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Understanding the Pearson v. Chegg Copyright Infringement Lawsuit

Plagiarism Today

Yesterday, news broke that Pearson Education, the largest publisher of textbooks in the world, has filed a lawsuit against the website Chegg alleging widespread copyright infringement of its content on the site. As a result, Pearson is suing Chegg alleging copyright infringement. The post Understanding the Pearson v.

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When is a derivative work original and thus protectable by copyright? Classicist’s critical edition makes its way to Luxembourg in fresh Romanian CJEU referral

The IPKat

Translated into copyright language: a critical edition is an example of derivative work. As a result, his estate launched proceedings for copyright infringement. In 2017, the Regional Court of Bucharest held that the defendants had infringed the professor’s moral right of attribution.


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Court Dismisses Authors’ Copyright Infringement Claims Against OpenAI


The vision wasn’t wrong; large text archives are great training material for Large Language Models, but many authors disapprove of their works being used in this manner, without permission or compensation. To survive, the infringement claim has to be more concrete. As will many of the other AI copyright lawsuits.

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Derivative works: the Adventures of Koons and Tintin in French copyright law

Kluwer Copyright Blog

Like most copyright systems, French copyright law does not leave much room for the freedom of authors of transformative graphic works (also called “derivative works”). Derivative works under French copyright law. A composite work is therefore a derivative work, i.e. simple incorporations (e.g.

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Bungie Sues Elite Tech Boss, Lavicheats & VeteranCheats For Copyright Infringement


They released ‘sizzle reels’ to market the cheat using Destiny 2 artwork and developed software to hook into copyrighted Destiny 2 code thereby producing an unlicensed derivate work. Defendants are liable for inducing and contributing to such infringing acts,” the complaint adds.

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rebinding books doesn't create derivative works but may be actionable under Lanham Act


Copyright infringement: Rebinding doesn’t create a derivative work. A derivative work must involve an original work being “recast,” “transformed,” or “adapted,” and nothing like that took place here. Wisdom Paths, Inc., 2023 WL 416080, No. 22-02031 (KM)(MAH) (D.N.J.

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“Pearson v Chegg”: Is “Cheating” a Copyright Infringement?


Copyright Infringement? . Chegg works by hiring freelance workers to prepare step-by-step processes to answer the questions at the end of each chapter of Pearson textbooks. There has been a spike in Chegg subscriptions since the COVID-19 pandemic moved many students to remote learning. . Under the U.S.