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In Praise of the Title Verso

Velocity of Content

On every title verso , “all rights reserved” will appear. All rights reserved means all rights reserved. All rights reserved – it means all rights reserved, and rights means all media. It’s incredibly powerful,” he says.

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Nimitz Patent Fight Offers Peek Behind NPE Liability Curtain

JD Supra Law

All rights reserved. This article originally ran in Law360 on February 10, 2023. Patent litigation brought by nonpracticing entities, or NPEs, has seen exponential growth.


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Podcast: Stephanie Drawdy and Sergio Munoz Sarmiento on All Things Art and Law


All rights reserved. Ahh…Youth! Sergio Munoz Sarmiento. 2015 – ongoing), C-Print. © and TM Sergio Muñoz Sarmiento. I had a lovely conversation with fellow lawyer and artist, Stephanie Drawdy, on the NFT craze, pets, art law, and the origins of The Art & Law Program. You may listen to the Podcast here.

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My Concerns with the ‘Can’t Be Evil’ NFT Licenses

Plagiarism Today

The first problem is that there is no “All Rights Reserved” option. While normally that would just be the default and not need to be spelled out, with NFTs there’s often an assumption of SOME rights transfer, making it more necessary.

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Proper Copyright Notice

Erik K Pelton

And frequently you will find the phrase “All Rights Reserved” after that as part of the notice as well, because that used to be more important for some international protections, and it can’t hurt to have that phrase as well, there’s no harm in doing so. Pelton & Associates, PLLC.

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Top Trademark Trends of 2022

Erik K Pelton

All Rights Reserved. It will also be interesting to track how the recent economic uncertainties will impact the number of trademark application filings. © 2022 Erik M. Pelton & Associates, PLLC. Erik Pelton® has been making trademarks bloom since 1999 ® as the founder of Erik M.

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Top Trademark Trends of 2021 (Meta TMA edition)

Erik K Pelton

All Rights Reserved. The USPTO’s key trademarks systems are still not mobile formatted, there is no useful trademark mobile phone app from the USPTO, and the filing forms are archaic by modern standards – perhaps 2022 will bring improvements to those systems. © 2021 Erik M. Pelton & Associates, PLLC.

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