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Understanding the Shopify Textbook Piracy Lawsuit

Plagiarism Today

Last week, five major education publishers filed a lawsuit against Shopify alleging that the ecommerce service provider has enabled rampant commercial textbook piracy on its platform.

Books and Supply Chains: A Christmas Challenge for Authors, Publishers and Booksellers

Hugh Stephens Blog

On October 22, the Malta registered giant container ship Zim Kingston, enroute from South Korea to Vancouver, lost 109 containers overboard in heavy seas off the coast of Vancouver Island. Although four containers washed ashore further north up the coast, most are assumed to have sunk.


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Russia Blocks and Begins Blocking of Wider Tor Network


In an effort to control what its citizens can and cannot access on the internet, Russia continues to develop systems for denying access to websites and services.

Save the Date! Free Webinar Tomorrow (12/8/21) on Radio Royalties and the American Music Fairness Act

The Trichordist

Learn about Radio Royalties and the American Music Fairness Act from industry stakeholders and experts during this FREE educational webinar sponsored by: Austin Music Foundation, Austin Texas… Read more "Save the Date!

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7 Takeaways from YouTube’s Copyright Transparency Report

Plagiarism Today

Yesterday, YouTube published its first every Copyright Transparency Report. With that step, it follows in the footsteps of Google , Facebook , Reddit and other major industry players in publishing such a report.

Preventing Trademark Problems is Like Preventing Cavities

Erik K Pelton

10The following is an edited transcript of my video, Preventing Trademark Problems is Like Preventing Cavities. Preventing trademark problems is like preventing cavities. lieve that is for two reasons.

Google Features YTS and 123movies as “Best Movie Websites”


To help hundreds of millions of people find what they search for, Google has implemented some nifty features over the years. In addition to providing a list of web results, Google often shows related questions and popular topics, which should make it easier to discover new content.

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Why Spotify Removed So Many Comedy Albums

Plagiarism Today

Last week, Spotify removed a slew of popular comedians from their service including John Mulaney, Kevin Hart, Lewis Black and Tiffany Haddish to name just a few. The move was abrupt and left both the comedians and their fans in a lurch. However, the move didn’t come completely out of nowhere.

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Creative Trademarks Are Alive and Well on Main Streets in America

Erik K Pelton

The following is an edited transcript of my video, Creative Trademarks Are Alive and Well on Main Streets in America. .

Toei YouTube Blitz Shows That ‘Law of Content ID’ Can Trample Fair Use


The 634K-subscriber YouTube channel ‘Totally Not Mark’ is in peril this morning after what can be described as a copyright takedown blitz by Japan-based animation company Toei.

Unlocking IP-backed financing in Singapore*

WIPO Magazine

Andre Toh, the author of a new report, the first in a new WIPO series, discusses Singapore’s experience in developing a multifaceted ecosystem to help businesses maximize the potential of their IP assets

3 Count: Mythical Infringement

Plagiarism Today

Have any suggestions for the 3 Count? Let me know via Twitter @plagiarismtoday. 1: Steam Removes Popular Chinese Strategy Game After Ark: Survival Evolved Studio Claims it Stole Their Source Code.

Brand Protection and Fighting Fakes Online

JD Supra Law

The shift to online marketplaces has created an incredible boom for some, and significant loss to others. Branding has become more important than ever, particularly in developing an online presence through search engines, various online platforms, and social media.

DNS-Resolver Quad9 Loses First Pirate Site Blocking Appeal in Germany


Earlier this year, Germany’s largest Internet providers agreed to voluntarily block pirate sites as part of a deal they struck with copyright holders. These blockades, which are put in place following a thorough vetting process, are generally implemented on the DNS level.

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Easy Patent law Quiz for 2021:


You should be able to easily answer these questions: . Crunch stays fit with his rebounder (a mini-trampoline). These already exist, but Crunch has designed a new model that includes a handle (for stability) and also a touchscreen control that can be used to stream audio/video instructions. These are shown in the figure below).

3 Count: NFT Repeat

Plagiarism Today

Have any suggestions for the 3 Count? Let me know via Twitter @plagiarismtoday. 1: YouTuber Hit With 150 Copyright Claims For Reviews Featuring Anime Footage.

[Video] No Password Required: Cyber Threat Management Leader at Wells Fargo Who Has a Passion for Adventure

JD Supra Law

Debbie Janeczek is the Cyber Threat Management Leader and Technology Executive at Wells Fargo. At her core, Debbie is an outdoorswoman who is passionate about conquering the mountains of Colorado and beyond with her sidekick, her dog, Jack.

YouTube Processes 4 Million Content ID Claims Per Day, Transparency Report Reveals


Earlier this year we reported that Google had processed the five billionth DMCA takedown request for its search engine, a massive number. Google search has reported these numbers for nearly a decade. However, the volume of copyright claims sent to its sister site YouTube has remained a mystery.

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and copyright

WIPO Magazine

This year, NFTs (non-fungible token), the latest hype in the world of distributed ledgers and cryptocurrencies, have taken the art and tech worlds by storm. But what are the implications for copyright, if any

3 Count: Spare Time

Plagiarism Today

Have any suggestions for the 3 Count? Let me know via Twitter @plagiarismtoday. 1: Major Publishers Sue Shopify, Alleging Copyright Violations.

How long does U.S. patent and trademark prosecution take? (2021 edition)

JD Supra Law

The USPTO recently released its FY 2021 Performance and Accountability Report, which contains detailed information about allowance rates, average pendency, and other statistics about its review of patent and trademark applications this year.

EU Study: Pirate Site Traffic Continues to Drop Despite the Pandemic


The European Union Intellectual Property Office ( EUIPO ) regularly conducts studies to see how piracy evolves over time. These studies help the public to understand local piracy trends and can be used as input for future policy decisions.

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Trademark Protection for eSports and Gamers

Erik K Pelton

The brands of many professional online gamers have millions of followers and huge profits from endorsements, advertising, merchandise, and more, yet many of them are not protected. Erik provides some trademark tips and guidance for the eSports industry that is applicable to other brand owners, influences, and businesses as well. The post Trademark Protection for eSports and Gamers appeared first on Erik M Pelton & Associates, PLLC.

3 Count: Bowser’s Millions

Plagiarism Today

Have any suggestions for the 3 Count? Let me know via Twitter @plagiarismtoday. 1: YouTube Says it Receives Millions of Incorrect Video Copyright Takedown Requests.

2021 to 2025: The Incoming German Government’s Agenda for Digital Regulatory Compliance

JD Supra Law

On December 7, 2021, the incoming German government signed its coalition agreement for the 2021 to 2025 tenure. The agreement sets the policy agenda for the new government, consisting of Social Democrats, Greens, and Liberals, and led by Olaf Scholz as chancellor.

Hollywood, Netflix, Amazon & Apple Sue Two Pirate IPTV Providers in the US


Despite an increasing number of lawsuits, raids and seizures around the world, many pirate IPTV providers and resellers continue to offer their services to the masses. At least in part, this may be a calculation based on the likelihood of being targeted, let alone identified and held to account.

Creator Spotlight with Singer/Songwriter Jason Scott

Copyright Alliance

This week we’d like to introduce you to singer/songwriter Jason Scott (aka King Jase). You can follow Jason on Instagram @kingjaseofficial. What was the inspiration behind becoming a creator? What […].

Beginners’ Awareness Workshop on Patent Oppositions in the Pharmaceutical Field [Dec 13-15; Apply by Dec 10]


We’re pleased to inform you that Inter University Centre for IPR Studies (IUCIPRS), CUSAT and Third World Network are jointly organising a free Beginners’ Awareness Workshop on Patent Oppositions in the Pharmaceutical Field from 13th to 15th December, 2021.

Limitations in Claim Language Frame Reasonable Expectation of Success Analysis

JD Supra Law

TEVA PHARMACEUTICALS USA, INC., CORCEPT THERAPEUTICS, INC. Before Moore, Newman, and Reyna. Appeal from the Patent Trial and Appeal Board. Summary: Limitations, such as specific drug doses, in claim language can impact the application of the reasonable expectation of success analysis for obviousness.

Operation ‘IPTV Special’: 49 Pirate IPTV Resellers Fined €10,000 Each


Known in Italy as ‘pezzotto’, piracy-configured set-top devices have been blamed for mainstream rightsholders losing massive amounts of revenue, much of it connected to cheap subscriptions to unlicensed IPTV providers.

YouTube Copyright Transparency Report: Overblocking is real

Kluwer Copyright Blog

Image via YouTube. For anyone interested in the discussions about automated content filtering, Christmas came early this week: On Monday YouTube published the first edition of its Copyright Transparency Report.

UK IPO launches call for views on Standard Essential Patents, innovation and competition

The IPKat

Image: As published today on, the UK's Intellectual Property Office (IPO) has launched a call for views on Standard Essential Patents (SEPs), intended to inform the position on whether the present framework requires change in order to best support innovation.

Blockbuster Biologics Review Issue 14

JD Supra Law

Welcome to our quarterly update relating to biologics and biosimilars, including post-grant and patent litigation challenges to blockbuster biologics. Since the enactment of the Biologics Price Competition and Innovation Act (BPCIA), 31 biosimilars have been approved, 16 of which have launched.

Gary Bowser Agrees to Pay $10 Million in Piracy Damages to Nintendo


Hacking group Team-Xecuter was a thorn in the side of major gaming companies for a long time. The group offered hardware and software solutions that allowed people to install and play unofficial games and pirated copies on various consoles, including the popular Nintendo Switch.

Steve Baird makes trademark blogging SNAP, crackle and pop

Likelihood of Confusion

There’s blogging about Minnesota, bad Minnesota IP blogging, and then there’s great Minnesota IP blogging. Steve Baird’s Duets Blog is based in Minneapolis, is the last of these, but its influence.

Hinman on UIPM Podcast Debut: Quarterly Reporting of IP Rights Boosts Companies and Investors

IP Close Up

Brian Hinman knows a thing or two about IP rights. Hinman believes that companies need to scrutinize them more systematically and openly if they hope Continue reading.

SNIPR Technologies Ltd. v. The Rockefeller University (PTAB 2021)

JD Supra Law