Announcing the Winners of the 2nd Shamnad Basheer Essay Competition on IP Law!


The article endorses an intellectual property approach to understand the right and its infringement. This is achieved by understanding the parallels between publicity right and trademark law. A photograph of Prof. (Dr.) Shamnad Basheer.

Vempati Ravi Shankar – Facebook Copyright Dispute: Issues on Moral Rights and Posthumous Enforcement of Celebrity Rights


A copyright holder has the exclusive right to communicate his work to the public and as the plaintiff’s sound recordings were used without authorisation, copyright infringement could be easily proved. The Right to Integrity. So, violation of the right to paternity cannot be claimed.


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No Injunction on the Film ‘Nyay: The Justice’: Is It Really Just?


When the right to publicity was first articulated by the Indian courts, little did they know of the complexity such matters would lead to. Plaintiffs have been headlong in filing claims to protect the publicity rights of their deceased progenitors.

PV Sindhu’s Olympics Victory: How Non-Sponsors Skirt the Law by ‘Congratulating’ Athletes


Brands have been active on social media in recent years, trying to imbue their content with human like personality that endears customers to them rather than just putting out traditional advertising. The Right of Publicity. The right was tested in Shivaji Rao Gaikwad v.

Life, Liberty, Happiness, and…Personality? What to Know about Your Publicity Rights

McBayer IP Blog

Rights of publicity vary state by state, and as a result, these rights are complicated and little-understood. These two very different instances illustrate two sides of the multi-faceted issue of rights of publicity.

SpicyIP Weekly Review (August 16 – 22)


In a guest post , Satchit Bhogle covered the issue of infringement of personality rights. PV Sindhu’s Olympics Victory: How Non-Sponsors Skirt the Law by ‘Congratulating’ Athletes.

SpicyIP Weekly Review (July 12 – 18)


In the event of assignment of rights, any person wishing to legally record a film would have to additionally obtain written permission from the author aside from the permissions already needed from the present copyright owner. Topical Highlight.

[Guest post] Anderson.Paak got a new tattoo- and we might have an idea why

The IPKat

Fritsch, both talented and enthusiastic former students of mine, which - while reviewing Anderson.Paak 's latest tattoo - discusses post-mortem moral rights protection and the value of a tattoo as an. Anderson.Paak copyright Despoina Dimitrakopoulou moral rights Simon J.

[Guest post] China’s path to regulating facial recognition technology

The IPKat

This could significantly improve judicial practice, as China’s long-awaited and first comprehensive “Personal Information Protection Law" (PIPL) has not yet come into force.

Unauthorized Photographs: The Rights Of The People We Capture

Canadian Intellectual Property Blog

The rights in these photographs are typically subject to the licensing schemes of the various social media platforms to which they are posted. That said, the law is less clear as to the particular rights of private citizens who are the subject of an image to which they did not consent.