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COVID Vaccine Diplomacy and Patent Law Doctrine


I’ve linked to a new whitepaper on Patents, Knowhow, and Vaccine Diplomacy. The whitepaper authored: Gary Locke (former Secretary of Commerce, Governor of Washington, and Ambassador to China). Andrei Iancu (former USPTO Director). David Kappos (former USPTO Director). 211117_Iancu_Covid_Vaccine_Diplomacy.

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Undated Screenshot Insufficient to Prove Public Accessibility of GitHub Repository

JD Supra Law

the PTAB denied inter partes review after determining that a screenshot of a GitHub repository was insufficient to establish that a whitepaper posted to that repository qualified as a printed publication. In AO Kaspersky Lab v. Open Text Inc., IPR2023-00895, Paper 7 at 9 (Dec. 7, 2023) (“Decision”). This IPR involves U.S.


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2022 China Retail Digitalization Whitepaper: The next frontier of digital transformation in China’s retail industry

McKinsey Operations

Despite significant investment in omnichannel expansion, retailers in China are struggling to convert this into improved financial performance.

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NFTs and Intellectual Property: What IP Owners and NFT Creators Need to Know

Intellectual Property Law Blog

To learn more about this topic, read our whitepaper: NFTs and Intellectual Property: What IP Owners and NFT Creators Need to Know. NFT creators need to be mindful of potential infringement issues when using third party IP and should also consider IP protection for their original creations.

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Esports Media Rights

LexBlog IP

Sheppard Mullin’s Esports and Games Industry Team is pleased to share our whitepaper on Esports Media Rights, in partnership with and co-written by FTI Consulting, a leading global business advisory firm.

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Google Search Takedown Requests Rush to 8 Billion at Record Pace


Earlier this week the Korean media giant released a whitepaper celebrating a record number of 208 million “takedown operations” between June to December 2023. Comeso currently averages around 1.2 million reported URLs per week , which translates to well over 400 million yearly takedowns.

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Pirate Site Owners Must Surrender, Informants Get Five-Figure Reward


Source: P.CoK Anti-Piracy Whitepaper Vol.4 In Kakao’s latest report covering June to December 2023 ( pdf ) , the company said its anti-piracy team had removed over 7.4 million pieces of pirated content and over 201 million links to pirated content.

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