The Streamlabs (SLOBS) Plagiarism Scandal

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The developers at the OBS Project recently tweeted that they had asked SLOBS to not use the OBS name but that they did so anyway and were “uncooperative at every turn.” This includes web developement. But web development does bring its unique challenges.

Introducing Richard Mullings!

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He has worked in the disciplines of software engineering, testing, web development, and team leadership. Some of his other training/certifications include, Certified Agile Leader I, Technical Diploma -Web Development, Fellow, Life Management Institute (FLMI), Associate, Reinsurance Administration (ARA), Associate, Customer Service (ACS), and Six Sigma Green Belt.


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Why You Should Never Use the Stock Content in a Website Theme

Plagiarism Today

To help with this, many web designers, especially those that are new to it, get help in the form of themes or stock templates that can be obtained from a variety of sites. Building a new website is literally easier than it’s ever been.

World IP Day 2021 – Focus on IP and SMEs


While awareness of IP is higher than it was back in 2012, people commonly make these 3 fundamental mistakes with their ventures: They start with web developers, marketers, or designers, spending time and money thinking about their promotional approach, name logo and other visual designs.

Trade Secrets Without Borders: The Defend Trade Secret Act’s Promise as an Extra-Territorial Statute Finally Comes to Pass

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6, 2021) (finding that allowing individuals in the United States to take an assessment that was the subject matter of trade secret litigation and disclosing trade secrets to a web developer in Florida met the “in furtherance” requirement), and the U.S.

Intent-to-Use Trademark Application: Comprehensive Guide

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So, for example, large companies will file an Intent-to-Use trademark application to secure priority over a given trademark name, develop and market a product, and then roll out a launch where the product is available to an end user under that trademark. Home » Blog.