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Biggest Colorado Decisions Of 2023

IP Law 360

Supreme Court loomed large in Colorado this year, with the state suffering two major defeats, including its prominent anti-discrimination loss involving an anti-gay web designer. Here, Law360 looks at some of the biggest decisions affecting Colorado in 2023.

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Trouble in Paradise: Copyright Office Rejects AI-“Authored” Work for Copyright Registration

JD Supra Law

AI has advanced significantly in creative industries, including music, web design and development, art, and social media, begging the. By: ArentFox Schiff


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Amazon, Lee Child & John Grisham Win $7.8m Judgment Against eBook Pirates


A preliminary injunction was quickly handed down by a Washington court which prevented payment processors, domain registrars, hosts, back-end service providers, affiliate program providers, web designers, and search engines from doing business with the sites. The court also ordered assets to be restrained.

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Why You Should Never Use the Stock Content in a Website Theme

Plagiarism Today

To help with this, many web designers, especially those that are new to it, get help in the form of themes or stock templates that can be obtained from a variety of sites. However, that’s not to say that there is no work.

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‘Fear of God’ and their Fear of Counterfeit: Taking Legal Action Against Fake E-commerce Sites


Web designers can effectively imitate popular online retailers or claim to be resale sites authorized to sell the trademarked items, promoting uncertainty as to which sites are counterfeiters. In Canada, the punishment for someone convicted of counterfeit is up to $1,000,000 or imprisonment for up to five years.

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Creative Agencies: Creative Hobby to Creative Career

Art Law Journal

For some, a particular specialty sits at the heart of the firm, like motion graphics or web design, whereas at other companies, there is a more full-service offering encompassing copywriting, design, animation, video, and more. Today, agencies and design firms come in many shapes and sizes. Top Design Agencies.

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Now Is Really the Time to Pay Attention to Dark Patterns – Seriously

LexBlog IP

Similarly, are call-to-action buttons or other aspects of web design being chosen based on consumer research that indicates which of multiple “clear” yet different designs is more likely to get the desired outcome? Are consumers being presented with two choices that are both prominent but one is more prominent?