June, 2021

Adapting Opera in the Age of COVID: From “Grand Rights” to “Synchronization Licenses”

Hugh Stephens Blog

Source: [link] Think of yourself as Ian Rye, CEO of Pacific Opera Victoria (POV), my hometown opera company. You’ve been planning ahead for the next season, and advance planning is very much a requirement in the opera scene.

We’re hiring! Seeking Associate Attorney, Trademark

Erik K Pelton

We are excited to to announce that we are hiring an Associate Attorney in our trademark firm! Details and application information below: Erik M Pelton & Associates – Job Posting Associate Attorney Trademark by Erik Pelton on Scribd. The post We’re hiring!


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Midnight Madness: As Canadians Slept, the Liberals, Bloc and NDP Combined to Pass Bill C-10 in the House of Commons

Michael Geist

The Liberal government strategy of multiple gag orders and a “super motion” to limit debate bore fruit last night as Bill C-10 received House of Commons approval at 1:30 am.

Do you Tell the PTO that the Disclosed Embodiments are Merely Prophetic?


by Dennis Crouch. Many patent applications are not fully reduced-to-practice by the time the patent application is filed.

Opportunities And Challenges In IP Valuation Services

TrademarkNow Blog

The shift towards a global, digital economy has resulted in the demise of some of the traditional assumptions about measuring the value of a business. Globalization, coupled with a fast-emerging digital economy geared towards service and technology markets, has accelerated this change even faster.

Practice Tips for Combating Counterfeiters: An Action Plan for Brands, Manufacturers and Retailers

Intellectual Property Law Blog

The harm caused to brands by counterfeiting goes far beyond loss of sales or profits. Fake goods jeopardize public health and safety when a brand’s trademark is applied to a sub-standard and potentially harmful product.

An Open Letter to Justin Trudeau: Canada’s News Publishers up the Pressure on Facebook and Google

Hugh Stephens Blog

Source: National Post I was at my local newsstand the other day, perusing the morning papers.

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The Senate Bill C-10 Debate Concludes: “I Don’t Think This Bill Needs Amendments. It Needs a Stake Through the Heart.”

Michael Geist

The Senate Bill C-10 debate wrapped up yesterday with several speeches and a vote to send the bill to committee for further study. Given that the Senate declined to approve summer hearings for the bill, the earliest possible time for the study to begin is the week of September 20th.

@TheBlakeMorgan Interview on the American Music Fairness Act Launch and #IRespectMusic–MusicTechPolicy

The Trichordist

Chris Castle interviews Blake Morgan on the launch of the American Music Fairness Act. Continue reading → American Music Fairness Act Artist Rights Fair Play Fair Pay Rep. Darrell Issa Rep. Ted Deutch

Music 83

Cooperatives Granted Relief From Restrictions Imposed By The Tenant Protection Act

GDB Firm Blog

Cooperatives Granted Relief From Restrictions Imposed By The Tenant Protection Act On June 10, 2021, the New York State legislature exempted most cooperatives from important restrictions imposed by the Housing Stability and Tenant Protection Act of 2019 (HSTPA).

Law 83

The Difference Between Plagiarism and Copyright Infringement

Copyright Alliance

There are many differences between plagiarism and copyright infringement, yet it can be easy to confuse these concepts. While both plagiarism and copyright infringement can be characterized as the improper […].

The Artists’ Resale Right: A Matter of Simple Fairness

Hugh Stephens Blog

Canadian artist E.J. Hughes, although likely not a household name to many outside Canada, is nonetheless one of the iconic artists of the west coast of Canada. His paintings chronicle the relatively recent history of the coast of British Columbia (BC), as the example above shows.


Standard character vs design mark trademark applications

Erik K Pelton

One of the key choices at the start of a trademark application process for many is whether to protect a name alone (standard character) or a logo (design mark). Below are some of the key differences to consider when making that choice.

“This Bill Reminds Me of the Maginot Line”: The Bill C-10 Debate Arrives at the Senate

Michael Geist

The House of Commons may have adjourned for the summer (and likely longer given speculation about an election call), but the Senate plans to keep meeting until next week as it seeks to wrap up several bills, most notably the government’s budget bill.

A “Game of Life” That Can’t Be Terminated

Copyright Lately

The First Circuit rules that the classic 1960 board game “The Game of Life” was created as a work made for hire. Here’s why it matters. If you’ve ever played “The Game of Life,” you know there are lots of important decisions to make on your way to Millionaire Acres.

Art 82

A legal timeline of 2SLGBTQ+ Rights in Canada

Nelligan Law

2SLGBTQ+ rights have come a long way in Canada. Our Family Law group has created a timeline that revisits key legal decisions and events that have contributed towards progression 2SLGBTQ + rights in our country.

Law 82

Texas Supreme Court Ruling is Further Proof that Congress Must Abrogate Sovereign Immunity

Copyright Alliance

On June 18, the Texas Supreme Court held that a violation of copyright is not an unconstitutional taking of property. The decision stems from a years-long battle by Jim Olive […].

Appeal Against Canada’s First Successful Pirate Site-Blocking Order is Dismissed: Good News for Copyright Protection in Canada

Hugh Stephens Blog

In a unanimous decision, on May 26 Canada’s Federal Court of Appeal (FCA) dismissed the appeal by internet service provider (ISP), Teksavvy, against Canada’s first site blocking order for copyright infringement issued in November 2019.

Bold Brands Are Like Bees to Pollinate Marketing

Erik K Pelton

The following is a transcript of my video Bold Brands Are Like Bees to Pollinate Marketing.

Null and Void: Speaker of the House of Commons Strikes Down Numerous Bill C-10 Amendments

Michael Geist

CAUTION: Trademark Scams Continue

Trademark, Copyright, and Unfair Competition Law B

Scammers haven’t stopped sending our clients fake trademark renewal notices, bilking them of thousands of dollars.

Can Teaming IBM’s blockchain with Spangenberg’s IPwe Turn Patents Into a Trillion-Dollar Market?

IP Close Up

IBM and IPwe, believe that NFTs, Non-Fungible Tokens – one-of-a-kind limited digital editions – can transform stagnant patent monetization into a trillion dollar market. Two IP icons Continue reading.

IPLF: Getting your LLP Registered

IP and Legal Filings

With the rise in entrepreneurship and start-ups, multiple forms of organization are being preferred by entrepreneurs. Out of all, Limited Liability Partnership has become more preferred due to its nature of incorporating both partnership firm and company in a single form.

How To Spot The Scam

Art Law Journal

In today's age, artists are required to be social media savvy. Learn how to keep your guard up and know when you're being scammed into a faulty sale. The post How To Spot The Scam appeared first on Art Business Journal. Marketing social media selling art

Want to learn all about trademark Office Action responses?

Erik K Pelton

My office has filed thousands of responses to trademark office actions from the USPTO, and I’ve worked as a USPTO examiner issuing Office Actions and reviewing responses from applicants.

The CRTC “Will Be Picking Winners and Losers”: A Report on Day Two of the Senate Bill C-10 Debate

Michael Geist

Preempted Copyright Legislation on the Move in Several States

Copyright Alliance

Earlier this year, New York state legislators introduced a bill (S2890, and its companion A5837-B) which would purport to create a compulsory license, requiring book publishers to offer licenses to […].

The When, How, and Why of Patent Validity Search


In order to patent an invention, it must be novel, non-obvious, and useful. A patent examiner determines whether or not an invention fits these criteria with a prior art search. The post The When, How, and Why of Patent Validity Search appeared first on IP.com - IP Innovation and Analytics.

IP Consideration for Tech Companies

IP and Legal Filings

With tech companies playing a massive role in the economic generation, these companies must understand multiple considerations that they must be cautious about. These considerations arise in multiple forms for a company.

IP 80

Next step for the Mitchell-Lama Co-ops? Bye, Bye Proxies

GDB Firm Blog

A Mitchell-Lama Reform Bill sponsored by State Sen. Brian Kavanaugh and Manhattan Assemblywoman Linda Rosenthal has passed both Houses and now heads for Gov. Andrew Cuomo's desk for signature


Suggestive trademark and brand names are better than the rest. Here’s why:

Erik K Pelton

The following is an edited transcript of my video, Why Suggestive Trademarks and Brand Names Are My Favorite. I get asked all the time about what type of brand names I prefer.

GI protection revives caper production on Pantelleria

WIPO Magazine

Gabriele Lasagni, CEO of Bonomi&Giglio, a leading producer of capers on the island of Pantelleria in Italy explains how GI protection has supported caper production on the island and enabled his company to thrive as well as his plans for the future


2SLGBTQ+ Human Rights in the Workplace

Nelligan Law

Canada has made positive steps towards extending legal protection to members of the 2SLGBTQ+ community in recent years (for a timeline of key legal decisions and events that have contributed towards the progression of these rights in Canada, see here).

Law 78

Court Tosses “Stuttering John” Lawsuit Based on Copyright Preemption

Copyright Lately

The judge rejects a claim that SiriusXM violated the right of publicity by broadcasting old Howard Stern shows featuring “Stuttering John” Melendez’s name, voice and likeness.

Getting your Trademark in Japan

IP and Legal Filings

With the highly developed economy in the world, Japan sets itself apart as the global center of a technologically advanced country. As per the data released by IMF and World Bank, Japan is the third-largest economy in the world by nominal GDP and fourth-largest in terms of purchasing power parity.

How to Turn Patent Search Into Business Intelligence


Comprehensive business intelligence requires data from multiple sources. To fully understand the competitive landscape and your place within it, you need a deep understanding of internal and external factors, including.

Tips to mitigate the effects of record delays for USPTO trademark filers

Erik K Pelton

The USPTO has received record numbers of filings in the last few months and the last few years. And the numbers continue to climb. This has led to record backlogs and delays.