Sat.Dec 02, 2023

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CJEU considers legal standing of collecting societies

The IPKat

In a recent ruling, the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) has interpreted Art. 4 of Directive 2004/48/EC , which lists natural and legal persons that may seek the application of civil enforcement measures ( C-201/22 ). The Court clarified that Member States are not obliged to allow collective management organisations (CMOs) to bring, in their own name, actions for copyright infringement on behalf of the rightholders.

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80 Pirate IPTV Sellers Face $3.5m Bill After Failing to Charge Customers VAT


In recent years, rightsholders in Sweden have reported significantly increased consumption of pirate IPTV services, and law enforcement’s inability to tackle the problem due to a lack of funding. Complaints like these are nothing new for rightsholders or indeed anyone else in Europe; when resources are already stretched, it’s inevitable that some crimes will be considered less of a priority than others.

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Section 230 Applies to Doxxing TikTok Video–Couture v. Noshirvan

Technology & Marketing Law Blog

The court summarizes the plaintiffs’ allegations: Defendant [Danesh] Noshirvan is a TikTok creator. He makes money through TikTok gifts, tips, and subscription fees. His niche is cancel culture. Noshirvan finds a video of someone messing up. He then edits and reposts the video. In the edited video, Noshirvan overlays himself doxing the person depicted in the video—that is, he provides the person’s name, contact information, employer, and other personal information.

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