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Federal Intellectual Property Due Diligence: Beyond UCC and Lien Searches

Cogency Global

What this is: Like due diligence searches for statutory liens and consensual (UCC) financing statements on borrowers and debtors, being aware of and/or confirming the owner and status of intellectual property in a transaction is critical.

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Infographic | Essential category in due diligence

Olartemoure Blog

La entrada Infographic | Essential category in due diligence se publicó primero en OlarteMoure | Intellectual Property.


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[Event] 6th Annual Summit on Life Sciences IP Due Diligence - November 28th - 29th, Boston, MA

JD Supra Law

ACI’s 6th Annual Life Sciences IP Due Diligence Summit is devoted to providing corporate and IP counsel with expert strategies for assessing, valuing, and commercializing IP assets when conducting strategic IP due diligence – an essential to nearly every corporate transaction.

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Additional Considerations on IP Due Diligence for Prospective Investors of Emerging Life Sciences Companies

JD Supra Law

Following our first article on IP due diligence considerations for prospective investors of emerging life sciences companies, we’re taking an in-depth look at the due diligent action items that can help with decision-making and risk-assessment calculations for a potential investor.

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NFT Due Diligence Lessons From Recent Cases

IP Law 360

Four pending federal cases involving disputes over nonfungible tokens highlight important questions to ask when conducting sale and purchase due diligence for NFTs, including concerns related to infringement, misappropriation or other intellectual property claims, say attorneys at Covington.

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Dutch Legislators Propose Human Rights and Environmental Due Diligence Law

Herbert Smith Freehills

If enacted, the Bill will make it mandatory for large Dutch enterprises and foreign enterprises doing business in the Netherlands to act with due diligence to avoid adverse impacts on human rights and the environment. Due diligence requirements. Part two , sets out the requirements to prepare due diligence policies.

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IP Due Diligence: Issues in M&A Transactions

Traverse Legal Blog

A main focus in most M&A transactions involves conducting intellectual property (IP) due diligence, including patent due diligence in order to properly assess risk involved in the potential transaction. All too often these issues come up for the first time in due diligence.