluwer Copyright Blog

Photo by Michele Bitetto on Unsplash The Italian Antitrust authority (AGCM) has launched an investigation to assess whether the conduct of META towards SIAE, the largest Italian copyright collecting society, is unlawful due to abuse of economic dependence (for a previous post on the copyright dimension of the META v. SIAE dispute, see here ). Let’s start with the background.

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