Reimagining higher education in MENAP


Stakeholders can consider a range of bold initiatives to transform higher education and create new opportunities for students in the Middle East, North Africa, and Pakistan. Insights on Education Education Public & Social Sector Digital

How technology is shaping learning in higher education


Insights on Education Education High Tech & Internet DigitalNew McKinsey research shows that students and faculty are eager to continue using new classroom learning technologies adopted during the pandemic, but institutions could do more to support the shift.


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Racial and ethnic equity in US higher education: Completion rates


Supporting students from underrepresented populations can help accelerate progress toward racial and ethnic equity in US higher education. Insights on Education Education United States

Racial and ethnic equity in US higher education


Insights on Education Education Public & Social Sector United States DiversityInstitutions have the potential to use their roles in teaching and learning, research scholarship and creative expression, and service to the community to collectively work toward greater equity.

Racial and ethnic equity in US higher education: Students and faculty


Insights on Education Education United StatesMost non-profit institutions have significant progress to make to reach their stated goals of representational parity.

[Webinar] NIL Update (Higher Education) - April 20th, 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm EST

JD Supra Law

Since July 1, 2021, it’s been a wild, evolving patchwork quilt of state law regulations (or lack of), institutional policies (or lack of), and team and individual deals since the NCAA rescinded its long-held prohibition on student athletes cashing in on their name, image and likeness.

The Coming Copyright Clash in Higher Education


Colleges and universities, however, have a major trump card to play to reduce the costs of higher education: they can reverse their longstanding custom against claiming work made for hire status. Instead, they could claim copyright ownership in scholarship as a way to avoid the scholarly publications crisis, and at once, justify this policy change as a way to cut the costs of education.

[Ongoing Program] The Current and Future Landscape of Name, Image, and Likeness in Illinois College Athletics and Beyond - June 8th, 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm CST

JD Supra Law

Higher Education CLE Webinar Series | Presented by Bricker & Eckler and the Southern Illinois University School of Law - Join us for a free webinar series in the month of June on important topics in higher education.

HathiTrust Decision Summary


Matthew Dames HathiTrust Higher Education Judge Harold Baer Libraries

DO NOT DELETE: Information Today


The coming copyright clash in higher education. Note: Portions of this article were published previously as Dames, K. 2012, July-August). Information Today, 29(7), 24-25

Trademarks Protecting The Future of Pharma Innovation

TrademarkNow Blog

In 2020, when the world was engulfed by the COVID-19 pandemic, pharma companies entered into an unprecedented race to find effective treatments, resulting in the global collaborative efforts of pharmas, government agencies, and higher education institutions.

Two Fish & Richardson Principals Named 2022 “Women Worth Watching in STEM” by Profiles in Diversity Journal

Fish & Richardson Trademark & Copyright Thoughts

Profiles in Diversity Journal is dedicated to promoting and advancing diversity and inclusion in the corporate, government, nonprofit, higher education, and military sectors Principals Kelly Allenspach Del Dotto and Bailey Benedict have been named recipients of the 2022 “Women Worth Watching in STEM” award by Profiles in Diversity Journal.

Education Sector Continues to Get Hit with Ransomware Attacks

LexBlog IP

According to Emsisoft, the education sector continues to experience ransomware attacks, with a whopping 1,043 schools affected by ransomware in 2021. 2022 looks to be even worse for higher education than 2021 for ransomware attacks.

Colorado Law Restricts Use of Facial Recognition Technology by Government Agencies

LexBlog IP

Ramping up the state’s continued focus on data privacy, on June 8, 2022, Colorado Governor Jared Polis signed legislation aimed at limiting the use of facial recognition technology by government agencies and state institutions of higher education.

Certified tariffs not mandatory says SCOC in York v Access Copyright 

Barry Sookman

In addition, the Court further developed its fair dealing framework adopted in CCH v Law Society ( CCH ), Alberta (Education ) and SOCAN v Bell Canada (SOCAN). The Supreme Court released another landmark copyright decision in York University v.

IP and Youth – innovating for a better future

Intellectual Property Office Blog

As guardians of intellectual property in the UK, the IPO provides free and accessible resources for teachers and educators to introduce IP concepts to young people. We engage with primary and secondary schools, and support those in further education, universities and research. .

OM Weekly Digest 06/02/22

Olartemoure Blog

The call summons Higher Education Institutions, Research Centers, R&D Corporations in the industry to create alliances and generate proposals to be co-financed in up to 70 to 85%, with a USD 4 million cap. 06/02/22 – Andean Community – Trademarks.

Penguin Random House CEO Funds PEN America Fight Against Book Bans

Velocity of Content

On Wednesday, Pen America announced that Penguin Random House CEO Markus Dohle had pledged at least $500,000 for the free-speech organization to combat threats of book bans and educational gag orders across the US.

Intern Spotlight Series: Gianna Juarez

U.S. Department of Commerce

As a first-generation college student, I took it upon myself to start my higher education journey in the community college setting at Northern Virginia Community College, then eventually transferred, and graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University with a B.S.

Copyright-A Bane For The Students Or A Boon For Copyright Owners?

IP and Legal Filings

Education is a building block or a foundation on which a progressive society can be built. Though these institutions get recognition from the authorities but many of them lack the basic infrastructure to maintain a viable environment for good education.

FBI Warns Higher Ed Sector of Compromised Credentials on Dark Web

LexBlog IP

In a recent Private Industry Notification to the higher education sector, the FBI warned that U.S. college and university credentials are being advertised “for sale on online criminal marketplaces and publically [sic] accessible forums.” ” The Notification warns that the exposure of credentials and network access information, “especially privileged user accounts, could lead to subsequent cyber attacks against individual users or affiliated organizations.”

Four Fish & Richardson Principals Named 2021 “Women Worth Watching in STEM” by Profiles in Diversity Journal

Fish & Richardson Trademark & Copyright Thoughts

Profiles in Diversity Journal is dedicated to promoting and advancing diversity and inclusion in the corporate, government, nonprofit, higher education, and military sectors Fish & Richardson principals Nitika Gupta Fiorella , Heather L. Flanagan, Ph.D. Annie J. King, Ph.D. ,

Sci-Hub Founder: Academic Publishers Are the Real Threat to Science, Not Sci-Hub


Pirate sites like Sci-Hub threaten the integrity of the scientific record, and the safety of university and personal data,” the publishers told Nature, adding that the site uses stolen credentials and compromises the security of libraries and higher education institutions.

Summer is Here: Introducing Karen Perez-Wilson

LexBlog IP

She’s a fierce advocate of immigrant rights and works hard to ensure that higher education is accessible to undocumented students. It is summer, and that means clerkships! Karen is our summer clerk. She is a double Badger, and with a week under her belt so far, she is proving to be absolutely Badger-ific! Learn more about her below. Karen Perez-Wilson is an alumna of the University of Wisconsin-Madison and a rising 2L at the University of Wisconsin Law School.

TTABlog Test: How Did These Four Section 2(d) Appeals Turn Out?

The TTABlog

In re Center For Excellence In Higher Education, Inc. for "educational services, namely, providing online learning instruction at the college and post-secondary educational levels," in view of the registered mark ONLINE.

NIST Announces Funding Opportunity for Manufacturing Centers in Kentucky, Nebraska, Rhode Island and South Dakota

U.S. Department of Commerce

Eligible applicants are limited to United States-based nonprofit institutions or consortia thereof, institutions of higher education, or state, U.S. NIST Announces Funding Opportunity for Manufacturing Centers in Kentucky, Nebraska, Rhode Island and South Dakota. January 28, 2022.

Changed, changed utterly - or not? Germany's new coalition states its intentions regarding digitalisation and innovation

The IPKat

Innovation, Science, Further Education and Research Starting boldly, the document states that ‘Germany is a country of innovation’, with strong science and research as the guarantors of prosperity, quality of life prosperity, quality of life, social cohesion and a sustainable society.

International Webinar on ‘Vaccines and Immunization: Ethical and Legal Implications’ [October 18]


The university was established by Act 27 of 2005 of the Kerala State Legislature as a public university dedicated to the development and advancement of legal education.

Friday Fantasies

The IPKat

Google Inclusive Copyright Thesis Award Google will award the best master thesis submitted to an institution of higher education in 2021 in the field of copyright law.

A (More!) Problematic Plagiarism: Thinking About The Allegations Against UGC


In India, the University Grant Commission (“ UGC” ) is established for “the coordination, determination, and maintenance of standards of teaching, examination, and research in university education. ”. However, these goals must of course be nuanced as per the specific educational needs.

Micro Entity Status: Qualifying to Reduce Patent Fees

LexBlog IP

As a general rule, large entities pay higher USPTO fees than small entities and small entities pay more than micro entities. Institution of Higher Education Basis. thegem-template-wrapper.wpb_wrapper.thegem-custom-623b791352da51164{display: flex !important;}.thegem-template-wrapper.wpb_wrapper.thegem-custom-623b791352da51164{align-items:

Washington, DC’s Non-Compete Bill Revised Again

Trading Secrets

The ongoing saga of Washington, DC’s expansive non-compete bill appears to be nearing its end, as the DC Council recently scaled back the originally passed “D.C. Ban on Non-Compete Act of 2020.”

Large entity, small entity or micro-entity: which type of patent applicant are you?

IP Spotlight

as the median household income for the preceding calendar year (based on 2018 data, this is $189,537, or 3 x $63,179); has not assigned, licensed or otherwise granted an interest in the invention to an entity who has gross income more than the amount listed above (unless the entity is an institution of higher education); and. When applying for a patent application, certain entities are entitled to reduced USPTO filing fees.

Secretary Gina Raimondo and Rhode Island Senator Jack Reed Call for Major Federal Investment in America’s Care Economy

U.S. Department of Commerce

economy & improve access to essential health, education, childcare and elder care services . Reed and Raimondo began the day with a tour of phlebotomy technician training offered by the Cranston Public Schools Career & Technical Center and Cranston Adult Education Program.

Washington, DC’s Non-Compete Bill Revised Again

LexBlog IP

The ongoing saga of Washington, DC’s expansive non-compete bill appears to be nearing its end, as the DC Council recently scaled back the originally passed “D.C. Ban on Non-Compete Act of 2020.”

A Novel Dataset Measuring Change in Copyright Exceptions

Kluwer Copyright Blog

Education. For example, the mean scores for exceptions protecting quotation, education uses, and personal or private uses are each above 1.5. The Berne Convention explicitly recognizes copyright exceptions for quotation and education. Exceptions related to Education ( Edu ).

Australia as a Model for Open Science

Velocity of Content

CAUL makes a significant contribution to higher education strategy, policy and outcomes. Australia as a model for cooperation among leaders in Open Science and the Scientific Publishing Ecosystem.

Guest book review: Research Handbook on Intellectual Property and Technology Transfer

The IPKat

This book review is brought to you by Donal O’Connell, the Managing Director of Chawton Innovation Services, a company focused on IP Education, IP Consultancy and IP Solutions & Tools.

Manufacturing Month: Deputy Secretary Don Graves Stresses Administration’s Commitment to Equitable Workforce Training in Ohio: Announces $3.6 Million Grant for Workforce Development Facility in Cleveland

U.S. Department of Commerce

Cuyahoga supports workforce development, manufacturing education, and infrastructure workforce training through its programs at the Transportation Innovation Center and the Manufacturing Technology Center for Excellence.

Connecticut’s Privacy Law Signed by Governor

LexBlog IP

The law does not apply to nonprofits, state and local governments, higher education institutions, or national securities associations registered under the Securities Exchange Act. The law excludes 16 different categories of data from its purview, including protected health information under HIPAA, information subject to the Fair Credit Reporting Act, employee and job applicant data, and information protected by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act.